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Happy New Year 2019

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Yet another year is coming to a close.  It has been another year of successful blogging.  Near the end of January will be the start of the 11 years for this blog.  Have not plans on stopping.  Do have anther project launching in January as well.  Have tried other projects is the past but never stuck with them.  The project is more videos of YouTube.  About a year and a half about my brother lunched a channel.  My goal is to have a new video up every week.  So far I have seven done and ready to go.  With another eight in the works.  Will be back with more info when it’s time.  So here is to an awesome 2019.

PlayStation Plus January 2019 Game’s Line-up

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It is or soon will be a new year (not use when this will be posted).  So it’s time for the list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for January 2019.  There is a mixed bag this time around.  There is one I have wanted to try is, Steep.   This the skiing/snowboarding game by Ubisoft put out a few years ago.  You can read the official bog post > here.  You can start downloading January 1, 2019.



Portal Knights

Fallen Legion: Flames of the Rebellion (cross buy with Vita)


Zone of the Enders HD Collection



Fallen Legion: Flames of the Rebellion

Super Mutant Alien Assault

Video Game Back Log

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Over the years have had a few small video game back log.  This is when you have one or more games bought but haven’t played yet.  Near the end of the PS3 days had about two games in back long.  Now that a lot of PS4 games are going cheaper have been pick more up.  Right now still playing Red Dead Redemption 2.  Which I am no where close to finishing.  Once done will start into the four game in waiting.  Which are Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy XV, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.  The list might grow too before I finish Red Dead 2 since I might be going after some cheap games during the Box Day sales.

Titans On Netflix

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TitansOne of the main shows on the stream service, DC Universe, is ending this first season soon.  The show is Titans.  It is a live action based of the Teen Titans with a gritty dark feel.  The show does look good.  Sadly the stream services in only in the US.  A while back read that it was coming to Canada via Netflix.  Didn’t know when that would be.  Until I watched what is coming to Netflix Canada in January on YouTube.  You can see that > here or below.  There is a bunch of other good stuff as well.  The Titans will be on Netflix January 11, 2019.  Will have to check out his ten episode run.  All so read the show has been picked up for a second season.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

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During the Black Friday sales tried to get a AVerMedai Live Game Portable 2 Plus.  They were on sale at Best Buy and  But didn’t have any luck getting one.  While looking though the Best Buy Boxing Day online flyer seen that it was on sale again for the same price.  Knew there was know way I was going out to the mall during the first day of these “Boxing Week” sales.  Seen that there were sell it online as well.  So ordered in online from them.  Did that about midnight (December 27, 2018).  Check my email about 2 pm that day and seen that it had shipped.  Not sure when it will be at the door.  They give a ruff date of January 7, 2019.   When it does get here will take some pictures.  May be make a video about it.

Merry Boxing Day 2018

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas.  The weather here was fine.  Not too cold and little wind.   As all ways the food was amazing.  All so as all, ways ate a bit too much.  Thankfully there are many leftovers for today.  Spent most of the day relaxing and listen to Christmas music.  Then some TV specials.




Merry Christmas 2018

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I want to wish everyone and their families a Merry Christmas.  I hope everyone has the best one ever.  Eat till you can’t eat any more.  That is all ways the best part.  There is all ways something about Christmas dinner where you have to go back for thirds.



Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

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Another special I like to watch is Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.   Shared this once before but the video in no longer online.  Have discovered it is now on YouTube.  This is based off the PBS cartoon show Arthur.  While the video quality is not the best.  It will do.  You can see if for yourself > here or below.  Time is running on seeing all these before Christmas.

A Garfield Christmas Special

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Another Christmas special I just have to watch every year is, A Garfield Christmas Special.  This is a must see classic.  It has been YouTube for a few years now so there is no reason not to watch it.  Not sure How many times I see this but it cracks me up every time in one spot.  Time is running out on watching Christmas specials.  You can see Garfield > here or below.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale December 2018

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Not only is there a week long Holiday sale doing on in the PlayStation Store they are now having a flash sale as well.   They are calling it Surprise Holiday PS4 Flash Sale.  There are a lot of big AAA titles with 30% off.  Others are have higher or lower percentage.  Not really into to buying digital games.  Unless they are smaller titles or really good deal.  If a you are into buying digital you can see what’s on sale > here.  This ends December 26, 2018.