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PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Broken

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Back in the summer of 2014 bought the original PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.  Used it all the time.  Not just for voice chat.  If I was watching a Blu-ray or Netflix.  They work great.  The thing is they are designed to fold.  Well the other day (May 25, 2019) picked them up and unfolded then and the left side hinge broken.  Two little pieces of plastic fell on the floor.  Wasn’t too happy.  So a quick job with some duck tape to hold the hinge together.  However they still work just don’t fit right.  The felt ear cup doesn’t sit flush with your head.  They will have to do until I save some money up to get a new headset.  See that the newest mode of the Gold headset doesn’t fold.  I guess they new it was a flaw in their design.

Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man

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Mumford_and_Sons_Little_Lion_ManThat day of the week again, musical throwback Thursday.  The pick this week is Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons.  First heard this one back in 2009 when it came out. Back then it was much different than most main stream music.  This one and a few others off their album Sigh No More (released in 2009) made them very famous.  Still think the song sounds awesome.  It gets you feet moving.  Give it a listen/watch > here or below.

E3 2019

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It is all most June (2019) so it is all most time again for E3 2019.  It runs form June 11 to 13.  Have heard some say it is the 25 one but Wikipedia says it is 24.  Doesn’t matter much because it is the best time of year for gamers.  That been said this year will be much different.  For the first time Sony will not be there.  They all ways put on a big press conference.  Which I liked to watch.  At lest Ubisoft and Bethesda Softworks are still having theirs.  Looking forward to seeing what cool new games will be out.

Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer

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Terminator_Dark_FateThere is a new Terminator movie on its way.  There have been many.  Most of which were not so great.  Besides the first two.  Well this new one called, Terminator: Dark Fate, takes place after the second movie.  It will ignore the others.  Which is a good thing.   Think the best part about this new one is Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor and James Cameron is a producer.  First heard about this movie last year and wasn’t too sure about it.  Well after watching the trailer.  Which you can do > here or below.  Think it will be awesome.  The new bad Terminator looks very cool.  Not sure how they will tie the movies together (besides the retuning characters).  Will find out November 1, 2019.

Batman: Hush

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Batman_Hush_BlurayThe next DC Universe Animated Original movie is Batman: Hush which is part of the DC Animated Movie series (This movies are in the same universe).  The movie shares the same name at the graphic novel it’s based off of.  I know I have read the novel ( think I might own a copy).  It is a must read.  They have used some of the plot points in past movies as well in the Arkham video games.  Very much looking forward to seeing how the turn it in a movie.  From the trailer > here or below.  It looks like there have changed a few things.  Most movies do that any way.  It is set to be out on digital platforms July, 20, 2019 then on disc August 13, 2019.  Will be getting a copy for sure.

Lets Play…..Station Episode 6: Official US PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 10

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  Continue the look at Official PlayStation Magazine and demo discs.  It is demo number 10 from July 1998.  The demos are for Gran Turismo, Tomba, Jersey Devil, Speed Racer, Blasto, NBA Shootout 98 and Grandstream Saga.  Out of all the demo the only one I want out try the full game of is Tomba.  It is different than most platformers because it has quest built into as well.  You can see the video > here or below.

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Batman: Return To Arkham

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Batman_Return_To_ArkhamHave add yet another game to my PS4 library.  It is Batman: Return to Arkham.  This disc has the remastered versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.  Own both of these games for the PS3.  They are awesome and must play games.  When I seen this copy going cheap had to buy it.  Both game come with all there extra and DLC was well.  Which I never played.  This series of games are the best version of Batman ever.  Including TV and the movies.  Think this is because you get to play as Batman other than just watch.  Looking forward to replaying these.


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Insignia_4_Port_USB_HubHave made many posts talking about PlayStation Classic and running AutoBleem.  While all this works great and recommend it.  The downside is you are stuck with single player games.  Looked more into this and turns you can play multiplayer.  All you need is a USB hub.  If you are using bluetooth controller you will need a powered USB hub.  However if you are like me and using the controllers that came if it you just need a regular hub.  Watch a video on YouTube. The guy showed up ones you can get easily get from Walmart or Best Buy.  My plan is the get this one > here, from Best Buy.  It’s a good price and small enough to pack up to take to a friends house.

The Killers – Human

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The_Killers_HumanTime again for musical throwback Thursday.  The pick this week is Human by The Killers.  The song is off their 2008 album Day & Age.  Like this one a lot it a easy listening that gets stuck in your head.  Most people out there more than likely heard this song many times.  But it doesn’t hurt to listen to it again.  Which you can do > here or below.

Red Dead Online

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Now that Red Dead Online is out of beta gave it a go.  Didn’t try all of what they add yet.  The few things I did look at are good.  First tired out the Defensive option.  This is were you can play the game at you own pace with out having to deal with the PvP stuff.  Other players can’t kill you easily.  And if they do they are penalties via the Hostility system.  No one bother with me.  Mostly think that was because were I was not there weren’t many people around.  With have to try this again in more populated area.   Next bought the LeMat Revolver.  This revolver has an alt firing mode.  Which shoots a shotgun shell.  Pretty cool.  After that my brother and I gave poker a try.  Well we tired to.  We ended up have to play against each other because they will not let you play if you are using party chat.  Guess this is a way to prevent people from cheating.  After that tried out some of the daily challenges.  Some are easier than others.  It is a good way to get XP.  Each one completed gives you 200xp.  If you do them all you get an extra bonus.  Did have some fun.  Will have give the story missions a try next.