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The Walking Dead: The Game Demo

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Gave the demo for the downloadable game, The Walking Dead The Game a try.  Never tried one of these point and click games before.  From the videos I seen thought it might be some what cool.  While the game has a nice cel-shaded look.  What you do is with some what limited movement with one stick you use the other to move the curser around until it highlights some thing.  The you press a button.  Depending on the item you can press different buttons so different actions take place.  It is kind of boring.  It is more about the story telling then a fast past action game that most zombie games are.  Not my type of game so I will not be buying any of the episodes that came out.  Think there will be five in total.  But don’t stop that from any one from trying the demo out you might like it.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Review

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MIGhostProtocol Well Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol started off strong.  It has some very cool gadgets and stunts that you get with a Mission Impossible movie.  Think this one was a lot better than the last.  Moved at a good pace.  Not getting caught up in a love story.  How ever falls into the same old, same old action movie clichés.  They must top the “bad Russian” from setting off a nuclear weapon.  Coming down to few seconds left to save the world.  It has been done so may times before.

This is not a bad movie.  Has a lot going for it.  Some very cool stunts and it doesn’t take it’s self too serious.  Which is nice.  What is wrong is the main plot.  It has been done some may times before.  While they try to put a new face on it and pretty it up.  It still has been done.  I did like the movie but only as a rent.  Can’t see myself watching this again.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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StopSlowSign I have a strong dislike of tailgaters.  Not talking about tailgate parties but the people that dive to close to your car bumper.  I ride a motorcycle.  Yesterday while out for a ride came across some road constructing.  The flag person that had the stop sign up.  There was about five cars ahead of me.  So I stop, look back in my mirror and see another car roll up.  There is all kinds of room between us.  Shift my bike in to neutral and wait.  Look back in the mirror again.  The guy is slowly creeping closer and closer.  He is pretty much on my back tire at this point.  I thinking, buddy you can’t go any were.  Riding up on my back tire is not going make the guy turn the flag from stop to slow any faster.  Could go on and on about this subject since I get tailgated pretty much every time I go for a ride.  But I will stop ranting now.

Cycle World Magazine

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CycleWorld Every now again I pick up a motorcycle magazine.  Today I got the May, 2012 issue of Cycle World.  Have got an issue or more of this magazine before.  Not sure why I bought this, they disappoint me every time.  The bike reviews seem to focus on every part of the engine and what not.  Seems to be geared towards the die hard motorcycle owners out there.  I am more of fan of the Motorcyclist magazine.  That ones articles are more well balanced.  All so seem to be written with every one in mind.  Making it much easier to read and understand.  Thinking about getting a subscription.  Just not sure yet.

1500 Posts

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1500 Was trying to think what I should blog about today.  Then remembered something.  The other day when I was looking at the blog stats and see I was close to 1500 posts.  So this “post” will make 1500.  Must say that is kind of impressing.  Since I started doing this five years ago just as an experiment to see if I could keep a blog/website going.  Plan to keep going.  Would be pretty sweet to reach 2000 posts.

Now Playing: Dirt Showdown

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No, I am not the one who is “now playing” DiRT Showdown.  It is not out until the end of May.  But over at every now and again the have a “Now Playing” video.  Were one or more people sit down and play and upcoming game.  The newest one as you might have guessed is about DiRT Showdown (Video below or click > here).  The guy that is taking is kind of funny.  As for the game itself it a only an early build but you can see that it looks pretty sweet.  The video is about 27 minutes long.  Didn’t watch the whole thing because I want to see the game for myself then it comes out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

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Rihanna Have had the song We Found Love by Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris stuck in my head for a few days.  If you know me I like a lot of techno like music (Other types of music as well).   It is one of those songs that sick with you.  Sound even better with a pair of headphones on.  That’s one of my favourite things to do is put some awesome song on my iPod and sit back and just listen.  While I really like song the video (below) is pretty crappy.  Has and interesting look.  Is the only good thing I can say about it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DiRT Showdown News

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Have some DiRT Showdown news to share.  Next Tuesday (May 1, 2012) there will be a demo out out PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.  From the article,  it will “feature a solo and multiplayer event”.  So you will get to try two races (I think).  It will use their new RaceNet.  This seems to be the new tread in gaming.  What RaceNet does like many others like is an online “hub” that tracks you races, your friends races, rewards and the like.  It will be free, which is nice.  Even better news the game will be out May 25, 2012.  Can’t wait to try the demo.  I know what I will be doing next Tuesday.

Diablo III Beta Gameplay

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Here I go again, day three of taking about Diablo III beta.  When I  tried to log in, got an error.  Turns out they were doing something to the severs.  A note said keep trying to log in later.  So waited a bit till 7pm, then got in.  There are five characters to pick from (I think).  I picked the monk because it is a new character for these games.  As for the game its self it looks pretty awesome.  Gameplay is kind of like Diablo 2 but all new at the same time.  You still click to move and hit the bad guys.  How ever it has all kinds of new stuff.  Played for all most two hours [Update played for about 2 hours 47 minutes].  Still has the same addictiveness.  From what I seen so far it still as follow the path, go here, kill that, go here and move to a new spot.  Was hoping it would be a little more open world.  May be later on in the game, or may be not [Update the map does get bigger as you move along].  You can play up to level 13 in the beta.  Still this game is great.  It will be huge for sure.  Just not sure if I am going to buy it.  More of a console person.  The open beta ends some time Monday (April 23, 2012).

Diablo III Beta Again

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After writing the Diablo III open beta post yesterday.  Right after decided to sign up and download to see how long it would take.  I did have a account but it would let me sign in.  My guess is because I have not used it lets say 8 or 9 years.  So I just signed up for a new one.  Was surprised it didn’t take long to download.  It was a pretty big file, about 4.76 GB.  Took about three hours I guess.  Figured it would have taken a lot longer than that.  Didn’t try the game itself yet.  When it finished downloading last night it was time for bed.  Work early in the morning.  So when I am done this post will give it a go.  Then come back and post an update.