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The Baconing Demo

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TheBaconing The full game and demo are now out for The Baconing.  This is the third game to feature DeathSpank.  Loved the first game a lot.  Played the demo and ended up buying the game.  That is how much I liked.  Was going to buy the second game, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue but I am waiting for a price drop.  Now a third game is out.  From the demo it is pretty much the same game.  This one has a sci-fi thing going with the look and the jokes.  These game are very funny.  All so fun to play.  Don’t think I will be buying it unless there is a price drop since it is pretty much the same game play just more of it.

Win Win Review

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WinWin This is another movie I seen the trailer on IMDB that looked good.  Win Win is more proof that smaller independent movies can be better than the big ones.  This is a great drama with some comedy mixed in.  The best part of the whole movie is the acting.  The family dynamic felt very real.   I hope Paul Gamatti wins a award of this.  The kid was very good as well for being this first movie.

Enjoyed this very much.  A great watch.  Something different from all the other types I movies I watch.  Recommend checking it out.  Don’t see watching it more than once so I can’t give it a 5 but you should  see it.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Hiccups Season Two Review

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Season two of Hiccups ended last night (Aug 28, 2011).  This was another great season.  They did more with each character, they got to interact more with each other.  They seemed like they got to grow a bit as well.  What I really like about about this season besides being funny was it was not pre-empted or moved once like last season.  Moving it to Sunday nights was a good thing.  All 13 episodes were great, don’t have a favourite.

If you have read the blog in the past you now I am a big fan of this show so you can guess what I am going to score it.  Will be buying the DVD boxset when it comes out and wait for season three to start.  Not sure if there will be a season three but have a strong feeling there will be.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Review

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TheGrestestMovie Should start off with the full title of the movie POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.  When I first heard about this movie I wanted to see it.  Like Morgan Spurlock’s other works.  The idea of it is cool, I quote “A documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement.”

The movie starts off strong.  Ever interesting talks with some people.  However it looses something near the end.  Like there was no real point or “twist”.  Thought there would be something we didn’t all ready know, some deep secret about product placement.  There is not of me at least.  There are some good points and funny things in there.  But it is a rent at best.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Big Bike

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BigBike Myself and people from work plus a few extras rode the The Big Bike for Heart and Stroke fundraising today (Aug 27, 2011).  It was a different route this year.  The weather was prefect, warm with a nice breeze.  Took a bunch of pictures.  Post (below) some of the better ones.  Look forward to do it again next year.






Active Child – When Your Love Is Safe

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ActiveChild This is the second song I have really liked that I have discovered in a car tv ad.  This on is from a VW ad.  The song is When Your is Safe from Active Child.   It is from their Curtis Lane EP.  While there is not official music video did find a copy on YouTube.  Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Paul Review

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Paul Got around to watching Paul today.  I am a big fan of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg when ever these guys team up they are just too funny.  Wasn’t to sure if I was going to like this movie since it made for the American audience.  Thought it might turn out like the first Mr. Bean movie.   Well I thought wrong this movie was great.  Still had there trademark humour.  The whole cast was worked so good together.  The movie moved at a good pace too. Never bogged down.

Love this movie. It put a smile on my face and laughed out a lot so it had to be funny.  Can’t go wrong with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.  If you are looking for something funny to watch got get this movie.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

CWI Wrestling Pictures

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Went to the Sydney show of Championship Wrestling International (CWI) East Coast Invasion tour last night (Aug 24, 2011).  It was better than I thought it was going to be.  The ring was nicely light so when the house lights went you could still see what was going on.  There was six matches in total.  After the first three there was an intermission.  It was planed for 10 minutes but ended up being close to 50 since the wresters were still signing autographic.  Took a bunch of pictures most of the are dark but will post the best looking ones.







Rage HD

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RageHD If you use iOS, which is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you only have a few more days to download RAGE HD for free.  Have read the offer ends Aug 24, 2011 then heard it was the 25.  So download it now before they start asking for money.

Gave it a download and wow.  The game has to be the best looking game I have seen on any mobile device. I have an iPod Touch. Not to sure how long the game is.  Just gave the tutorial a go.  Used the tilt controls worked a lot better than other games that I have tired.  You don’t have to use the tilt there are other options.  Sure it will be killer on the battery but it might just be worth it.

Wanted Review

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This is a review of the graphic novel Wanted not the movie what was based off it.  When I first started to read it.  It seemed like it was trying too hard to be cured and harsh.   As the story moved along it made more sense.  They very core of the story is what has happened when all the super villains won the battle against the hero’s who no longer exists.

This trade is for an adult audiences.  The stuff in there it is pretty brutally if you are only used to superhero comics.  Really like this.  Something different to read.  They say the movie is based of this book but very little of it.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)