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Saints Row IV Announce Teaser

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SaintsRow4Some very good news is out today (March 15, 2013).  There is a new Saints Row game coming out.  They put out a teaser trailer.  You can see that > here or below.  This one is called Saints Row IV: From the Crack House to the White House.  The best part it will be out soon-ish.  The game will be out August 20, 2013.  That is one month ahead of the big player Grand Theft Auto V.  Enjoyed playing Saints Row The Third so I can see myself picking this one up.   This time around this are a bit different.  This quote is from the article,

“Saints Row IV continues the story of the Third Street Saints, but with a twist. This time, the head of the Saints has been elected president of the United States and must fend off a “catastrophic alien invasion.” The aliens have transported the Saints into a “bizarro-Steelport simulation” and players must make use of various superpowers to fight to free humanity from the invaders.”

From the teaser trailer is looks very fun like the third game with new stuff to do all with super powers.

Saints Row: The Third Review

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Finished the main storyline and all most all the side quest (have three left) in Saints Row: The Third last night so it is time of a review.  Like a lot of game now a days there is a RPG element.  As you play weather you are doing missions, side quest or just messing around you get rep and or money.  As you level up you unlock and can buy all kinds of good perks that make the game more fun or improve you character.

I spent most of my time buying all the stores and side quest to get more money to buy all the upgrades.  By the time I finished all that my character was pretty much unstoppable.  Which made the last missions a lot easier to play.  The missions get pretty crazy at the end so the upgrades make all the different from finishing them and not die all the time.

Enjoyed this game very much.  Even after putting 32 hours into it I still want to go back and upgrade every thing.  This is a must buy.  Even if you do not finished or unlock all the stuff it is just fun to run around in the crazy Saints Row world.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Saints Row: The Third

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Have put about seven hours of play in to Saints Row: The Third.  It is very silly and over the top but that makes it all the more fun to play.  The first bunch of missions are like a tutorial but don’t play like a standard video game tutorial because there is story along with them.  Being an open world game there are so may side distractions.  Spent most of the time doing this since the are fun too.  Another thing about those is they give you rewards for doing these as well.  Like most game now a days you can upgrade your player.  For doing missions or side stuff you get respect and money (all so get money from owning buildings).  Respect unlocks upgrades/perks which you buy with the money.

So far I am having a blast playing this game.  If you are looking for and open world game give this one a try.  It can be found pretty cheap.  I paid $40, well worth the price.

Saints Row: The Third

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A few days ago I picked up Saints Row: The Third.  It was on sale at Future Shop for $40.  So couldn’t pass that up.  Have been looking at getting this game ever since I tried a friends copy back in January.  While I haven’t opened it yet. Want to finish playing thought Max Payne 3.  Did finish that game just want to go back and get all the hidden stuff and try more of the other modes out a few more times.  When I am done plan to play though Saints Row The Third.  My friend has finished it and unlock all kinds of crazy/cool things.  So looking forward to do that myself.

Saints Row: The Third

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SaintsRowTheThird Got a change to try out Saints Row: The Third on the Xbox 360.  I own the second game in the series, it is an ok game.  These games are known for the over the top game play and what not.  Well The Third does this the best.  From the moment it started up and playing the first few missions we were having a blast.  We were laugh non stop at all the silliness.  Has some of the best opening missions I have ever seen.  The game runs and looks so much better than the second one.  Seems to be more fun as well.  All so got to just run around and do stupid stuff that was just as fun.  Now I am thinking about pick up this game.  Just have to get though the other games on my list first.  If you are looking to check this one out.  I think it is well worth it.