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Cataloguing Video Games

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For years now have wanted to catalog my video games.  It was back in 2018 started adding my PlayStation original games on the website,, then I stopped.  Well, when I was on vacation sat down and started to catalog them all.  Went system by system.  Took a few hours but it was worth it.  Found out some interesting things.  Have 178 physical games over six systems.  The most I have for one system is the PlayStation 4, with 59.  The best part of the site it gives you an estimate how much each one is.  Was a bit surprised by which ones that would be worth a bit a money. Like Time Crisis 3 with the Guncon on the PS2, $60.00 (Canadian) and there is The Sly Collection on the PS3, $43.38.

Cataloguing Video Games

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Price_ChartingA few years back made a post talking about cataloguing my video games.  Never got around too it.  Until the other day when I came across a site that does it really well.  There are many out there as well as many apps.  This one is called Price  On the site you type in game title and it will show your a ball park price of that game.  Well they all so Collection Tracker.  You can type in the name or scan the barcode.  They you can add it to your collection.  It breaks the games down into each system they are for.  Once you have them entered you can add more detail like pictures and details like have the case and manual.  So far have just did my PS One games.  It works great and easy to use.  Going to add the rest of my collection.  Oh, and it gives you a estimated price of your collection.

Cataloguing Video Games

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RF_GenerationA few years back I tried to catalogue my video games.  Didn’t do a very good job of it so gave up.  A week or so ago was watching of Metal Jesus Rocks videos about this subject.  Which you can see > here.  In that video he talks about a few different website sites, programs and apps you can use to do this.   After watching that video thought I would give this a try again.  Took a look at the ones he talked about.  As well, did a Google search.  There are lots of options out there.  Have decided to give a try.  From what I have read it has one of the biggest databases on game as well as box art for just about every game ever.   The site looks pretty simple to use as well.  Will make another post about how it is going when I give it a try.