Captain America: Civil War Review

Captain_America_Civil_WarNow that Captain America: Civil War is out on disc.  Gave it a watch the other day.   All these Marvel movies have been on a very good roll.  Have not like all of them.  The last Avengers movie wasn’t that great.  However this one has made up that.  This was a much Avengers movie and it wasn’t called one.  All the fights were  the best ones they have to date.  The story moved a good pace.  There were some great plot twists.  Which I didn’t see come.  One I think about it may be I should have.  Have even packed in some nice surprise.

My favourite thing in this whole movie is Spiderman.  Am not the biggest Spiderman fan.  That has changed with the way he was done in this time around.   This actor does have his own movie coming out next year.  Hope they keep this tone.  Over all this is one of the best superhero movies.  If you haven’t seen all the movies or some of them leading up to this one.  You might be a little lost in some of the details.  The movie is all some two and a half hours.  Didn’t drag once.  A must watch.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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