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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Attack of the Legion Of Doom! Review

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LEGO_Justice_League_Attack_Of_The_Legion_Of_Doom.jpgDo own the last two LEGO DC movie and liked them very much.  But decided to rent LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! instead of buying a copy.  Each time they make one of these it looks better than the one before it.  This one is no different.  It look amazing.  The detail in the characters make them look like real LEGO plastic.  All so like the other the movie is aimed at a younger set.  So there are jokes and a lot of puns.  Which work better in this movie than the last one.

The story is your standard super hero fair.  The bad trick the good guys so they can take over the world.  One of the good guys figures out the plot and must save the rest of the heroes.  So in turn they all can take down the bag guys.  This is done really well with lots of humour.  Young and old can enjoy this movie.  It is much better than last two.  Well worth the rent.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

PlayStation Plus September Game’s Line-up

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PlaystationPlus.jpgThe game line up for August’s free games is out for PlayStation Plus members is now out.  You can read the official blog post > here.  There is a few interesting games this time.  The other are more of those pixels platform puzzle type games.  The most interesting one is Grow Home.  Have read some good thing about this one.  Will have to give it a try.  Below is the list of games as well as a video showing small clips of each game.  You will be able to download them September 1, 2015.


Grow Home.  Not sure how to describe the game.  Other than I want to explore this world.

Super Time Force Ultra.  One of many pixelated side-scroller shooters.

Teslagrad.  Side-scrolling puzzle-platformer.

Xeodrifter.  One more pixelated side-scroller shooter. In the same vain as Metroid.


Twisted Metal.  This is the last version of the game from 2012.  The gameplay is a bit dated but still fun.



La Mulana EX.  Looks like a Indiana Jones/Castlevania 16-bit game.


Funko Pop Vinyl – Dark Knight Movie – Batman

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FunkoPop.jpgHave had two more Funko Pop vinyl’s to my collection.  Was at the store looking for to buy two vinyl’s one for my niece and nephew.  I know my nephew is a big fan of the show Supernatural.  So I got him Sam.  For my niece bought Summer Olaf.  Couldn’t leave the store with out buy myself one.  Picked up Dark Knight Movie – Batman.  They make all kinds of different Batman.  So I guess I will have to go back and get some more one day.  Oh, on the way out the door seen that they had some Game of Thrones Mystery Minis.  Got one of those as well.  Ended up getting John Snow.  It is much more detailed than the last mystery mini I bought.


Mad Max – Now Playing

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgHave been on the fence about buying Mad Max (the game) the past few weeks.  That is because the last few trailers were just ok.  I like the idea of the game. Looks like some I would enjoy playing.  The last trailer I seen > here didn’t make it look fun.  However all that has changed because did a Now Playing live stream.  Didn’t watch it live.  But that doesn’t matter because you can still watch it on their site or YouTube.  That is what I did.  After seen real world game play the game looks super fun.  You can check it out > here or below for yourself.  Has all the elements I like.  A big open world, with a big map, with all kinds of things on it to do.  There is upgrading the car and Max.  Lots of things to collect.  The combat looks a lot like the Arkham games.  Which is fine by be because it is a good system.  Guess I am on the buying side of the fence again.  The game will be out September 1, 2015.  The movie Mad Max: Fury Road is on video that day as well.  It will a good day for Mad Max fans.

Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World

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Kylie_Minogue_Fever.jpgFor this weeks musical throwback Thursday.  Have picked another Kylie Minogue song.  Which is Come Into My World.  This is another hit off her 2001 album Fever.  Really like this song.  It’s one that gets stuck in your head in a good way.  All so the the video is one of the coolest.  Which  I think holds up well to this day.  Give it a watch > here or below.

Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One

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Rockstar_EditorHave some great news for players of GTA V and or Grand Theft Auto Online on the PS4 or Xbox One.  The Rockstar Editor is coming to the game with the next update.  The editor has been on the PC version since April 2015.  It has been rumoured it would come to the game consoles.  Turned out to be true.  With the editor you can do all kind of cool things.  It gives you control of the camera so you can pretty much place it any were. Chance the film speed and filters.  Of course there is a lot more to it.  There is a video explaining it.  Which you can see > here.  Not sure how well it will work on the consoles.  But we will find out soon enough.  Will be giving it a try when it does come out.

Simon’s Cat – Pizza Cat

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SimonsCat.pngEvery time there is a new Simon’s Cat video out it makes its a good day.  So back on August 20, 2015 it was a good day.  The newest one is called Pizza Cat.  It has Cat trying to get the last piece of pizza from Simon.  He tries all kinds of things to distract him.  Then Cat finds the one thing to do it.  Give it a watch > here or below.  It is one of the shorter videos but well worth the watch.