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Batman Adventures Volume One

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Batman_Adventures_Vol._1Picked up myself a copy of Batman Adventures Volume One.  This is a collection of the first ten issues of the early 90’s comic book.  What made this one stand out it was based of the awesome cartoon series, Batman: The Animated Series.  Back in 1992 I bought and still have the very first comic book The Batman Adventures #1.  Then a while later bought #4.  All ways wanted to know what to know what the other issues were like.  So all these years later I will get to find out.

Red Bull TV

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Red_Bull_TVAs you may know the energy drink, Red Bull is heavy into sponsorships, endorsements, events and other sports related stuff.  When looking at some of there videos on their YouTube channel.  Discovered they have TV like website called  There are all kinds of great full length episodes on every sporting event they are into.  Have been watching some of their videos for the motorcycle hard enduro.  The stuff these guys can do with their motorcycles is insane.  Very fun to watch.  The first one I watch was the 2014 Red Bull Hare Scramble.  Which you can see > here.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

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Gorillaz_Feel_Good_IncThis weeks musical throwback Thursday is Feel Good Inc. featuring De La Soul by Gorillaz.  They have lots of good songs but this is my favourite.  Talking like they are real people.  Well the artist behind the scenes are real.  How ever for this virtual band there is no real life counterpart for each of the animated characters.  That being said they are still a lot better than some real life bands/artist out there.  The song is off their second album 2005’s Demon Days.  Give the song a listen > here or below.  Have read that they are working on a new album for release in 2016.

Motorcyclist Magazine

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Motorcyclist_MagazineOver the years I have bought a few different motorcycle magazines.  The one I liked the most is Motorcyclist Magazine.  Like this one the most because its more well around.  It covers all the different type of motorcycles there are.  Have thought about getting a subscription even now again.  Now that I have a new tablet.  Discovered that you can get magazines though the Google Play Store.  Seen that this one was there.  So singed up for the 14 day free trail.  If you like it can subscribe for a year, which I did.  Being digital subscription it was much cheaper.  A little over $11.00 for 12 issues.  Which is a very good deal in my opinion.  Another good thing is I paid with a Google Play gift card.  Stated off with the March issue.  When when April’s was out, booted up the table, went on the the Google’s magazine app and there it was.

Grand Theft Auto Online

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GTAOnline.jpgNow that I have Grand Theft Auto V for my PlayStation 4.  Have been playing online a bit.  It was very easy to transfer my PS3 character over.  Which is nice so you don’t loose any of the progress, money and items.  Right now I am level 86 with all most 140 hours in.  My brother has a copy as well.  So for the first time got to play the game with some one I know.  Which makes all the difference.   We had a blast just goofing off and doing missions.   Think we spent about four and a half hours playing.  That is the longs non-stop gameplay I have done in a very long time.  Every minute was fun.  Like I said above it is some much better playing the game with some you know.  Setup the world so only the two of us would be in it.  Playing random people is terrible.  All they do is drive around and shoot you.  My goal is to reach level 100.  Just might get there.

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_Kittens.pngThe Kickstarter for Exploding Kittens as ended (February 19, 2015).  Making the most back project ever on Kickstarter.  The last time I talked about his they raised four and a half million dollars, with 112,000 backers.  Well its much higher than that now.  It is over eight and half million with over 219,382 backers.  Which is pretty amazing.  I am one of those backers.  Not really into card/board games and am a big fan of The Oatmeal.  So can see myself playing this.  Some time this summer “should” be getting mine in the mail.  Pretty sure the guys behind the project will keep everyone up to date.  Will be back with more info when here is more.

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter Blu-ray

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OnAnySundayTheNextChapter.jpgWas planning on order myself a copy of On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.  It was set to be out on Blu-ray February 10, 2015.  How ever when I went on to on the tenth to order it wasn’t available.  Saying it would ship within 2 to 5 weeks.  Which kind of pissed me of.  Have been looking forward to seeing this motorcycle documentary ever since I first read about in back in October.  If you never heard of it.  It is a sequel to the very famous 1971 documentary On Any Sunday.  Which is pretty good.  Well worth checking out.  You can find on YouTube.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.

[Update] Found another listing on Amazon.  Saying it will be out on March 3, 2015.  Will check back to see if its true.

The World Of Ice & Fire: The Untold History Of Westeros And The Game Of Thrones Review

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HistoryOfWesteros.jpgMade my way though The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and The Game of Thrones.  The book is a little over 300 pages.  What makes this standout is the physical size it and all so the nice soft cover on it.  How ever the most important is the words and art inside.  It is write like it was all most like a school history book what would be used in the Game of Thrones world.  Which is a very cool idea.  The art is amazing to look at.  Even the look of the pages looks like its a very old book.  Which is very nice touch.

If you are interested in knowing more about the history and the world around the books or TV show.  It’s full of lots of detail.  Starting right from the Children of the Forest, the First Men, the Andal, Targaryen’s and right up to were the main books are.  There is lots of great info on the lands of Westeros, Essos and the people in them.  For the most part enjoyed reading this.  However had to forces myself though a bit of it.  Much like real history books some of it can be very dry or boring.  Over all it was well worth my time reading.  If you are a fan of Ice & Fire books or the TV show this book is worth checking out.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

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Batman_Unlimited_Animal_InstinctsThere is a new Batman animated movie coming out.  Called Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts.  Set to be out May 12, 2015.  This new movie is aimed at the younger set.  So they will be wanting to get the new toy line that the movie is tied to.  This is nothing new.  Cartoons have been selling toys for years.  As you may know I am a big Batman fan so I will be checking this movie out.  Pretty sure it will not be so great.  Take a look at the trailer > here or below.

The Hampsterdance Song

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Hampsterdance_SongFor this weeks musical throwback Thursday picked a good one, or a terrible one depending how you look at.  Back in the early 2000’s there was one of the first internet meme’s was called Hampsterdance.  A simple website with dancing hamsters lead to a music single > here or below.  That which lead to a full album called Hampton The Hamster – The Hamsterdance Album.  I do own this album.  Have not listened to it in a very long time.  But can remember there were some good songs on there.  The main reason I picked the song is because they used it the Family Guy episode, Encyclopedia Griffin.