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Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine (CW1)

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Original_Prusa_Curing_And_Washing_Machine_CW1A few weeks back talked about the 3D printer Original Prusa MINI and at some point would like to get one.  They make very good printers.  A few days ago seen a video review on a new resin one they have out.  A long with that they put out a curing and washing machine called the CW1.  I have an Elegoo Mars.  So this had me interested because have a device that can help clean and cure your prints would be awesome.  In the video he reviewed that as well.  It looks simple and easy to use.  So took at like at the website and seen the price.  Then my bubble burst. They are asking $700.00.  That seems like way too much.  Am sure it worth a bit of money but that’s out of my price range.  However if they do drop to a more realistic price might get one.

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water

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It’s musical throwback Thursday once again.  Going with another Simon & Garfunkel song.  This time it’s Bridge over Troubled Water.  The song is off their 1970 album of the same name, Bridge Over Troubled Water.  One of those songs that sticks with you once you hear.  Which you can do > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Hours Played

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Have been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky since the Synthesis Update was out.  That update add the ability to upgrade your class of your ship and the slots.  Before you had to find a better class ship or one with more storage.  Now you don’t have to.  Once you find one you like.  Just upgrade it.  Did manage to do this.  Thinking about doing it to another ship I have from back when I first played the game.  The last time I played looked at how many hours I put in.  It was 120.  That is a lot for one game in which I never really touched the story missions.  Not sure how much longer I will keep playing since my game back log keeps getting bigger.  But this games keeps pulling me back in.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The Terminator Event Trailer

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It has been a few months since I last played Ghost Recon Breakpoint.  Put about 30 hours into and enjoyed every minute.  But put it aside because I got back into No Man’s Sky big time.  Going to have to jump back into Breakpoint because there is a new live event centered around Terminators.  I watched the trailer, which you can see > here or below, had me interested.  Not sure how it all works yet but will find out tomorrow, January 29, 2020.  It says part one.  Looked more into and over at the new post > here says part two will start February 1.  It all so stats there will be daily missions which are not replayable.  Going to give it a try and see what happens.

Photogrammetry Again

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A few posts back talked about photogrammetry.  One of my goals with that was to printer a model of a ship from No Man’s Sky.  While it didn’t work.  Looked into more.   Seen some videos of people using video instead of pictures to make a 3D model.  In one of these videos used different programs.  There are more steps involved.   But are all easy to do.  Going give it a try.  Will be back with an update if it works out.  Do hope its does because there is so much you could do with.  Turing you favourite video game characters or thing into a 3D model would be cool.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two: The Complete Collection – Quick Review

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, have a quick review, Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two: The Complete Collection.  A few months back picked up a copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One: The Complete Collection. This comic is based around the videos game series that shares the same name, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Soon as I finished reading it. I just had to get my hands on the others in this series. Here is my quick review on Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two: The Complete Collection.  You can see the video review > here or below.

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DUALSHOCK 4 Back Button Attachment

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DUALSHOCK_4_Back_Button_AttachmentThere is an interesting device come for the PS4’s Dualshock 4 controller.  It is called the Back Button Attachment..  It is a small device that plugs into the bottom of the controller.  Which adds two buttons to the back.  These can be programed to be what ever buttons you want it to be.  This idea has been used in high end third party controllers for a few years now.  It is a cool idea.  Thinking the new PS5 controller will have this all ready built in.  As for this device it’s self was out on January 23, 2020. has it listed for $40.00.  I have no need for one but if they ever get mark down in the future might get one.

Ride With Norman Reedus: Season Four

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There is some new info to share about the fourth season of Ride with Norman Reedus.  It will be back soon and have six episodes like the past seasons.  Just like the third season it will feature two people who are/where on The Walking dead, Michael Rooker and Ryan Hurst.  The other people are Milo Ventimiglia, Clifton Collin Jr., Dom Rocket and Becky Goebel.  When I said soon, it’s close, March 8, 2020.  In more news about the show it will be back for a fifth season.  This is a great show and will be watching for sure.

Simon & Garfunkel – El Condor Pasa (If I Could)

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Simon_&_Garfunkel_El_Condor_Pasa_(If_I_Could)Time again for musical throwback Thursday.  Going with a Simon & Garfunkel song  El Condor Pasa (If I could).  Haven’t heard this one in years.  Until the day before I wrote this post.  A lady at work had it playing on her phone.  Could remember hearing it as a kid on a record.  It is off their 1970 album Bridge Over Troubled Water.  It’s a great song that gets stuck in your head in a good way.  Give it a listen > here or below.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond News

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The_Walking_Dead_World_BeyondHave some new news to share about the third Walking Dead show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.  We now know when it will air.  Right after the last episode of season ten of The Walking dead, April 12, 2020.  There will be ten episodes.  This is all good news.  But there is more they have all said there will only be two seasons.  Which I find interesting that they would do this.  Then again if they have it all planed out from the start it would make the storylines easier and to the point.   I will be checking it out.  Thinking at some point they will put out a new trailer.