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Jesse James Is A Dead Man Tonight

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jessejamesisadeadman_thumb.jpgDon’t forget that Jesse James is a Dead Man starts tonight (May 31, 2009).  Last week and this week they aired some sneak peeks during the Power Block shows.  I think this show is going to be a blast to watch.

Rock Band Unplugged Demo

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Rock Band Unplugged There is a new Rock Band game coming with is called Rock Band Unplugged.  You might be thinking another Rock Band, but here is the kicker it is for the PSP.  I was thinking how are they going to play Rock Band on the PSP.  Well I tired the demo today and it works good.  It looks and plays some what like the other games.  This time you play all for instruments, you press the L and R buttons to switch between them.  It is not as hard as it sounds.  To play each instrument you have two notes on each side of the PSP.  The left side you use the up and left button.  Then on the right side you use the triangle and circle.  This works out good.  Once you hit all the notes on one instrument with out messing up it plays by its self allowing you to move to the next instrument.   The demo is a bit short because they only give you a small part of three songs to try.   If you have a PSP give the demo a try.

Red Dead Redemption Pictures

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reddeadredemption-thumb.gifThere are a bunch new screen shots out for Red Dead Redemption.  From the pictures the game is looking very nice.   If the game does look like the pictures it is going to be hella right on.  Going to post of few of the ones I like best.  But you can see the rest here.

More Fuel Pictures

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fuel-thumb.gifCan’t think of any thing to blog about today.  So I am going to post some more pictures from Fuel.  Should be playing the game now but it got pushed back.  Oh well less than a week now.  It will be out June 2, 2009.

Fanboys Review

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fanboys I had to check out the movie Fanboys after hearing about it for a long time.  I just came out of DVD.  Wasn’t too sure if I was going to like this movie or think it is funny because I am not a big Star Wars fan.  Well it is a very funny movie.  It is not for every one because it targets and makes fun of some what of “fanboys”.  If you have know idea what a fanboy is you are not going to get this movie.  There are some cool cameos that will make real life fanboys smile.

This is a funny movie.  But is not of every one.  If you are not a fan of Star War, Star Trek or comic books you might not get get all the jokes.  Its a rent for sure.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Fuel Delayed Again

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fuel-thumb.gifWent to check out to see if there was any new info on Fuel since it was going to out tomorrow (May 26, 2009).  Well not any more.  It now going to be out June 2, 2009.  That’s a bit of a piss off.  On the positive side this delay is only a week.  I hope this is the last delay for this game.  I so have been wait to play this game for a very long time.  One more week.  May be, lol.

YouTube Shows

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youtube-thumb.jpgJust came across one of YouTube’s new features.  It is called, Shows.  What it is, is a bunch of old TV shows, some new and documentaries.  What is cool is that the shows are the full episodes.  I click on this thinking it wouldn’t work because this type of stuff only seems to work in the US.  I was wrong.  Most of the stuff is pretty old but hey they have Astro Boy.  I remember watching this when I was a kid.  I think my brother will love to see that show again.  He was a big fan back in the day.  I hope they keeps adding more since Hulu doesn’t work out side the US.

Yes Man Review

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yes man Finley got around to watching Yes Man.  Have to say it is really funny.  It has a lot of witty lines and word play.   There is some slap stick. Well there has to be some with comedy that stars Jim Carrey.  Not to sure what else to say.  Other than this movie is a great one to watch.   Even if you are not a big Jim Carrey fan this one might change you mind.

Can’t go wrong watching this movie.  Lots of great laughs.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

inFamous Demo

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infamous The demo for inFamous came out today (May 22, 2009).  The game will be out on Tuesday (May 26, 2009).  It didn’t take to long for the demo to download. Which I was surprise.  Any who, only tried it out for a few minutes.  First off the game is very nice looking.  The controls are great.  Most of the time 3rd person games the controls take getting use to.  I had no trouble at all.  I was playing and things were going good.  Got to a spot were you have to fight the bad guys.  I kept dying.  I could not find the guy that was killing me.  It turns out some of them can teleport/disappear.  I was tired so I shut it off.  Going to have to give it another go.  The game looks very promising.  It have been getting good reviews on the gaming web sites.

Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood New Trailer

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callofjuarez-thumb.jpgThere is a new trailer out for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.  There are all so some new pictures out as well.  I’ll post a few but there are more you can see here.



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