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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

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CrisisOnTwoEarths There is a new direct to dvd from DC Universe that will be out February 23, 2010.  This one is call Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.   I love this movies.  It has been about five months since the as DC Universe movie was but out.  This one looks good.  I can pretty much guarantee I’ll have a review once I picked this one up.


Assassin’s Creed II

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AssassinsCreedII Picked up Assassin’s Creed II about two days ago.  Put a few hours into now.  It is really nice looking and fun to play.  There is lots to look at and do.  The controls take a bit getting used to.  Free-running is fun, climbing up every thing is easy.  How ever it can be very tricky at the same time.  I find myself falling and missing the jumps.  It fine when I am taking my time.  But when I am trying to get away it is much more difficult.  Might be because I panic.  LOL.   Well have a review at some point.

GTA IV DLC for PS3 in March

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EpisodesLibertyCity The news came out today (Jan 29, 2010) that the DLC content for Grand Theft Auto IV is coming to the PS3 and PC.  This is good news because if you wanted to buy the DLC before you had to own an Xbox 360.  Like on the Xbox you can buy it over the network or you can buy the two DLC’s on one disc.  It will be out March 30, 2010.

Red Dead Redemption Hands On

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Both GameSpot and G4TV posted some new hands on info on Red Dead Redemption.  Just click on the links above to read what they have to say.  I read them and it looks like they both had the same demo.  The game is sounding great.  One of the cool things they said was there are wild animals running around.  For example deer.  If you get one you can skin it and sell the hind for extra money.  Another cool thing is you have to tie your horse up.  If it does run away you can whistle for it to came back.  I keep saying it, I can’t wait for this game.  April 27, 2010 is not far off now.

This Is It Review

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ThisIsIt I had to check out This is It after hearing all the hype around it.  Well what can I say.  I am glad I didn’t got the the theatre to watch this.  I might be shot or something but it was nothing special.  It was interesting to see how they put together a show.  I like most of the songs.  It came across a bit boring.  May be I was hoping they wound have different behind the scenes stuff.

If you are a Michael fan you most likely see this a dozen times by now.  For ever one else it a more of a rent at best.

3 our of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Pacific

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ThePacific There is new mini series by HBO called The Pacific.  It starts March 14, 2010.  It is from the same people that made Band of Brothers.  So you know it is going to be good.  There are going to be ten episodes.  So if it is any thing like Band of Brothers each one will pretty much be there own movie.

Possum Van

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There was a post from Red Green on his Facebook fan page about the Possum van.  But this is a special van it is a scale model.  The guy made just about every thing from scratch.   You can read all about it and see more pictures here.


Gamer Review

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Gamer Well Gamer is not a bad movie.  I was shocked that it wasn’t god awful.  Not saying it is a must watch but a good rent.  When I saw the trailer for the movie it made it look really stupid.  If they put out a better trailer I might have went to see the movie instead of renting it.  The action is nice but nothing really new.  The story is not really new either.  Who ever wrote this seemed to pull ideas from other movie and mix them together.

This is a good movie to rent.  It may not bring any thing new to the table.  How ever there are a few twists.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

God Of War III Demo

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GodOfWar3 Tried the God of War III demo.  It was on the Blu-ray version of District 9 I picked up a few days ago.  Man this game looks good.  If you played the other God of War games it plays pretty much the same.  I can see how there is lots of hype around it.  How ever I can’t see myself buying the game.  Fighting wave and wave then a boss is not my type of game.  But know doubt the game will be huge

District 9 Blu-ray

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District9Blu-ray Just finished watching District 9 on Blu-ray.  Not going to review this movie because I all ready did that. (you can read that hear).  This is the third Blu-ray I bought at full prices.  I bought this one because it is one of my all time favourite movies.  All so the disc comes with all kinds of extras.  In the process of going though them.  There is one extra at this different.  It is the God of War III demo.  I have not tried it yet.  I have installed it.  Once I give it a go, I am sure I’ll have a post about it.

Back to the Blu-ray its self.  The picture quality is unreal.  Even the extras that I have watched so far are in Hi-def.  Which is nice.  If you have not seen this movie yet.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.