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Happy New Year 2016

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new-year-fireworks.jpgYet another year has come to a close.   Lots of people like to look back at the year what was.  Which can be fun to remember all the good things that happened.   Most important thing to so is look at head.   Set new goals and try to make them happen.   Have tried that in the past but never got very far.  However going to try again.  What is what starting a new year is all about.   Want to thank all who have found my blog and a bigger thank you to those who come back.  Happy New Year.

A Knight Of the Seven Kingdoms

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A_Knight_Of_The_Seven_Kingdoms.jpgHave been eyeballing the book from George R.R. Martin called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms ever since I first heard about it.  So was very happy to unwrap a copy this Christmas.   The book brings together three novellas for the first time.   They are set in the same world as the Ice and Fire series, aka Game of Thrones. The stories take place about 90 years before that storyline starts.  Have read The Hedge Knight: The Graphic Novel.  Which is based off the first story from this book.   Which was pretty good.  So can’t wait to read the full stories.

Minecraft Console Update 1.8.8

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PS4_Minecraft.jpgHas been a little while since I have played Minecraft on my PS4.  A week or so ago on (December 18, 2015) Mojang released a new update for the consoles.  They are saying it is the biggest update for the consoles, number 1.8.8 update.  Which happens to be free as well.  They added all kinds of new items, blocks, mobs and biomes.  All so whole host of other things and fixes.  You can read all about it > here.  I had to check out some of this new stuff.  Right way crafted a the armour stand.  Seen some of the new blocks as well the rabbits.  Said this a few times all ready.  If you haven’t played this game yet.  Give it a go. Well worth the money

Grand Theft Auto Online: Festive Surprise 2015

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GTA_Online_Festive_Surprise_2015This will be the third Christmas for Grand Theft Auto Online.  Like the past years there are Christmas themed  clothes and accessories.  Unlike the past years this new stuff and like the past many updates are only or current gen and PC.  They have Santa outfits as well as a bunch of pajamas.  All kinds of Masks.  Three Christmas themed car horns.  One of the best things is every apartment you own has a Christmas tree in it.  There is all so Christmas trees in Legion Square.  All these are free because it only up for a limited time.  It started on December 21, 2015 and will run until January 5, 2016.  You heard about it > here.

Andrew Younghusband’s How Hard Can It Be?

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Andrew_Younghusband_How_Hard_Can_It_BeIf you ever seen Canada’s Worst Driver you will know how Andrew Younghusband is.  Turns out he has a new half hour show coming out called How Hard Can It Be?.  There have been show like this before.  Where the take a host and get them to do something they have never did before.  Then we get to watch the comedy happen.  There is no website up yet on  How they have a full segment on their YouTube page > here or below.  It has Andrew in a demolition derby.  It is pretty funny.  The show premiered December 25, 2015.  There was two back to back episodes.

Merry Boxing Day 2015

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christmas-tree.pngI hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas.  Last year there was lost of wind and some rain.  This year however was really warm for the end of December.  Think it was a 8°C.  Went outside with just a light jacket on.   As all ways my favourite part of Christmas the food.  Which was awesome.  The past few years couldn’t got back for seconds because I was too full.  This year was still full but had to have more.  Being Boxing day it just as good for food.  Hot turkey sandwich’s it will be.



Merry Christmas 2015

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christmas-tree.pngWant to wish everyone and their families a Merry Christmas.  I hope every one has the best one ever.  Eat till you can’t eat any more.  That is all ways the best part.  There is all ways something about Christmas dinner where you have to go back for thirds.