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Loading Artist

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LoadingArtist Came across a great web comic a little while ago.  Most of them have made me laugh so I have to share.  The site is called Loading  It is made by one guy called Gregor Czykowski.  Not only is very funny really like the art style.  Below is an sample of how great it is.  So check the site out > here.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Demo

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Gave the demo a try for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.  First off it looks great.  Plays like every other Lego game that came before it.  While this is a good and bad thing.  Easy to play, fun to figurer out the puzzles.  It just comes very respective.  The voice acting adds a nice touch.  It is a pretty big demo.  Once you finish it you can go back and play thought it again in free play to try out some of the different bat suits.  They give you different powers that help unlock puzzles you could not get the first time around.

Might wait for a price drop before buying.  Its a fun game just not worth full price to me.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated Review

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ThisFilmIsNotYetRated Have wanted to see the documentary This Film is not Yet Rated but never got a chance until today when I found it on YouTube > here.  It is about the American ratings board the MPAA.   While it was some what interesting nothing really surprised me.  Like most big organizations they are corrupted in some way.  The government, corporations and church’s have there hands in there saying how some films will get one rating and while a different one will get a higher rating even though they might have some what of the same content.  They don’t approve of the movie so the give it the highest rating NC-17.  The rating system is different here in Canada but my guess they just follow what the States do and just use the logos we have.  Like NC-17 would mean an “R” here.

Over all it was an ok documentary.  Some people might find some of the content a bit shocking but that was one of the points it was trying to get across.  If you have something else to watch, watch that first this is only if you have nothing else to check out.  This come out in 2006 but was filmed in 2005 so some of the info is dated now.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Dark Knight Rises

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We are getting closer to July.  July 20th that is.  What’s so special about that date? you might be saying.  Well that is when The Dark Knight Rises is out.  So can’t wait to see this movie just watched the newest trailer > here.   The trailer has an exclusive Nokia thing.  That doesn’t really matter because the trailer is awesome.  Get to see some new stuff.  I know some people don’t like to watch them so every thing is a surprise.  Watched it three times.  This will be one of the best movies of the summer.

Cape Breton Bikefest 2012

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In a bit more than a month the 2012 Cape Breton Bikefest will be going on (August 3rd to 6th).  Look forward to going ever year.  The reason I am talking about it today is the website is running a pretty sweet contest.  The prize are a three night stay that The Delta Sydney during the bikefest, all so two tickets to Storm The Fortress and two tickets the Eskasoni Cultural Experience.  The draw date is July 1, 2012.  The date as I am type this (June 26, 2012) so there is not much time if you are interested in entering.

They are all so draw for a custom motorcycle again this year.  It is called “Thunder King”.  Tickets are $40.  Don’t know what it looks like yet.  But when I do, will post some pictures.  The website says Unveil in early July.

Big Brother 14

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A little more than two weeks and Big Brother 14 will start.  July 12 will be they day.  This is a later start date than the last few season.  Hard to believe this show has been on the air for fourteen years.  Not much info has been released.  The only thing I heard it was going to be a “supersize season” they will have more houseguest starting.  Pretty sure there will be a bunch of twist to shake things up.  All so think the air dates will be the same, Sundays, Wednesdays and the live show Thursdays.  My big wish is they don’t bring back past players again to play.  If I see that Rachel one any more I just might not watch the show at all.

Digitalism – Idealistic

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Digitalism Have been playing a bit of Saints Row: The Third.  There is a song on one of the radio station that I really like.  It is called Idealistic by the band Digitalism .  This single was released back in 2004.  Have heard it before but could not remember were.  After looking up info turns out it was used in a trailer for Midnight Club: Los Angeles.  Not sure if the video below if the “official” video but looks like a professional job.

Fresh Strawberries

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Ate my first bunch of local fresh strawberries.  Love this time of year when we are able to buy fresh berries.  They were Nova Scotia local berries.  Can’t wait to they are local, local berries right from the farms around here.  They taste so much better the the strawberries that are shipped in from the States.  Those ones look good but have no real flavour.  Will have to pick up some more.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season

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WalkingDeadSeasonTwoDVD We don’t have to wait much longer for the complete second season of The Walking Dead to be out on DVD/Blu-ray.  Looking on Amazon and it says August 28, 2012.  Not to sure what or if there will be any special features.  I hope so, would like some behind the scenes or a small documentary.  Will just have to wait and see.  That should hold us over until season three starts some time in October.  Season three will have 16 episodes up three from season two.  Think I will pick up the Blu-ray version like I did for the first season.

Saints Row: The Third

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Have put about seven hours of play in to Saints Row: The Third.  It is very silly and over the top but that makes it all the more fun to play.  The first bunch of missions are like a tutorial but don’t play like a standard video game tutorial because there is story along with them.  Being an open world game there are so may side distractions.  Spent most of the time doing this since the are fun too.  Another thing about those is they give you rewards for doing these as well.  Like most game now a days you can upgrade your player.  For doing missions or side stuff you get respect and money (all so get money from owning buildings).  Respect unlocks upgrades/perks which you buy with the money.

So far I am having a blast playing this game.  If you are looking for and open world game give this one a try.  It can be found pretty cheap.  I paid $40, well worth the price.