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Fallout 4

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Fallout_4.jpgIts has been about three weeks since Fallout 4  came out.  Have put about 36 hours into playing and have barely put a scratch into what the game has to offer.  Have done very few quest.  Spend most of the time exploring, collecting junk then crafting.  That is what is great about this game.  It is a different experience for everyone.  So people just play though the main storyline.  Other may just do the side quest.  Have seen lots of pictures of people building all kinds of crazy basses.  There is something new around every corner.  May never finish this game.   Which doesn’t matter because I am have fun no matter what.

PlayStation Plus December Game’s Line-up

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PlaystationPlus.jpgThe line up for Decembers free games for PlayStation Plus members is now out.  You can read the official blog post > here.  They have a lot of big games this month for the PS4 and PS3.  They will be downloadable December 1, 2015.


Gauntlet: Slayer Edition.  This is the newest take on the Gauntlet series.  One of few local co-op left.

King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember.  Another new take on an old game.  This one is one of those episodic series game.  So far only the first chapter is out.  The gameplay is a mix of adventure and point-and-click.  Seem some video and it looks pretty funny.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.  Love this game.  Bought it the day it came out.  So it awesome that everyone with a PS3 and Plus can play it.  A must have.

SSX.  Over the top snowboarding game with a big soundtrack.  Have played a few of the older games in this series.


Freedom Wars.  This is a Japanese action RPG.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.  A crazy but fun looking action platformer.

PlayStation DualShock 4 Wave Blue

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DualShock_4_Wave_BlueThe whole Black Friday deals is still new here in Canada.  A lot of places were having all weekends sales.  The only thing that caught my eye was that DualShock 4 controllers were on sale.  Have been eyeballing the Wave Blue one for a long time now.  Saying to myself wait until they go on sale.  The going price here for a new one is $75.00 plus tax.  Which is way to much.  They were on sale for $49.99 pretty much every were.  Did head over to Walmart on Friday after work.  There was about twenty people in line all looking for help with something.  So I left.  Went back Saturday and only had one person in front of me.  All so lucked out again because they only had one Wave Blue left.  The only thing different than the regular black controller is the top plastic part is blue.  I nice looking blue so I had to have it.

That Time Of Year

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christmas-tree.pngWe are into the last few days of November (2015) so it that time of year.  Which is to get Christmas shopping over and done with.  The goal is to have everything all ready bought and wrapped before the first week of December is over.  This year got smarter about.  Wrote up a list.  Other years would try to remember everything.  The big reason I try and get everything done early is because I work retail.  The time Christmas comes around My Christmas spirit is long gone.  Other reason is shopping in December sucks.  Used to think it was fun to watch all the people tearing around.  Not any more.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

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Yeah_Yeah_Yeahs_MapsThis weeks musical throwback Thursday song is Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  The song is off their first album from 2003 called Fever To Tell.  Have to say this song holds up really.  The reason for pick it is because it is one of my favourites to play in RockBand.  All so, it all ways on the radio at work.  Give it a listen > here or below.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

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DCs_Legends_Of_Tomorrow.jpgFirst heard about the new TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow back in May (2015).  This will be a new spin off from the Arrow and The Flash shows.  Featuring characters we know from those shows.  Those two shows have been building up stories for them heading into this new show.  They are have a big cross over event starting December 1, 2015.  Back in May they had a prof of concept video out (no longer on YouTube) which was pretty awesome.  There is some real news to share.  The show will start Thursday January 21, 2016.  From what I have read there will be sixteen episodes.  There other big news is there is a real trailer out.   Which you can see > here or below.  Have to say it looks really good.  I sure hope it is just as good as Arrow and The Flash.  Really love those shows.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown

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Macklemore_Ryan_Lewis_DowntownFirst seen the video for the song Downtown by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in early September (2015).  Thought it was the craziest and awesomest music videos I have ever seen.  First off the song is great.  They mix many different styles together.  Which works really well.  Then there is the video if fun to watch.  It is very funny in spots and just a pure win all the way though.  The best part is when the guy singing chores, Eric Nally, steals the show.  Coming riding on a chariot being pulled by motorcycles.  It is all pretty epic.  If you haven’t seen it yet or want to see it again.  Check it > here or below.