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Stock Car Races

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CBSpeedWayWent to the second of four planed races days at the newly reopen and renamed Cape Breton Miners Memorial Speedway.  This tack was closed for many years.  Think the last race I seen there was back in 2009.  The new owners have done a great job of fixing up the place.  All so like how there was no time wasted. Once one race was done the next group was ready to go.  It was all so nice to see more professional race cars.  There are two more race days planed one on September 27 and the other October 18, 2014.  Think I took about 134 pictures so only going to post a few below.






Assassin’s Creed: Unity Delayed

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AssassinsCreedUnity.jpgThere are many up coming games I am looking at getting.  The first and for most is Assassin’s Creed: Unity.  Back on August 28, 2014 the news came out the game will be delayed to November 11, 2014.  It is only two weeks extra.  Still looking forward to playing this game.  Will just push back the dates on other games I want to get.  You can read what Ubisoft has to say about the delay over at their blog > here.


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RPG_Maker_XP.pngOver the years have thought about, or started many projects which never got finished.  A few posts back talked about trying out the trial version of RPG Maker XP.  The trial gives you 30 days before it stops working or you buy it.  Have about 20 days left.  So decided to make a test game.  Found a few tutorials on YouTube that have helped me out a bit with setting up events in the game.  The game I am making its self will be pretty simple.  It’s kind of adventure game with some RPG elements.   My plan is to have a versions for people to test out.  Going to ask who every wants to try it out be like a game tester.  Since I know how and were everything is.  Need new eyes to find mistakes.  Weather it is a spelling mistakes or may be the you get stuck some where and can’t get back.  Will have a new page setup soon with all the details on how to try the game out.

ATC – Around The World

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ATC_Around_the_WorldIt is Thursday so time again musical throwback Thursday.  In the late 90’s and early 2000’s there were lots of four member dance musical groups.  One of those was ATC or  A Touch of Class.  They didn’t have many hit songs other than their first one Around the World (La La La La La).  While looking up info for this post learned that this song is ATC’s cover version.  It was originally done by the Russian group Ruki Vverh!.  Did look up and listen to this first version it is the same and different.  Not just because of the language.  Really like this song and still think it holds up well.  Like the voice of the main singer.  The song gets really good around the 2:18 mark.  Give it a listen > here or below.

Under The Dome Season 2

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UnderTheDome.jpgThere are only five episodes left(As I am typing this post, August 25, 2014) in season two of Under The Dome.  So far this season has been a hit and a miss.  Some episodes are great then others are bad.  Seems like they are trying to do too much at once.  Making these turn out stupid.  While I like the show there are some problems.  The first is the time line.  In episode eight one person said something like, “Where have you been in the last three weeks?”.  My thinking if it has only been three weeks how has all craziness happened in such a short time.  May people have died, strange things happen then there are people who hate each other than working together.  Will be back with a full review when the season ends on September 22, 2014.

Vampire Weekend – Diane Young

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VampireWeekendDianeYoungHave another song to share that I like from the Watch Dogs soundtrack.  It is called Diane Young by Vampire Weekend.  The song is off their third album called Modern Vampires of the City.  You can check out the video > here or below.  While the video is not that great how ever the song is every good.  When driving around in Watch Dogs and that song comes on I keep driving to heard the whole thing.

Watch Dogs 1.03 Patch

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PS4WatchDogs.jpgThere is a new patch out on all systems for Watch Dogs.  This patch fixes all kinds of different things which you can read > here.  There is fixes for multiplayer which are nice but not really into the multiplayer.  Played a few rounds of the racing but that was a bit glitchey.  The big thing for me is replay options.  Just like they did in Far Cry 3.  Once you finish the main storyline and provided you did all the Gang Hideouts and Convoy Missions.  You will be able to reset these so you can play them again.  All so like in Far Cry 3 the hideouts are super fun to take out.  I am know were near finished this game.  On mission three in act 2.  How ever I am maxed out at level 50 and have all but one skill option left to get.  Having a blast playing this game.  If you are still on the fence.  This game is well worth your money.

RPG Maker XP

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RPG_Maker_XPA few posts back talked about trying the free open source game maker, Open RPG Maker.  Didn’t have much luck with that.  So downloaded the trail version of RPG Maker XP.  The company has a bunch of game making software.  Their newest one is called RPG Maker VX Ace.  Which costs $70.  That is one of the reason I went with RPG Maker XP while it is not the newest it is a much better price, $25.  All so there seems to be more help and tutorials. Only have the trail version which lets you use it for 30 days.  Going to play around with this to see what I can come up with.  Just might end up buying it.  The site does support Pay Pal.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season

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TheWalkingDeadTheCompleteFourthSeason.jpgAll most forgot that the complete fourth season of The Walking Dead will be out on Blu-ray and DVD soon.  Was looking at the weekly flyers and seen it advertised.  Will be able to buy it on August 26, 2014.  This season was pretty awesome.  Can’t wait to see it again.  We are all so not to far way from season five starting.  Which will be October 12, 2014.  Am pretty sure the new season will be even better than the last.

Open RPG Maker

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OpenRPGMakerMany, many years ago friends any myself got our hands on a program called RGP Maker 2000.  It was pretty fun to make your own little game.  Ever since than thought about trying to make another one.  Looked up the programs again and over at the RPG Makers website they have a bunch of different ones to buy.  Didn’t want to spend any money just in case I couldn’t get back into.  Did so did some searching and found an open source one called Open RPG Maker.  Going to give this a try.  If I can’t figure it out will look into “getting” a copy of RPG Maker XP.  This one looks like there would be a lot more help and tutorials.

[Update] Didn’t have any luck with Open RPG Marker.  Messed around with it.   Made a small map then tried to test run and it would fail.  So text window would pop.  Forget what it says.  So decided to give the trail version of RPG Maker XP.  Which you can try for yourself > here.