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PlayStation Plus May 2017 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for May 2017 is now out.  Just like very other month there are a lot of smaller games on the list.  Then here is one big one, Tales From the Borderlands.  This is one made by Telltale Games.  Who are famous for the choose your own adventure story driven type games.  At first thought it would just just the first episode.  Have read it is the full game.  All five episodes.  You can read the official blog post > here.


Tales From the Borderlands


Laser Disco Defenders



Blood Knights

Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants


Laser Disco Defenders


Game of Thrones Season 7: Pictures

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The hype train is slowing building up speed for season seven of Game of Thrones.  In March (2017) they put a small teaser trailer.  If you haven’t seen that yet or want to see it again.  You can do so > here.  Then back on April 20, 2017 of the official Making of Game of Thrones blog.  They posted a bunch of pictures.  They all are of the main players left in the game.  You can see that post > here.   Below is a few of them.  So can’t wait to see this new season.  Still have some time left to go though.  It doesn’t start until July 16, 2017.




First Ride Of 2017

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Say this every time.  But have been looking forward to the first motorcycle ride of the year for very long time.  Well, technically it was yesterday (April 27, 2017).  Had the day off.  Then there was the weather.  A beautiful day out.  Was around 20°C.  Which it a lot warm them most year.  No, the temperature will not stay.  But hope it doesn’t get too cold. Want to start taking it to work.  The motorcycle worked great.  Nothing felt our of place or wrong.  It will be eleven years old this May.  Have had next to no trouble with it.  Do have to get a inspection.  So when they do that it find out if there is any problems.  Looking forward to another season of riding.


Shania Twain – I’m Gonna Getcha Good!

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Shania_Twain_-_Up!Once again it is musical throwback Thursday.  The song this week is I’m Gonna Getcha Good! by Shania Twain.  It is not very often I pick a country song for throwback Thursday.  Which she is a very famous for that type of music.  On her 2002 album Up!.  While most of the song have a country sound it mixes is some pop as well.  Think it holds up well.  You can give it a watch/listen > here or below.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Challenges

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Now that challenges are a part of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.  I had to give it a try.  Ubisoft has done this type of thing in many of their games.  This one is a bit different because.  They are going to be running it in over four different season.  Each of those will be six weeks long.  Every week there will be different challenges to complete.  Then these challenges are broken into three categories.  There which can be in solo/co-op.  One in a Task Forces.  The last ones is for everyone playing the game.   When each one is complete.   It unlocks a reward.

Gave this a go to see how well it works.  Didn’t try the Task Force one because I am not a part of one.  The community one didn’t take very long to unlock because there is a whole of people playing the game right now.  The main goal was to finish the three challenges in solo mode.  They were pretty straight forward to do.  One using yout drone to mark some many things in a certain province.   When that’s done you can move onto the next.  Which has you marking a certain number Unidad soldiers with your binoculars from at lest 100m away.   The last ones you as you manually deactivating two drone jammers in the toughest province.  Did all that.  The reward it unlocks is a copper paint job for your weapons.  Have to say it looks very nice.  Not sure what the second week will bring.  But will be checking it out.

Batman & Bill

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Batman_&_BillLike many people all around the world.  Am a huge Batman fan.  There is a very interesting new documentary.  It is called Batman & Bill.  The story is about Bill Finger.  If you are like me you might not know who he is.  He is one of the creators of Batman, some of his villains as well as the world he lived in.  All so like a lot of people.  We all ways been told and seen that it was Bob Kane what created Batman.  This documentary is exclusive to and made by HULU.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  It does look really good.  Want to see it but don’t think HULU is in Canada.   If it is don’t want to buy into another streaming services.   If you do have HULU.  The doc will be out on May 6, 2017.

GPD XD GamePad

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GPD_XD_GamePadDiscovered a very cool device the other day.  If you are into playing old video via emulation.  But all ways wanted to take it on on the go.  Well you are in luck.  This device is called GPD X D GamePad.  It kind of looks like a Nintendo 3DS.  What it is, is a Android base table put into a clam shell game case.  The main focus is to emulated games.  Running Android so you could all so do other stuff as well.  Have to say it is pretty cool look thing.  The only downside is the price.  From what I have looked up it can from from $260.00 to $300.00 Canadian money.   Which is around the price of a tablet goes for.  Will not be be buying on any time soon.  But if I came into some extra money would think about buying one.