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Grim Reaper – MMU Remix – Done

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It was back in the beginning of October (2022) talk about this > here,  Grim Reaper over at  Wanted to print and paint this for Halloween even though I am not big in it.  Did manage just that.  You can see the picture below.  Am happy with how it turned out.  There are a lot of cool things on that website.  Have more projects in the works.  So keep an eye on this blog.




PlayStation Plus November 2022 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free games for PlayStation Plus members for November 2022 is out.  This seems like a great line up again.  Which options for different play styles.  Like all ways will be adding them to my list.  You can read the official blog post > here.  Then start downloading November 1, 2022.


Nioh 2 / Nioh 2 Remastered

Lego Harry Potter Collection

Heavenly Bodies


Nioh 2 / Nioh 2 Remastered

Heavenly Bodies

TITANS Season 4 Trailer

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I still need to finishing watching Titans season thee on Netflix Canada.  In the mean time if you have  HBO Max season four will be on that service starting November 3, 2022.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  It does look really good.  Like that other three seasons am hoping it comes to Netflix at some point in time.

[Update have since finished watching season 3.]

Minisforum UM580 – Arrived

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After a bit of a delay and having to pay some duty/tax the Minisforum UM580 I ordered arrived yesterday (October 27, 2022).  First up I had to rearrange my desk a bit.  The USB C power cord for it is very short.  Ended up moving the power strip up onto the desk.  Next needed to setup the KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse).  The problem now is how to a cable manage the wires.  Will leave that for another day.   Once I got everything plug in, started the computer up.  The first thing was to make a recovery USB stick.  This took a long time.  After that update Windows, turned off all the stuff I don’t need and uninstalled some things.  There wasn’t any really bloat on there.  After customizing the look a Windows 11, downloaded Steam.  Installed Dinkum to the M.2 drive.  Next up attached the external hard drive.  This is were I will install all the big games, like New World.  That is what I installed next.

Have been very much looking forward to trying this game out.  Load the game up and it crashed.  Saying it the computer doesn’t meet the system requirements.  Tied again, the same warring came up but the game loaded any way.  It didn’t look very good.  Was running at 720p at an uncapped frame rate.  Change that to 1080 and set the frame rate to 30.  Then it looked much better.  Once I got into some gameplay, it ran great.  All the other setting are at low.  Might try some of them at medium.

Talk Talk – It’s My Life

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Talk_Talk_Its_My_LifeOnce again it is musical throwback Thursday.  The pick this time is  It’s My Life by Talk Talk.  Know most people with have heard the No Doubt version.  The original as released in 1984 off their album of the same name It’s My Life.  While it does have a very 80’s sound.  I think it holds up well.  You can see/hear the official music video > here or below.

Winterized My Motorcycle

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Have been winterize my Motorcycle a, (Yamaha XT225) for many years in October.  Know different this time.  Just the weather was supper nice, around 23c.  Have never seen it that nice so late in the month (October 26, 2022).  Have a system now so it doesn’t take long at all.  Do need to look into ordering a new air filter.  Has bee a few years since I got a new one.

Bender 3D Model

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BenderForgot to blog about this when I first started working it back in September (2022).  It is Bender from Futurama, you can see it > here over at  The person that designed this did an awesome job.  Everything was easy to print and glue together.  While I did print all the parts.  Some didn’t fit together for me.  But it was no big deal.  As you can see from the picture below. Once it was painted it turned out really good.


Minisforum UM580 – Duty And Taxes

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Have an update on the mini PC I ordered, Minisforum UM580.   It shipped to my province pretty quickly.  Then the tracking site said “Shipment is on hold” for many days.  Some time after that got a email from Minisforum that I need to pay duty and taxes.  However they didn’t say were to go or how to do this.  Email them backing asking how.  A few days later told me to contact DHL.  That is who it is being shipped though.  Well DHL websites are not very user friendly.  Ended up making three different accounts on three different DHL websites and go know where.  Next tired their robot chat box thing.  Got some where with that.  It gave me a link to where you pay this bill.  However, the site needs to send you cell phone a code.  But for some reason it had my home phone number in it.  There was know way to change it.  Was getting super pissed off at this point. Found a number to call that lets you pay with a credit card.  Didn’t really want to do this but was running out of options.  So did that.  Hopping the PC will ship to me now.  Never again will have buy something that ships though DHL.

Destiny 2

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It has been about four years since I have played Destiny 2.  Well the other night decided I should update the game file and give it a try.  So went highlighted the icon on my PS4 and chose update game file.  This was out 16GB.  Not a big deal since how many years have passed since I played.  When that was done.  Started the game.  Then there was more stuff to download.  There were three content packs. Where were about 16 or more GB each.  Let those download and install over night.  Then next day started the game and there was another download.  Thankfully it was small.  After all that got to play the game.

A Christmas Story Christmas – Teaser

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Have known for some time now they were make another sequel to A Christmas Story,  Which happens to be my all time favourite movie.  Back in January (2022) we learned what it will called A Christmas Story Christmas.   Have some good news to share. They put out a teaser video, which you can see > here below.  At the end they give a date, November 17, 20022.   The sad part is it will only be on HBO Max.  Going to keep an eye out to see if it will be on Blu-ray.