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Funko – Mystery Minis

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FunkoPop.jpgGot myself another Funko vinyls product.  This time is from their Mystery Minis line.  This are like their other vinyls but smaller.  The mystery is you don’t know what one you will get.  They come in a blind box.  As you may now I am bit of a fan of these blind box/bag toys.  I know it can suck if you end up with multiples but you can give them way to a friend or sell them.  There are lots to chose from in these Minis.  Funko has a lot licenses.  From movies, TV  shows and comics.  Have only bought one from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line.  Ended up getting April O’Neil.


PlayStation 4 2.50 System Update

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PlayStation4.jpgBack on March 26, 2014 PlayStation 4 got a system update, 2.50.  This update has a kinds of new stuff.  The two biggest things are Suspend/Resume and Back up and restore HDD to USB.  The first one will let you while playing a game press the PS button and choose rest mode.  It will stop the game and save your spot.  When you are ready to play again.  You just need to press the PS button again.  This is a pretty cool feature that has long be in the works.  They first talked about it back even before the PS4 was out.  The other bigger feature back up to USB is awesome as well.  They had a similar feature on the PS3.  This one however is much better.  Because backups pretty much everything.  Like your saves, settings even patches and download data.  Going to try this new feature our for sure.  You can read all about this and the other features > here.

Top Gear News

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topgear-logo.jpgIt is a sad day for Top Gear fans.  After few weeks of wait to hear what would happen.  The BBC has decided not to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract.  This new came out on March 25, 2015.  If you are a fan of the show you might now it only air seven of the ten episodes planned for series 22.  That is because Jeremy got into fight with on the the shows producers.  There are lots of articles on the internet about this.  The simple story is Jeremy punched him.  I can see why the BBC let him go.  Because there is no place for violence in the work place.  On the other hand not very happy.  This is one of my favourite shows.  The three presenters Jeremy, Richard and James have a great chemistry.  They are all ways funny and entertaining.  No other show has this.  That is because they are real.  They are not pretending or some fake celebrity that looks good in front of the camera.  Not sure where the show will go on from here.  The BBC has put out a statement on the matter.  Which you can read > here.   But pretty sure we will have not see the last of Jeremy Clarkson.

Fear The Walking Dead

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Fear_The_Walking_DeadThe companion series to The Walking Dead has an official title now.  It is called Fear The Walking Dead.  Which I think is a good name.  There will be a teaser trailer during this Sundays (March 29, 2015) season finale of season five.  Pretty sure that trailer will be on the internet the next day.  So I will be posting that and my thoughts when that happens.  The show is set to air this coming summer.  So my guess it will be middle to late August.  It will have six episodes and finish up before the start of season six of The Walking Dead.  Which most times starts in the middle of October.  When there is more info I will be back to share it.

Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Again!

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BatmanArkhamKnight.jpgOne of my most looking forward to getting games has been delayed again, Batman: Arkham Knight.  Mind you this delay is not as long.  The game was set to be out June 2, 2015.  Not it will be June 23.  On the plus side they put out a new gameplay video.  Which you can see > here or below.   The video is called Officer Down PS4 Gameplay. From what the description it says the footage was captured directly from a PlayStation 4.  The seven minute video looks amazing.  It has all the cool Batman stuff we all now and love plus we see the Batmobile in action.

On a side note there is other news about Batman games.  It looks like the first two, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are getting remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

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Jimmy_Eat_World_The_MiddleThink I have picked a really good one for this weeks musical throwback Thursday.  It is The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.  The song is off their 2001 album Bleed American.  Which was later changed to Jimmy Eat World.  While the song is short it has a very strong message.  Most times I don’t listen or care about messages in songs.  This one how ever is great.  Give it a listen > here or below.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists

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GTA_Online_Heists.jpgGot to try out heist mode in Grand Theft Auto Online the other day.  Well just this first heist called the Fleeca Job.  This acts as a tutorial in which only two people can play.  So my brother and I gave it a go.  Have to say it was pretty fun.  It has you scouting out a bank.  They you need to steel an armoured car from another some “bad guys”.  After that one player drives the new car while the other hacks into the computes.  The hacking is a bit of of a pain.  It plays as a mini game on your phone.  Which is all most like playing the old video game Snake.   Then that’s done one player keeps an eye on the people in the bank while the other must drill into a safety deposit box.  Which can be a bit tricky as well.  But know were near as annoying as the phone mini game.  Just have to take your time and not over heat the drill.  When that is all done you both get into the car as the police give chase.  As you make your way to the bridge.  Then an helicopter flies over and picks the car up with a big magnet.  That is the end of the mission.  We played it twice each switching spots the second time around.  It was pretty fun.  Not sure how the other are like since you need four people to play.  Not a fan of playing with people I don’t know.  But just might give it a shot.

Funko- Pocket POP Keychain – Batman

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FunkoPop.jpgWas placing an order with and need a few dollars more to get free shipping.  Ended up looking at the Funko Pop vinyls.  Which are pretty cool and I do own two all ready, Rick Grimes and Leonardo.  The came across that they had smaller ones as well as keychains.  Then seen that there is a Batman one.   They are asking $7.00 for it on Amazon > here.  Which seemed like a good price so I order one.  Should be in the mail some time this week.  If is is nice as it looks on the internet just might order a second one so I can keep it nice in the box and use the other for my keys.


Bob’s Burgers Trade Paperback

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D.E. Comic Page Template.epsOne of my very favourite animated shows that all ways makes me laugh is Bob’s Burgers.   Awhile back remember reading that they were going to be making a comic book series based off the show.  It is made by the people at Dynamite Entertainment.  They publish all kinds of comic book based on many different franchises.  Just found out that the trade paperback of the first (five?) issues is out.   Well in some places.  Took a look at listing > here.  Saying it will be out March 31, 2015.  I will be buying this for sure.

[Update]  Went back on to see the listing for this book and seen that they had one copy left.  So I order it.  Should be here some time this week.  This happens every now again with Amazon.  It says it will be out on such and such date.  They there will be a few copies our before that date.  Then nothing until that date.

David Guetta (feat. Skylar Grey) – Rise

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David_Guetta_ListenAm really liking this years WrestleMania (31) theme song.  It is called Rise by David Guetta (featuring Skylar Grey).  The song is off his 2014 album  Listen the deluxe edition.  You can give it a listen > here or below.  Just about every year they mange to pick a good songs to go along with their promos for WrestleMania.  Which will take place March 29, 2015.  Not sure if I will be watching this year live.  Either way will be watching it a some point.