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Destiny 2 Hands On

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Played the open beta for Destiny 2 when it was out last summer (July 2017).  Back then like the smooth movement but it was very boring to play.  Felt very generic.  Well gave it another try now that is one of the free game for PlayStation Plus members (September 2018).  The open levels of the game are the same from the beta.  Forced myself thought that again.  Wanted to see what happens after that.  Once you get passed that the game becomes much better.  Only played about three story missions and one public event.  Must say this was very fun.  Think I will be keep playing it.  Well until Red Dead is out.  If you are a PS Plus member and have the hard drive space (80 GB’s or so) it’s well worth the download.

Bob’s Burgers Season Nine

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Don’t forget Bob’s Burgers fans.  Season nine starts this Sunday (September 30, 2018).  Have been a fan of this show since day one.  It makes me laugh every episode.  Not sure how many episodes this season will have.  But if you go by past season there should be around twenty or so.  Pretty sure there will be long gaps between episodes like in past years as well.  This can be a pain.  Trying to keep track when a new ones will air.  That being said I will be watching them all.

PlayStation 3 Cleaning

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Have not had my PlayStation 3 on in over a year.  When I did have it on last year.  The fan was super loud right way.  So thinking there is a lot of dust inside it.  I have the original 60GB model.  This one can play PSOne and PS2 games.  Want to play some of my PS2 games again.  So thinking I will take it apart and clean it out.  Have watched some video on YouTube on how it is done.  Doesn’t look too complicated.  The only thing is you need a Torx (screw driver) size 10.  So went out and bought a cheap screw driver set with a few of these in it.  Will be back with an update on how this went.

Royal Gigolos – California Dreamin’

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Royal_Gigolos_California_DreaminJust realized I forgot to post a musical throwback Thursday last week.  That is twice now I have messed up with these posts.  Oh well, back on track now.  The song this week California Dreamin’ not the The Mamas & The Papas version.  But the cover version by Royal Gigolos.  When first heard this version back in the early 2000’s thought it was pretty good.  Well today not so much.  Don’t think it holds ups well.  You can judge for yourself > here or below.

Constantine: City Of Demons

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Constantine_City_Of_DemonsThere is a DC Universe Animated movie out soon that I didn’t know about until now.  It is Constantine: City Of Demos.  This started as a web series on CW Seed.  Don’t have access to that.  So that is why I never seen any of that.  Well it turns out there are collecting all those episodes and then adding about twenty more minutes.  To make it a feature film on Blu-ray.  It does look pretty good.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  It will be on on discs October 9, 2018.  Will be getting a copy for sure.

Tycka Camera 204 LED Lighting Panel Hands On

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The Tycka LED light panel model TK204 I ordered came in the mail the other day.  Took it out of the box and put the battery in.  There was good amount of charge left in it.  Turned it on.  Tested out the colour temperature and dimmer knobs.  Was very impressed on how well it worked. It comes with three accessories for mounting.  The next video project I work on will be using this light.  However first I must learn about White Balancing.


PlayStation Classic

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PlayStation_ClassicRetro videos games are all the rage these past few year.  Atari, Sega an Nintendo has all put out small consoles with many preloaded games on them.  Sony is having a go at it was well.  The announced on September 20, 2018 they are putting out PlayStation Classic.  This a small device that looks like the original PlayStation.  It will be preloaded with 20 games.  They haven’t named all of them yet.  But said a few of them, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.  In the box you will an  HDMI cable, USB cable (minus an AC adaptor for some reason), and two classic controllers.  So there is not analog sticks.  Just like the original launched with.  It will be out December 3, 2018.  As for a price.  Here in Canada it will be $130.00.

It is pretty cool and interested.  Just going to wait and see what the other 15 games are.  Will not be pre-ordering.  If there some good games I would want to play.  Then see one in store would think about buying it.




Cataloguing Video Games

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Price_ChartingA few years back made a post talking about cataloguing my video games.  Never got around too it.  Until the other day when I came across a site that does it really well.  There are many out there as well as many apps.  This one is called Price  On the site you type in game title and it will show your a ball park price of that game.  Well they all so Collection Tracker.  You can type in the name or scan the barcode.  They you can add it to your collection.  It breaks the games down into each system they are for.  Once you have them entered you can add more detail like pictures and details like have the case and manual.  So far have just did my PS One games.  It works great and easy to use.  Going to add the rest of my collection.  Oh, and it gives you a estimated price of your collection.

Tycka Camera 204 LED Lighting Panel

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Tycka_Camera_204 _LED_Lighting_PanelHave mentioned in some past posts that I am working on a new project.  Which is making videos for YouTube.  One the areas I was lacking in, is lighting.  Didn’t need anything too fancy or big.   Will be mostly filming things up close .  Did some searching around into what would work best for my needs and budget.  Come across a light by the company Tycka.  They sell camera related stuff.  The light is this small battery power LED light panel.  It is designed to fit in a hot shoe on your camera, a tripod or stand on its own base.  It is the model TK204.  There is a cheaper model but it doesn’t come with a battery.  Ordered it off  Should be here some time next week.  Will be back with pictures.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale September 2018

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Just a few weeks ago there was a flash sale on the PlayStation Store.  Now there are back with another one.  Took a look at the list for the PlayStation 4 and most of them I haven’t seen on sale before.  This is a good thing.  In past sales we would see a lot of the same games over again.  The sale starts today (September 21, 2018) and ends on the 24th.  You can see the full list > here.