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Alvin and the Chipmunks Review

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chip This is a great kids movie. Scratch that it a great movie for all ages. I didn’t like it at first. But when I was done watching it I had to watch it again. There are real funny and “cute” moments. My favourite part (May be a SPOILER ALERT) Theodore has a nightmare, and wakes Dave up. The CGI chipmunks are top notch. If you like were ever a fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks this movie is for you. They did a great job.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

GEO Tracker Off Road

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copy-thumb.jpgHere is a sneak peak video, that is being filmed of a 92 GEO Tracker going off road.

Off-Road Pictures March 29-08

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New GTA IV Trailer

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grand-theft-auto-iv-20071128012032646-000-thumb.jpgThe newest and last trailer came out for GTA IV last night. This trailer shows more action. With shoots outs and cars chases. Gamespot has a nice article about a the trailer and some new feature. There will be a website called Rockstar Social Club were you will see leaderboards and how others a doing in the game. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I so can’t wait for this game.


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It's a GEO I made a new “Page” called pictures. You guessed it that is where I will posted my pictures. (link on the right hand side of page). I am using photobucket to host my pictures. Uploaded a few more pictures of my cousin taking his GEO Tracker off-roading.

Slowcoaster Music Video

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slowcoaster_promopicSlowcoaster’s new video (Released February 2008)for the song Leave is now on youtube. I like it a lot. Check it out.

Ratatouille Review

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ratatouille7 I just finished watching Ratatouille, a Disney – Pixar animation. As with all Pixar movies the animation is toped notched. I loved animated movies that make me laugh, this one only gave me a few chuckles. The story is some what predictable, how ever there are a few twits. Not to much to say. Its an ok movie, not something I would want to watch again. Pixar has much better movies, heck even the competition has funnier movies. Its cute, but a rent at best.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

New Camera

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10093860 I picked up an new Camera today, a Sony Net Sharing Cam. Have been looking at this one for awhile now. Seen it was on sale at futureshop so I had to grab it. I need the upgrade any way. My old camera was a six year old 1MP HP Photosmart. So its a nice upgrade. The Sony is 5MP and it can shoot video at 640×480 or 320×240. So far its pretty cool. Haven’t tried the video out much, but he pictures turned out nice. I’ll have a full review once I had a change to play with it more.

The Chronicles of Riddick Review

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862218~The-Chronicles-of-Riddick-Posters Ok, ok I know this movie is old now. (released in 2004) But I have not seen it till now. The Chronicles of Riddick is a sequel to Pitch Black. Which is a very good movie by the way. When I first saw the trailers I had know interest in see this movie. But it was on TV last night. Boy I was wrong this movie is great. The action scenes are top notch. All the characters are pretty cool. Like most Sci-Fi the bad guys are taking over the world and or worlds. And its up to a loan anti hero to stop them. This is pretty much what this movie is. How ever it is funny to watch. I think that Riddick character played by Vin Diesel is one the best good “guy” action hero every after seeing any movie. Over all this is a fun flick to watch. Give it a rent today.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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copy Yesterday, my cousin decided to take this GEO Tracker out for some off roading. It was fun. It would have been a better if it wasn’t so cold. Would have got a lot more pictures and video. There is some video on my cousin video camera. Once I get that I’ll edit and upload it for all to see. For how here are a few pictures.

im001306.jpg im001308.jpgim001309.jpgim001310.jpg