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Hiccups Is Back

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The TV show Hiccups is back on the air tonight (May 31, 2010).  There are four episodes let in this first season.  The show has been off the air for far to long.  I love this show and am happy it is back.  Those stupid shows like dancing with stars and what have been pre-empting it.  They did the same thing when Corner Gas was on.

[UpDate] Burned again. Its not a new episode. Booo.

Red Dead Redemption: Short Film

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RedDeadShortFilm There is a Red Dead Redemption short film airing tonight (May 29, 2010) on FOX.  The film is made using all in game assets.  Was reading some were RockStar only recorded a few new lines of dialog for this.  They all so took out the swearing.  The short film was created and directed by John Hillcoat.  Wasn’t too sure if it was going to air in my time zone.  But I looked at it airing at 1am.  I am sure it will be online at some point.  Below is the trailer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

East Coast Pro Wrestling

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ECPW This coming Sunday (May 30, 2010) East Cost Pro Wrestling is going to be at the North Sydney Forum.  I do believe it has been a while since wrestling has been at the Forum.  Back in the day the Forum always had wrestling going on.  Not sure if I am going or not.  In this Island Invasion show they have a big main event.  Two former WWE stars, Road Dogg Jesse James (he goes by BG James in TNA) vs Gangrel.  If I do go I’ll take lots of pictures.

2010 Cape Breton Bikefest

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This years up coming Cape Breton Bikefest has new motorcycle as the grand prize.  This year it is a 2010 Harley-Davidson CVO.  I am not the biggest Harley fan but they do make some really nice looking bikes and this one is no different.  According to the Canadian Harley website the MSRP is $33,259.  That is a nice prize for a $40 ticket.

Might Have A Stocker

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Well not a real stocker (yet?).  Today before I went home from work I need to get gas for my Yamaha XT225.  Coming the other direction was another XT 225 just a different year.   They guy riding was looking at me.   I pull in to get some gas and I hear “Nice bike”.   Didn’t see who said it and kept filling up.  When I was done and paid.  Went around the building and there is the guy who just passed me going the other way.   I give him a nod.  I make a right hand turn he pulls out in front of me and starts doing wheelies.  While waiting for the light to turn green, the guy is looking at me in this mirror the hole time.  Once we get moving I turn my right signal light on and so does he.  Pull in to a parking lot.  He is looking back at me again.  Turn on left light on, he does the same.  Then he keeps going straight.  He is still looking back at me. I pretend to go straight but do a quick u-turn.  Take off back the way I came.  I bit creeped out.  If the guy want to talk why didn’t he just flag me over instead of being creepy.

Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack

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I am really liking the soundtrack in Red Dead Redemption.  You can buy it now on disc or on iTunes.  How ever a YouTube user allaboutVGmusic has posted them all.  Who ever it is all so has other soundtracks there as well.  If you love this game I am sure you will want to give the soundtrack a listen.  The one below is one of my favourites all so like the one called Horseplay.

Golfing May 24, 2010

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Went golfing for the first time in 2010 (May 24).  Four of us went to Juniper Hallow Golf.  Had a good time.  But once the wind died down the bugs came out in force.  can’t wait to go again.


MainStream Wrestling

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MainStreamWrestling Went to MainStream Wrestling show last night (May 22, 2010).  It was part of their 10th anniversary tour.  They did a good job for an independent show.  The wresters did a great job playing to the small but loud crowed.  Had a good time.  Well worth the money.

The first match was “The Reall” JJB vs (forget his name) but he was dressed as a crab.  He he came out yell and doing this crab dance it was just too funny.   He put on a good show.

Next match was (I think was called the Natural) vs Rip Impact.  The Natural guy was great as the bad guy.

The third match was Turcan Celik vs Jason Rumble “The Boston Bad Boy”.  This match had the funniest moment of the show.   The bad guy Turcan was tell the crowed how great he was.  The place was dead silent, one guy stands up and yells, “You suck.”  The wrester had to turn away and cover his face.  He started to crack up.

Match four was Josef Von Schmidt vs Bee Machine.  Josef is the bad guy.  He is a nazi spoof. He came out dressed in a long black trench coat, German army hat and a monocle.  Too funny.  The Bee Machine ran around the ring.  As he slapped your hand he would buzz.

Now the main event.  The Mauler vs 7” tall Grimez in a casket match for the belt.  It had a funny moment too.  The Mauler rolled Grimez into the casket and tried to close the lid.  How ever his head was sticking out.  So he pushed his head in then his feet would stick out.  They did a great job playing that up.

Motorcycle Tire

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Had a new front tire but on my Yamaha XT225 today (May 21, 2010).  I really need a new one.  There wasn’t may treads left on it.  The new one has a different tread pattern so many be it will wear better.  I like the look of it.  By next year I will have to get a back tire.  It is wearing but there is still some good tread there.  The old tire is on the left and the new on the right.

ModNation Racers Demo

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ModNationRacers Gave the ModNation Racers demo a try.  It is pretty slick. I have watched a bunch of videos on this game and how you can create the “mod’s’”, carts and the tracks.  In the demo you get a little taste of that.  It is the best costume creation I have ever tried.  Just about everything you add to your mod can be tweaked.  I can see people making all kinds of crazy things.  The cart and track making is very easy as well.  You can make a quick track and then go in a tweak ever aspect of it.  The full game is going to just pure awesome.  Might pick it up after I finish Red Dead Redemption.  ModNation Racers is out May 25, 2010.