Tycka Camera 204 LED Lighting Panel

Tycka_Camera_204 _LED_Lighting_PanelHave mentioned in some past posts that I am working on a new project.  Which is making videos for YouTube.  One the areas I was lacking in, is lighting.  Didn’t need anything too fancy or big.   Will be mostly filming things up close .  Did some searching around into what would work best for my needs and budget.  Come across a light by the company Tycka.  They sell camera related stuff.  The light is this small battery power LED light panel.  It is designed to fit in a hot shoe on your camera, a tripod or stand on its own base.  It is the model TK204.  There is a cheaper model but it doesn’t come with a battery.  Ordered it off Amazon.ca.  Should be here some time next week.  Will be back with pictures.

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