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John Southworth – Life Is Unbelievable

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jsouthworth Can across this video for Life Is Unbelievable by John Southworth. I really liked it so I thought I would share. He is folk music/pop sound.



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raccoon_5916 Looked out the window today to see a raccoon handing of the neighbours clothes line pole. They have a bird feeder hang off it. Time I got the camera out he was on the ground. Still got one good picture. There seems to be more raccoons around this year. There was two in the backyard a few weeks back having a big old fight over the compost bin. It was funny as hell, I opened the window and told them to knock it off. They stop dead in there tracks and have me this funny look. They stopped and went there separate ways. I had a good laugh. Here is the best picture I got.

The Machine Girl Review

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machinegirl01 I had to check out The Machine Girl after seeing some pictures of this girl with this big gun on her arm. Oh my, this movie was not what I expected. It one of those horror movies with lots and I means lots of over the top gore. Its all a bit silly, but if it tried to be more “real” it would have came off all wrong. The Japanese have some crazy movie ideas. Check out the trailer.

This is not for everyone, but worth checking out.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

By Any Means

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photos I came across this yesterday while looking to see what Charley Boorman was up to. It looks like he is on a new adventure call By Any Means. According to he will travel from Ireland to Sydney, Australia “by any means”. Using each countries native form of transport. They are trying not to use big airlines. This is going to be on TV in the UK. It sounds like a good watch just like the other adventures he was on. Long Way Around, Race To Dakar and Long Way Down. There is a nice interview on youtube talking about his trip.

Finished GTA IV

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I finished GTA IV last night. And I only cheated on a few missions. Only if I kept dying or got tired of running from the cops during the missions. Over all the story was good. Pretty much in line with the other GTA games. With a lot more swearing. This one is the funniest one for sure. Now I am going to try and get all the side stuff, like the cars and pigeons. All so might try to get into the multiplayer. Only tired that a few times. There is so much to looks and and exploder, I could spend hours doing that. This is one of the best games ever made.

Here are some good maps.

A very cool interactive map here.

And an awesome pigeon map here.

Rambo Review

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poster-rambo As a kid I sort of remember see one or two of the other Rambo movies. I was at a birthday party and one kid brought it with him. Weren’t going to be able to watch it, but the kid said his parents took out all the “bad words”. That being said, if this new Rambo film was that one we watched, nightmares for sure. This has to be the most violent movie I have ever seen. Not saying its a bad thing. Most definitely has an R rating for a good reason. In most action movies you may see a few people get chopped, blown or shot up. But in this movie ever one gets blasted to hell in very graphic manner.

Over all the story is week, how ever there is a message here about the war in Burma . Over all its an action movie with lots of over the top violence. A rent for sure.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Paintball May 25, 2008

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We had your first game of paintball in 2008. We have not played since October. So it was good to play again. Here are a bunch of pictures of us getting ready.


Weezer – Pork and Beans

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weezer-pork_and_beans_cover Weezer uploaded their new video for Pork and Beans on yesterday. It is pretty awesome. They have a bunch of people that are famous on youtube and the internet. Not only is the video funny the song is real good too.

The Mist Review

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The_Mist_2 The DVD for The Mist came out a few months and I have been put off watching this movie because I thought it was just another monster movie. Boy I was wrong this movie is great. There is monster in it but that is only a small part. It is all about the people and how the cope and break down. The cast did a great job they left like real people. It helps that the cast look like real people not the Hollywood type. The is a song near the end of the film that is unreal. I have heard part of it before in a Paul Oakenfold song years back. The song is called The Host of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance. This songs makes the film.

Check this movie out now. A must see.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Robyn – Cobrastyle

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Another good Robyn song called Cobrastyle. This is a homemade video. There is other on