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ExtantWhile watching The Price is Right on lunch break at work.  A commercial came on for a new show called Extant.  Couldn’t hear that was being said.  But it look interesting because Halle Berry starts in it.  When I got home had to look it up.  The show is a drama/Sci-Fi set to start airing July 9, 2014 on CBS.  Halle Berry is not the only big name attached to the show.  Steven Spielberg is one of the executive produces.  The plot of the show has Halle Berry trying to reconnect with her husband and child.  After spending a year in space.  You can check out the “trailer” > here or below.  

Game of Thrones: Map Marker Set with Map

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GoTMapSetA few weeks ago seen a picture of a Game of Thrones merchandise.  It caught my eye because it was of the wooden house sigils that were used in a few episodes of the show.  When Rob Stark planning his battles.  So had to check it out.  It is called Game of Thrones: map marker set with map.  The map is fabric with paper backing.  Which measures about 3ft x 2ft.  It comes with six house sigils, House Stark, Lannister, Frey, Karstark, Greyjoy and Tyrell.  They are a 1:1 scale form the actual props.  It is very cool.  Would like to get it.  But then looked at the price.  It is pretty sweet but not for that much.  They are asking $200.  There are a few places selling it HBO > here and Think Geek > here.  You can check out a video of it > here or below.

Big Brother 16

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big-brother-logo.jpgI have giving up watching CBS’s show Survivor for the past two seasons.  How ever still interested (for now) in Big Brother.   Season 16 is set to start airing Wednesday June 25, 2014.  For the second year in a row the show is starting early.  Other years it would start in July.   Like past years there will be three shows a week.  Which are Wednesday, Thursday which is the live one and the third is Sunday.  That pretty much sums up all the info we had for this season so far.   Guessing in the next few weeks they will have info on the cast.  All so wonder what the big twists will be this year.  Hope they are something the haven’t done before.

The Rains of Castamere

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SigurRosTheRainsOfCastamereSince there was no new Game of Thrones this past Sunday (May 25, 2014).  So I went back and watched episode two from season four.  Which is called The Lion and the Rose.  This is the episode were Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell get married.  During the wedding fest there is a group of performers that start playing a very cool version of the Lannister song The Rains of Castamere.   Looking into this version of the song.  It was made by the Iceland band Sigur Ros.  This version of the song I like most.  It is very haunting.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Review

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X-MenDaysOfFuturePast.jpgHave been waiting to see X-Men: Days of Future Past ever since the first trailer come out in October 2013.  Back then I tough it looks cool.  Well I can tell you not only is it cool but awesome.  It is a little over two hours long and not once did it drag or get boring.  You may or may not know but I am a huge Batman fan.  The past three Batman movies are great adaptation of comic book to film.  This new X-Men movie is best comic book to movie ever.  Think it is even better than the Avengers.  The way the combined the original cast with the new was done just right.  To get the two casts to met there is a time travel element.  Some times this can go really wrong.  How ever this movie pulls it off prefect.  There is even some good comedy bits as well.

This is the best comic book to movie ever.  If you put the comic book stuff a side it is still an awesome movie.  When it was over.  I wanted to see more.  Not many movies can do that.  Can’t wait to see this again.  Well be buying the Blu-ray when it comes out.  My favourite part of the movie is when we get to see Quicksilver.  Don’t know much about this character.  Going to have look up more on him.  This the best movie I have seen this year.  A must watch.  There is a sequel in the works that will be out in 2016 called X-Men: Apocalypse.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Under The Dome Season 2

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UnderTheDome.jpgThe first season of Under The Dome ended in a big cliff-hanger.  So looking forward to season two which is set to start June 30th, 2014.  Did like the first season.  While it wasn’t a prefect show it all ways kept you interested.  Waiting to see what will happen next.  Think the second season will be better.  Because I think the actors will be more comfortable.  A few weeks about CBS put out a season two preview.  Which you can see >  here or below.  Its not much of a preview.  More more a bunch of clips from the first season will a few seconds for season two.


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Dishonored.jpgIt is about time I got around to trying out Dishonored.  Bought this game back in January (2014) for $20.  At that time I was playing a bunch of other games.  Wanted to finish those before starting this one.  As I am typing this (May 22, 2014) have only played the first bit of the game.  After playing got thinking why didn’t I play this sooner.  Because it is awesome.  Have read and heard that you can play the whole game with out killing anyone.  So decided to give that a go.  Well after knocking out the first bad guy the rest saw me.  So so much for not killing any one.  The combat is really good. From what I can tell your right hand all ways as this sword/knife.  Then your left hand can hold different weapons and powers.  In which they can all be upgraded.  Even though I have only played a little bit going to recommend picking up this game.  Am sure you can find it cheap just about every were.

Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

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BatmanArkhamKnight.jpgHave more pre E3 goodness to share.  Back on May 21, 2014.  The people from Rocksteady Studios have put out the first gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight.  Have to say it looks pretty awesome.  If this is true gameplay this game will look better than a lot of movies out there.  They are saying the city will be five times the size it was in Arkham City.  This is because you will get to drive the Batmobile.  Which all so looks awesome.  This game is one of the main reasons I will be buying a PS4 soon.  The game is not out until October.  But am sure there will be lots of info from this years E3.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.  It is called Evening The Odds.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Weapons and Runes Trailer

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Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgThere is a new trailer out for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.  With E3 just around the corner there will be lots of new info out about some new games.  Think they are putting some this stuff out before E3 just so it doesn’t get lost in a flood of gaming news.  This new trailer shows of the main character, Talion’s main three weapons and how you can upgrade them.  You can check out the video > here or below.  It does look every interesting.  The game does have this Assassin’s Creed feel to it.  Think that is a good thing since I love those games.   Shadow of Mordor will be out October 7, 2014 for last and new gen.  This game is on my list of game to look out for.  There are so many coming this fall/holiday it will be hard to decided which ones to get first.

Grounded: The Making Of The Last Of Us

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grounded_making_the_last_of_usWas going though some old bookmarks I saved.  To reminded me to go back and check out certain things to watch.  Came across one for the video game documentary, Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us.  At first the documentary only could be watched by people who bought the season pass for the game.  But back February (2014) PlayStation published it on their YouTube channel so every one can watch it.   So that’s what I did today.  There is a bit of a warring at the beginning say you would finish the game before watching.  That is because there are some spoilers in the documentary.

This was a very well made documentary.  It covers just about every thing from start to finish on how the game came to be to days before it was to done.  It flows nicely from one aspect to the next.  They talk about how the idea of the game, to the actors, the artists and programmers.  It was very interesting.  The Last of Us is one the best video games every made.  This documentary is a must watch for any video game fan.  Even if you have no interest in playing the game.  You will still learn all the work that goes into making one.  You can check it out > here or below.