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Cape Breton Bikefest 2011 Pictures

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It is day three of the 2011 Cape Breton Bikefest.  The rain had stopped so there were a lot a bikes out.   Looked like a lot more than last year.  Got to see the World Famous Wall of Death.  Lucked out there and got the last ticket for that showing.  It was pretty cool.  The main guy was funny, put on a good show.  There were two other guys there as well.  One was just a kid, 15 years old.  The best part was he got a lady to fold a five dollar bill, put it in her mouth then lean over the side.  He was going to ride up on the wall and take the money.  He missed a few tries, then got it but ended up dropping it.   While he was still riding the wall he got another bill and tossed it back at her to try again.  So he did it again.  Getting it the first try.

Walked around for a bit looking at the bikes taking a few pictures.  It was all most time for the burnouts.  Went down to pick out a spot.  Watched the safety training demo guys for a bit.   They were done, picked up their stuff.   No sign of any one for doing some burnouts.  Waited some more.  Then gave up.  Was disappointed, had a camera and video camera ready to go.  I guess will have to wait to next year.  All so disappointed that there was no stunt show either.





Trust Review

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Trust I do believe I first heard of the movie Trust from the IMDB.  It looked really good so I check it out.  It was really good.  Knew the the story would be a bit heavy.  But wow it was super heavy.  A young girl finds a boyfriend on the internet who turns out not to be who he says he is.  The fall out from this and how the family deals with it.  While it might sound like an episode of the Dagrassi or something it is not.  So much better.  It is so way acted and it felt like a real family.

A very good movie, well worth seeing.  The story is very heavy so it might not be for every one.  Want to give it a 5 out of 5 but can not see myself watching it more than once.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Cape Breton Bikefest 2011 Pictures

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Today (July 29, 2011) is the first day of the 2011 Cape Breton Bikefest.  It was a prefect day out.  The sun was shinning and not too hot.  When I was heading in there were all kinds a bikes out.  Then main reason I went out was to check out the The World Famous Wall of Death.  Got there and the sign said the next show was at 5pm.  I was there around 1:30pm.  Was a bit disappointed.  Oh well will just have to go back in later to night.  Walked around taking some pictures.  If the rain holds off for Saturday will go out and get some more pictures and may be some video.  If not Sunday looks like the weather will be better.




DiRT 3 Patch

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A patch is now out for the PS3 version of DiRT 3.  I do believe it has been out for the Xbox for a little while now.  Was looking at the list of fixes (below).  It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.  Pretty unexciting stuff.  Oh well it will make some people happy.



  • LAN multiplayer functionality has now been added.
  • Graphical abnormalities with the YouTube UI have been fixed.
  • The description for the mission ‘Buried Large Pipes’ has been corrected
  • UI elements are no longer incorrectly displayed in Gymkhana.
  • Reset line corrections to prevent potential ‘out of world’ or ‘driving into crowd’ issues on several tracks
  • Various game hangs and soft-locks have now been resolved.
  • Prevented engine audio incorrectly continuing to play in multiplayer events
  • Steering wheel no longer jolts to the left in the race reward screen
  • Fixed a multiplayer spectator issue which would prevent camera rotation around a watched vehicle in chase cam
  • Corrected various spelling mistakes across all language

Cape Breton Bikefest 2011

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A few more days and it will be the 2011 Cape Breton Bikefest, July 29 to August 1.  Have been looking forward to going since last year.  The weather is not looking so good for Saturday.  So will have to to get the most I can Friday and Sunday.  Can hope for a nice Saturday.  Plan to take all kinds of pictures.  So came back to check them out.

Extreme Frontiers: Canada

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Charley Boorman and his crew of Extreme Frontiers: Canada have reached there final destination.  With a convoy to Vancouver.  Now we just have to sit back and wait for the show to air some time in the spring.  I know that is a long time to wait but I think it will be wroth it.  Not sure if or when it will air on Canadian TV.  Hope it does.  Will buying the book when that comes out.  Well I think there will be a book.

Assassin’s Creed: Embers

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ACEmbers If you buy the Assassin’s Creed Revelations Animus Edition you will get a copy of the new 20 minute animated movie called Assassin’s Creed: Embers.  It will be about Ezio in his later years finishing of this story line.  It will all so be available to buy on PSN or Xbox Live.  Will be picking up Assassin’s Creed: Revelations for sure.  Love those game.  Below is the trailer for Embers.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Batman: Arkham City – The Penguin Trailer

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There is a new trailer out for Batman: Arkham City.  Showing off even more characters to the all ready long list.  So now The Penguin and Solomon Grundy joins The Joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange and Catwoman.  I sure I might be missing a few characters.  This game keeps looking better and better.  Say that ever time.  So buy this game day one.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer

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Was checking out some info from this years Comic-Con.  There was some very cool news.  The Walking Dead will be back with season two October 16, 2011.  Which is awesome.  Was figuring with wouldn’t start up again to Halloween.  This season will have 13 episodes.  Some even cooler news is the released an awesome and long trailer. Looks so good.  Can’t wait.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Windows Registry

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WindowsRegistryVista Have successfully edited the Windows registry on my Vista OS computer.  Have run into a problem that was giving me the, “Error 1606” having to do %\AppData\% in the registry.  Ran into to this problem a few times when trying to install a new programs.  I knew it happened when I tried to install  iTunes.  Found a different way to fix that.  What to try Lord of The Rings Online now that it was free.  Ran into the problem again.  Really wanted to try the game since it took hours to download, about 10GB’s.  Found the help fixing it on a Microsoft Support Page > here.  Tried the Microsoft Fix it.  That didn’t work.  Never edited the registry before, have looked at it and said I don’t thinks so.  Was as bad has I thought it was going to be.  Just followed the steps and every thing worked out.   Got the game installed, ready to go.  Will talk about the game in a different post since I have not played it yet.