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Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , , on June 13, 2012 by getbent57

Gave Max Payne 3’s multiplayer another try.  Only tired it for a few rounds when I first bought the game until last night.  While I only played one around of Rookie Team Deathmatch it was pretty fun.  Managed to do all right.  In fact I had the most points and was the “star” of the match.  Being the second time trying multiplayer I didn’t know the map like the other guys did.  So I got shot a bunch of times from the other team getting to the high places and picking me off.  Did turn things around.  First of the game has regenerating health plus a very good cover mechanic.  The cover mechanic is how I did so well.  The other players didn’t seem to be using it.  They were running/gunning/sniping.  Do not like people who camp or snipe in online games, drives me nuts.  So I put them in there place.  Thinking next time I try multiplayer I will getting rolled.