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PlayStation Plus May 2018 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for May 2018 is now out.  It looks like it will be another big month with more AAA games.  The are ones I have all ways wanted to try but didn’t want to send the money.  Just in case I didn’t like them.  You can read the official blog post > here.  They can be download May 1, 2018.


Beyond: Two Souls

Rayman Legends

King Oddball


Eat Them

Risen 3: Titan Lords

King Oddball



King Oddball

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4

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As I am typing this (April 24, 2018) the first two episodes for season four of Fear The Walking Dead have aired.  The three season before are really good. Think this one will be the best on yet.  They have gone is a much different direction.   There are some great new characters.  All so, like how they are jumping back and forth in time.  It makes if so you want to know how everything ends up.  Much like the past season it will be broken up in two parts.  Eight episodes each.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

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The_Witcher_Enhanced_EditionOne of my all time favorite games is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  Never played the other games in the series.  Mostly because back then they came out they were on PC.  Which I didn’t have one that could run them.  They were all so on the Xbox but didn’t have one.  If you are like me and want to try them out.  We are in luck. is giving the The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free.  Of course there is a bit of catch to it.  But nothing too complicated.  Well you need to have a GOG account.  The next thing you have to do is download the free game GWENT.  If you never heard of this.  It is a card game which was featured first in the Wild Hunt game.  It came super popular.  So they made a standalone game. Have you do that there is a link > here and subscribe to their newsletter.  Once that is done you can download the first game. This doesn’t take long.  Not sure when I will get around to playing it.  But free game is a free game.

Batman Ninja Blu-ray

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The animated movie Batman Ninja is now out on digital platforms.  Am waiting to pick it up on Blu-ray.  Which will be out very soon, May 8, 2018.  This one is much different than any other the DC animated movie.  This was made for the Japanese market at first.  Then it was dubbed over into English.  So it has that anime look to it.  That style of animation is not my thing for the most part.  However it is Batman after all so I have to get myself a copy.  If you haven’t seen the trailer you can do so > here.

Loreena McKennitt – The Mummers’ Dance

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Loreena_McKennitt_The_Mummers_DanceOnce again it is musical throwback Thursday.  This weeks pick is The Mummers’ Dance by Loreena McKennitt.  Can remember this song being a bit hit in the late 90’s.  It is so different than other songs out at the time.  A very mellow Celtic song sound with many different instruments used.  This is off her 1997 album called The Book of Secrets.  I think the song holds up really well.  You can give it a watch/listen > here or below.


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RecalBoxHave been using RetroPie on my Raspberry Pi 3 for all most two years now.  This is an awesome program and device.  This lets you play older video games on a TV.  There is another program out there that does pretty much the same thing.  It is called RecalBox.   Have heard about a while back now.  Am very happy with RetroPie so didn’t want to setup another micro SD card to try it out.  Well I few days back watch a video on how to get RecalBox running on a PC.  I do have my old Windows Vista computer sitting round.  So thinking about giving it a try on that.  If you interested in that as well you can see that video > here.  The video is made by ETA Prime.  He has lots of videos on these retro type projects.  His videos help me setup RetroPie years ago.

Far Cry 5

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Have put a bit over twenty five hours into Far Cry 5 so far.  Have enjoyed every minute so far.  Mind you in the beginning I would die a lot.  Sometimes many times in a row.  Hate when that happens in games.  Was temped to lower the difficulty level.  But decided to keep going.  Once I got some of the better perks unlocked it became much easier to survive some of the battles you get into.

What I like most about the game is exploring the world.  There is some much took look at and discover.  Every spot you go, big or small, there is something useful to get or use.  Not sure who long it will take me to finished the whole thing.  But my guess 60 or so hours.  The game is well worth the money.

Bird Passengers – Fly Away

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Bird_Passengers_Fly_AwayWas watching some videos on YouTube.  A few of them had a cool song featured in the background.  Looked into it.  It is Fly Away by Bird Passengers.  They are an indie band.  From what I read they have two EP’s out. This song happens to be off their second which is self titled, Bird Passengers, released in 2017.  Do like this song a lot.  It has a laid back sound to it.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

Motorcycle Soon

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This weather this April (2018) has been pretty shitty.  It has not warmed up at all.  In past years have had my motorcycle, Yamaha XT225, out by now.  Don’t mind ridding when it is a bit cold in the mornings.  There is still lots of frost.  Which means there is some ice on the roads.   I am hoping the last week of the month to get out for the first ride of the year.  Looking forward to taking it to work again.

Neewer Stabilizer

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Neewer_Stabilizer_24Now that the weather is slowly getting nicer.  Have been looking more into camera stabilizers. The more I look into them there is lots and lots to choose from.  The high-end from Glidecam are pretty sweet.  But they are more for the pros.  Need one that is more in my price range that will do something similar to it.  Back in November looked at one for the online site  Which was pretty nice.

Now have found a different one to look at.  It is from the company Neewer.  Don’t seen an official project name.  So I am going to call it Neewer Handheld Stabilizer.  This one says it aluminium alloy.  However the one I see on > here says it’s carbon fiber.  They most likely two different models.  As I am typing (April 15, 2018) this Amazon is asking ($99.99).  That is more in my price range.  Will look more into it.  This might be the one I go with.