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peepThe Easter candy displays have been up for weeks now.  Was walking by them seen different coloured Peeps.  Then saw the ones I remember from when I was a kid the classic yellow ones.  Have not eaten these in years so I bought a package.  Bite into the first one and it tasted just as  I remembered.  Am sure they are 99% sugar and 1% chemicals.  But they sure do tastes good.  All so like poison at the same time.

GTA Online: The Business Update

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GTAOnlineBusinessUpdateNext week on March 4, 2014 there will be a new update for GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto V.  This new update, which is free, is called The Business Update.  In the update there will be three new sports cars to buy and a plane.  The cars are called Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.  The plane is called Vestra.  There are two new weapons to buy as well, the Heavy Pistol and the Special Carbine.  There will all so be all kinds of business like attire.  You will have to buy these items in GTA Online.  But for GTA V story mode the weapons will just be add to your inventory.  The cars will show up in your garage.  You can read the Rockstar Games post > here.

Really digging these updates.  Think this is the third one.  Each one brings something different to the world.  Will be trying this stuff it comes out.  Just have to go back in to GTA Online to makes so more money first.  So I can buy the new weapons.

Cape Breton Bikefest 2014

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cb-bikefest.jpgWith winter looking liking its not going any were any time soon.  Looking forward to the day I can get my motorcycle out for a spin.  All so looking forward to the 2014 Cape Breton Bikefest.  This year it will run from August 1 to 4, 2014.  So far my plan is to take a lot more pictures. Got some nice ones last year with my new camera.  Another goal is to see if can find a new pair of motorcycle boots.  There are all kinds of different vendors there.  But ever really stopped an looking at any of it.  Most of the time its all leather, flams or skulls stuff.  Don’t like that kind of stuff.  As summer gets closer I am sure I will be talking about the bikefest a bunch more times.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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KingdomComeDeliverance.jpgBack in January talked about a very cool game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  Which is open world RPG set in medieval Europe.  With the big twist that there will be not magic.  The game looks super awesome and one to keep your eye on.  You can check out a video > here about the game.  Talking about his again because at the time wasn’t to sure if it would be coming to the game consoles.  With would be a shame.  How ever there is good news.  Back on February 18, 2014 posted an article > here saying Microsoft and Sony approved the concept for the game.  They all so gave them development kits.  This is awesome news.  This is one game I would buy.  Will be watching out for more info on this game.  So pretty sure this will not be the last time I will be talking about this game.

Assassin’s Creed Cool Website

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AssassinsCreedIVBlackFlag.jpgWas checking out so post on Facebook and there was a interesting post from Ubisoft Canada.  It is for this > here website.  This site has a bunch of different products, like t-shirts, phone skins, dog tags, wall art and a whole lot more.  What makes this standout from site like it is.  They have premade graphic of Assassin’s Creed that you apply to the item you want to buy.  There is another twist.  There are some video trailers form Black Flag and AC 3 in while you can take a screen shot from to add to the items as well.  It is very cool.  After check that out wanted to see more about this site.  Knew it much be part of a bigger site.  It is, it’s called Cap That.  The main site lets you upload your pictures or video to add to all kinds of different products.  There is one very cool looking item called acrylic block > here.  Of course some of the prices are high but if the products look as good as they do on the website it might just be worth it.

Loscil – Triton

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LoscilSubmersA few post back I was talking about the website called  It is a great place to listen and find new music.  Well found a very cool song I would have never  heard if  didn’t check that site out.  The song is called Triton by Loscil. This track is off his 2002 album called Submers .  There is some good news the whole album is available on YouTube > here.  Have not yet listened to the all.  But after really digging Triton will have to listen to them all.  Oh, it goes with out say it sounds best with headphones on.

Game of Thrones Season 4: Trailer Number Two

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GameOfThronesSeasonFour.jpgWe are getting ever closer to April 6, 2014.  Which is the day season four of Game of Thrones starts.   This past Sunday, February 16th HBO put out their second trailer for the new season.  The first trailer > here was pretty awesome.   This one is just as awesome.  They sure do know how to make a great looking trailer.  So can’t wait for the the season to start.  Feels like we have been waiting over a year for new episodes.  Check out the second trailer > here or below.

8 Tracks

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8TracksNot taking about the old music 8 tracks.  Talking about the website called  Can’t remember how I ended up on this site but have to share it just in case you never heard of it, like myself.  There are lots of internet radio stations out there.  While this is something like that but with its own twist.  It has a social networking things going as well.  The site has all kinds and  different music playlists you can stream for free.  If you sign up you make your own playlists.  In which there has to be at lest eight tracks.  You can all so all so pay with removes all the adds.  There are all so an app version for all the app stores for your phones.   Have not made account yet.  Have listened to a few playlists and have to say it is very cool.  Have heard some great songs.  Below is an example playlists.   It is one made by the staff at 8Tracks of the top songs of 2013.


New PS Vita Model

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PS-Vita-2000-BundleFew post back talked about may be getting myself a Playstation Vita.  Was guessing there would be a new model out soon since other parts of the world have them.  Well turns out I was right.   Back on February 10, 2014 over at the Playstation blog > here, the confirmed the new slim version is coming to the US (so that means Canada was well).   The new model comes in a Borderlands 2 bundle.   That is pretty cool.  It is a fun game.  Just wonder if it will look and play the same as the PS3 version.  The bundle comes with the slim Vita, Borderlands 2 with the six DLC packs and a 8GB Vita memory card.  All so the battery lasts long as well.   All for $200.  That is the same price and they are now.  So I think it is a good deal.  It is set to come out some time in the spring.  Will have to keep an eye out for this.

Graphic Novels

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tmnt_vol7_cityfallparttwo.jpgHave order two new graphic novels (February 13, 2014) .  Was just taking a look at again to see what new was there.  Seen one trade paper back I wanted was in stock, with only 8 copies left.  That one is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 7: City Fall Part 2.   Was a bit surprised at that since one place I read said it wasn’t out until the 18th.  All so first said it wouldn’t be out until the 25th.  So I had to get this.  To get free shipping you have to spend over, it think $25.  That when I remember I wanted to check out Batman and Son trade paperback.  This is the new version.  They should be here some time next week.  Have got a nice little growing  collection.

[Update] Ordered them on the 13th and the were in my hands on the 18th.  That was very fast shipping.