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Red Dead Redemption Q & A

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Log on to Face Book today and Rockstar Games have posted a question and answer about multiplayer for Red Dead Redemption.  I’ll posted some of the Q & A below.  You can read the hole thing > here.  But remember you will have to log on to Face Book.


“Is there auto aim on multiplayer for RDR?”received via Twitter
Like the single player game, there are three targeting modes available to choose from: Casual, Normal and Expert.  Casual is full lock, Normal snaps-to-target but does not lock on, and Expert has no assist.  You can configure your own personal targeting to suit your preferences in any game by using the multiplayer playlists in the menu.
For Competitive games, there are Casual playlists for all game types that are exclusively Casual targeting mode, or that allow players to mix it up and play against each other across a variety of the three targeting types.
There are also playlists for Gang Matches and Free For All games which allow players to use Normal or Expert targeting together (but not Casual).
For advanced players that prefer to strictly play against other free-aimers, Hardcore and Veteran playlists that exclusively support Expert targeting can be used for all Gang Matches and Free For All Games.
It’s also worth noting that honing your multiplayer skills with the more advanced Normal and Expert targeting styles will reward you with bonus XP to level up faster than those using Casual.

“Will there be health regeneration???”Bigdragon8me
Yes. As in the single-player game, your health will regenerate as you play multiplayer matches.

“How many weapons can you carry at once?” – Rodriguer2000
There is no hard limit to the amount of weapons you can carry –  you can carry every weapon you pick up, and switch between weapons in a given class using the d-pad + weapon in the pause menu.  In Competitive matches, different areas will have different weapon load-outs – for example, the larger area of Diez Coronas offers a sniper rifle to offset the power of the cannon and gatling gun placements.  Choosing the appropriate weapon for the task, and conserving ammo for that weapon is key to effective strategy.

“Hey R* I still need to know, will we be able to swim in RDR?” – captaincabbage
As an outlaw character who’s spent most of his life on horseback in the land-locked territories of the West – John Marston is not much of a swimmer.  If he has to cross a body of water, transport will be provided.  John has no problem wading, but if he gets too deep, he will drown.

Big Point Games

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BigPoint Was watching a TV show and they were taking to some guys from Big  This website has a lot of web browser based games that are free to play.  I mean a lot of different types of games as well.  I have let to try one let but plan to.  Some of them look really good.  I do believe they are all multiplayer as well.

Red Dead Redemption Preview

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , on April 28, 2010 by getbent57 has a new preview for Red Dead Redemption.  You can read the full article > here.  They got to play for a few hours so they have some new info to share.  Going to post some highlights the caught my interest.


  • At night nocturnal animals come out
  • Thunderstorms can break out
  • Fights can break out in bars.  You can step in if you wish.
  • There are out of game rewards buy doing different things
  • There are all so in game rewards, like outfits.  One lets you cheat at poker.

This game is going to have hours of fun aside from the story missions.  This is going to be one of the best games of all time.  May 18 mark it down.

Hobo With A Shotgun

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hobo They are making the Hobo with a Shotgun for real.  Back when Grindhouse came out there was a contest to make your own grindhouse type trailer.  They won the contest and years later they are make a movie.  That is pretty cool.  Another cool thing is they got a big name actor to play the hobo.  You might not know his name but when you see his face you will know who it is, Rutger Hauer.  I’ll post the original trailer below.

Red Dead Redemption More Screen Shots

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There are some more screen shots out for Red Dead Redemption.  These ones are from the competitive multiplayer.  May 18 can not come soon enough.  Thinking about pre-ordering it from Amazon.  But not too sure if they will ship it out on May 18.  Would like to pick it up at Wal-Mart since it is right next to were I work.  How ever I can count only two times they had a game I was looking for on its releases date.

Love The Beast Review

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LoveTheBeast I remember seeing a trailer for the documentary Love the Beast a long time ago. Then after that Eric Bana was on Top Gear and talked about it.  Forgot all about it.  How ever I was on Amazon looking something up and this movie came up in one the my searches.  So I had to check it out.

If you are not sure what Love the Beast is.  It is a documentary about Eric Bana’s car he as owned for 25 years that he and his friends have worked on since they were teenagers.  This time they rebuild to be a full on race to to run in the Targa Tasmania.

Well this is interesting doc but it most definitely not for every one.  It for the car nuts for sure.  What I didn’t like about it is that if you watch the trailer you pretty much get all the story.  When he is talking to Jeremy Clarkson, that is pretty funny.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

One eskimO – Hometime

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Last month I posted a song I like called Kandi by the group One eskimO.  I really like their stuff. So I am going to post another song called Hometime.  This one as well is laid backed and an easy listen.  There is a great remix as well on YouTube.  It is called Eat More Cake Remix.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

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My Yamaha XT225 really need a wash and some wax.  It has been very dirty since I put it away in the fall.  Was going to wash it in the fall but got lazy.  It was nice out today (April 23, 2010) so it was about time my bike got a cleaning.

Red Dead Redemption: Competitive Multiplayer Video

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There is a new trailer out for Red Dead Redemption.  This one talks about some of the competitive multiplayer modes.  They are looking fun.  You can be in free roam and go to a spot on the map with or without your posse and enter a multiplayer game.  You can all so do this though a menu screen.  The modes have different names but they are you standard death match and capture the flag.   But I bet they will have all kinds of different types of modes.

Red Dead Redemption Screen Shots

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There are some new screen shots out for Red Dead Redemption today (April 21, 2010).  These ones show off the province of Nuevo Paraiso of Mexico.  They look great.  A little less then a month before the game is out.  I keep saying it and will continue to.  So can’t wait for this game.