This Film Is Not Yet Rated Review

ThisFilmIsNotYetRated Have wanted to see the documentary This Film is not Yet Rated but never got a chance until today when I found it on YouTube > here.  It is about the American ratings board the MPAA.   While it was some what interesting nothing really surprised me.  Like most big organizations they are corrupted in some way.  The government, corporations and church’s have there hands in there saying how some films will get one rating and while a different one will get a higher rating even though they might have some what of the same content.  They don’t approve of the movie so the give it the highest rating NC-17.  The rating system is different here in Canada but my guess they just follow what the States do and just use the logos we have.  Like NC-17 would mean an “R” here.

Over all it was an ok documentary.  Some people might find some of the content a bit shocking but that was one of the points it was trying to get across.  If you have something else to watch, watch that first this is only if you have nothing else to check out.  This come out in 2006 but was filmed in 2005 so some of the info is dated now.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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