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Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection: Nero

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Star_Trek_Graphic_Novel_Collection_NeroWas in the Dollar store a few days back.  Walked past the book section and see then had some hardcover graphic novels.  They were all Star Trek.  Most of them were beaten up pretty bad.  However one still had the plastic warp one it.  The price was $5.00 so decided to buy it.  Turns out is is part of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection.  The one I got is volume six Star Trek: Nero.   It is set in the same time line as the 2009 movie were Nero is the bad guy in.  The comic covers the events in his life leading up to the movie.  If I like what I read might go back and see what others they might have ins some what good shape.

C+C Music Factory – Things That Make You Go Hmmmm….

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C C_Music_Factory_Things_That_Make_You_Go_HmmmmOnce again it is musical throwback Thursday.  The pick this time is Things That Make You Go Hmmmm… by C+C Music Factory.  Which is off their famous 1990 album Gonna Make You Sweat.  Do have a copy of this on tape.  They are some other good songs on this one as well.  You can give the official music video a watch/listen > here or below.

Minisforum UM580 Another Video

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Another YouTuber, Retro Game Corps, has a video on the same mini PC I ordered.  The Minisforum UM580.  Which will ship at the end of the month (September 2022).  So very much looking forward to getting my hands on it.  You can see the video > here or below.  The main use for the computer will be games.  Do have some on Steam, Epic and GoG.  Then there is the emulation side.  Which this can do really well.  Have a big stack of PS2 I would love to play again.  Will be back will more posts once I get it my hands.

Dinkum – Hours Played

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Have put in about 40 hours into Dinkum so far.  For the first two week having getting it, payed it everyday.  It pulled me right it.  There is all ways something to do/goal.  Mine is to unlock as much of the builds and their NPC’s.  Have about four of them so far.   In all those hours have only died once.  Well you really don’t die, just pass out.  When you wake up.  You losses some money and your tools take some damage.  Speaking of money it can be hard to get.  Have found that cooking fruit and meat it a really good and easy.  If you own a computer and have Steam this game is well worth your time.

Cyberpunk 2077 — Edgerunners Hands On

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Back on September 6, 2022 there was a new update out for Cyberpunk 2077.   Have all ready completed all the main and side stuff.  Was happy to hear that this update had a few more new side missions.  A few days ago decided to give these a try.  Well, the game now seems to be broken again.  It was running pretty good on my PS4.  The first mission I tried the world didn’t completely load in.  So re-loaded my save and it was fine.  Moved on to another.  In that one you have to take out a few moving vehicles.  Did that and then for some reason, the one I was in caught fire.  Then the mission failed.  Tried again and the same thing happed.  Not sure what’s going on there.  Think I might just wait to see if they put out a patch of this update.  If not just wouldn’t play the game any more.

KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse)

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ABLEWE_KVMHave made a few posts talking about the mini PC I ordered a, Minisforum UM580.   That ships some time near the end of the month (September 2022).  In the mean time was looking into a way to add to my current computer desk setup.  Came across devices called KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse).  These things let you use one with a bunch of computes.  There are really fancy ones with a big price tag that can run up to four computers.  I don’t need anything that nice.  Took a look at few on  All most went this a USB 3.0 $750.00 one.  Then I seen this one > here.   It had lots of ratings.  Plus at the time of typing this (September 16, 2022) they had it for %15 off.  So saved on the tax and it had free shipping.  Should have it in my hands next week.

Robin S – Show Me Love

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Robin_S_Show_Me_LoveTime once again for musical throwback Thursday.   The pick this week is Show Me Love by Robin S.  This was released in 1993 off the album of the same name, Show Me Love.  I was of those who were confused when a different Robyn put out a song with the same title a few years later.  While you can tell the song is from the 90’s it still sounds good.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

Mouser – Articulated Model – Done

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Have finished another 3D print and paint project.  It is a Mouser > here over at   If you are not sure where this is from, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, cartoon show.  Thought it was super cool and am a big Turtles fan.  Think it turned out pretty good.  You can see for yourself in the picture below.


New World

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Have been interested in the MMO, New World, since it came out last September (2021).  Have tried other MMO’s in the past but could never stick with them.  This one looks to be more up to my gameplay style.  Well a few weeks ago, seen it was going for %50 off on Steam.  Now that I have a new mini PC on the way decided to buy a copy.  Looked at some videos on YouTube and people were able to play the game running on APU.  Just need to change some of the settings.  Looking forward to trying it out.