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Game Of Thrones: Season Two

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There is only one episode left in season two of Game of Thrones.  This is my newest favourite show.  It is sad that it will be all over till next year.  That is my guess that season three will be airing in April 2013.  Will look forward to that.  Think it will all so be a long wait to buy the Blu-ray as well (March 2013?).  My goal it to have the first and second book finished by then.  Many into the third.  Pretty sure the last episode will end with a big cliff-hanger.  Will have a full review of season two some time next week.

Men In Black 3

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MenInBlack3 Went to the drive in the other night.  Have not been to the drive in, in may years.  It is kind of cool but unless you get stuck sitting in the back seat like I was.  While it was kind of hard to see.  The first movie was pretty good, Men in Black III.

Kind of remember seeing the first Men in Black.  Since that came out 15 years ago so forgot what they are all about.  This one does kind of catch you up in the world.  Have to say I enjoyed this movie.  First of it was funny.  There are some great jokes you have to pay attention to, to get.  The only thing I didn’t like was you can see how it is going to end long before it is over.  But still a very good watch.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The second movie to show was 21 Jump Street.  Most times I don’t like these teen/drug/drunk/sex comedies.  While this one doesn’t change my mind there are some good bits in there.  Did laugh at times at some of the silly stuff they do.
Will not be watching this one again but don’t let that stop you from watching it.  It is not my type of movie.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Skyrim Patch

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There is a new patch coming out for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (1.6) that will add a very cool feature, mounted combat.  If you can guess it will let you have melee and ranged attacks from horseback.  That sounds pretty sweet.  But what there is more good news.  The patch will fix a bunch of other stuff as well.  You can read all about the fixes > here.  The PC has a beta version out but will have to wait for a release date for the consoles (this is as of May 26, 2012).

Extreme Frontiers: South Africa

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ExtremeFrontiersSouthAfrica Well Charley Boorman is going on another adventure.  Last year it was Canada (Still have to buy the book and hope the DVD comes out here.)   This year it is going to be Extreme Frontiers: South Africa.  The journey starts off June 6, 2012.  So watch the website or the Facebook page for updates.  If you have been following this blog you will know that I am a big Charley Boorman fan.  So it is cool that he is off on another trip.

Some one on YouTube has posted the first three episodes of Extreme Frontiers: Canada as well as the two By Any Means series.  Check that out > here you will not be disappointed.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Alpha

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GhostReconAlpha Watched Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Alpha today.  You might be saying, “What is that?”  Well, it is a live action short movie.  Which is some what of a prequel to the new game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Solider.  Never really got into the Tom Clancy games.  Not sure if this movie has changed my mined but it is pretty darn cool.   It is on par or even better then some of the action movies that come out now a days.  The story takes place some what in the near future where the soldiers have cool tech/weapons.   Give it a watch (below) pretty sweet movie.


Popcorn Indiana

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PopcornIndiana Here to tell you about how awesome Popcorn Indiana’s Original Kettlecorn popcorn is.  Tried this a year or so ago.  Loved it.  So over the next few months bought a few bags here and there.   However have not bought any in a long time until today.  They were on sale.  Man, I was like Homer Simpson with my tongue hanging out.  It kind of tastes somewhat like a caramel corn.  There are different flavours but the original is my favourite.  So if you ever have the change to try this popcorn, do it.

Family Guy Online

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FamilyGuyOnline If you have not hear of Family Guy Online yet (besides reading it here) I am pretty sure you will be very soon.  What it is, is one of those free to play online games that runs in your web browser.  While I have not tired it yet, it is still in a closed beta.  I am going to try it at some point.  Running around Quahog in 3D looks like it might me fun to play.  The game is in a closed Beta as of right now (May 22, 2012) but you can sign up to get a better change of getting into the open beta.

Top Gear Series Nineteen

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It is all most June.  So thinking it will be soon time for some new Top Gear to start with series nineteen.  Went looking to see when it would start.  Only to find disappointment.  On the Wikipedia page it spells it out “2012 will not have a second series, only a Christmas Special, after which series 19 will premiere in January 2013.”  This makes me sad.  Was looking forward to seeing some Top Gear.  Now have to wait over half a year to get more.  May be they will put out some special DVD’s.   I think there is no new shows because of the Olympics.  They are taking place this summer in London.  So my guess all the BBC staff will be busy with that.

Angry Birds Space

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AngryBirdsSpace Have not turned my Kobo Vox in a while.  For some reason I picked it up today just to see what was new in the app store.  First thing that sticks out is Angry Birds Space.  This is the newest in the Angry Birds games.  Like the others it has the same fun physics based game play.  How ever this one add “space” so you have to deal with gravity in a whole new way.  Plus some of the levels you have to deal with the new gravity as well as planets orbits.  Tried the first nine levels or so.  Have to say it is just as much fun as the first game.  With the new game play it keeps it fresh and interesting.


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Squared5 Not sure why I have not heard of Steamclip by Squared 5 until now.  What it is, is a video converter.  Seen it talked about on a tv show.  Have not tired it yet.  From that the show said it is really good and powerful converter.  It supports all kinds of input formats.  From what I have read so far, you have to have QuickTime 7 free player installed.  Best of all Streamclip is free for Mac and PC.  Going to have to download this and try it.