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The Walking Dead: Season 7

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The_Walking_Dead.jpgWe are less than a month a way for the start of season seven of The Walking Dead.  Have started to read a head in the comic book to were they are now at in the show.  I know it the two a very different.  However they do use lot of of plot points and events.  They might not be in the same order or with a different characters.  With that said, we are is for some awesome TV.  Even if they only touch on a little bit of what happened in the comics.  AMC has put out a new small teaser trailer showing of more awesomeness.  check it out > here or below.   Season seven starts October 23, 2016.

P!nk – So What

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P!nk_So_WhatWanted to switch things up again this week for musical throwback Thursday.  The song this time is So What by P!nk.  It may be about a break up but it’s sure fun to listen to.  All so the music video > here or below is very funny.  The song is off her 2008 album called Funhouse.

Ride With Norman Reedus: Season Two

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Ride_With_Norman_Reedus.jpgThe other day it was announced that AMC has renewed Ride with Norman Reedus for a second season.  Just like the first season there will be six one hour episodes.  Like the first season a lot.  So having more is great.  There is not much other details to share yet.  It might start up again next June or maybe in between the first and seconds halves of The Walking Dead season seven.  When more info out.  Will be blogging about it.

Mafia 3

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Mafia_3There is an upcoming that has caught my attention, Mafia 3.   Remember playing a demo for the first or second game.  It was fine but didn’t inspire me to buy the game.  However this new third one looks amazing.   This one is set in 1968 in a fictional city called New Bordeaux.  The basic idea of the game has you taking out the mafia.  This is the type of game I like.  A big open world.  With lots to look at and do.   They have a whole bunch of videos on their YouTube channel > here.  You can check out the TV ad > here or below.  The game will be out October 7, 2016.  Which is not that far way.  Want to get but might not on launch day.  Will wait to see some hands on gameplay videos and reviews.


[Update]  The is a nice gameplay video out.  You can see that > here.   If you skip to around the 7:40 mark you can see a mission being played.


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GTAOnline.jpgThere is a news on a new content for Grand Theft Auto Online.   This new stuff will be all about the Bikers.  You can read the Rockstar Games blog post > here.  Have to say what they are adding sounds pretty cool.  You will be able to start your own club. Which can have up to eight players.  There will be new clubhouses properties.  New gear and weapons.  The most important there will be new Motorcycles.  Not sure when this update will be out.   But my guess is pretty soon.

[Update] This new stuff will be out an October 4, 2016.  You can read that > here.

Bob’s Burgers Season Seven

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BobsBurgers.jpgIt is late September now.  So a lot of the new and returning TV shows are coming on.  One of my all time favourites starts tonight (September 25, 2016), Bob’s Burgers.   Have loved this show since it started back in 2011.  My big hope for season seven is that they air the episodes more than once or twice a month.  Last season there wasn’t any consistency with airing on episodes until April.   The best thing about this show is.  It never fails to make be laugh.


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Kubros_EzioA few days back while checking out to see what was new in the toy aisles.  Discovered something.  They are called Kubros.  From the website, “It’s an 8-Bit invasion when you build and collect your favourite pop culture icons with Kubros! Now you can build your own figure block by block.”   What they are block construction sets put out by Mega Bloks.  There are a few to choose from.  That the stor they had, He-man, Skeletor, Spock, T-800 Guardian and Ezio.   I bought Ezio.  The set is a 147 pieces.   When it done it is 3D model of a character.

It comes in a very nice box.  The instructions are clear and easy to understand.  Not sure how long it will take me to put together.  Will post a picture when it’s finished.