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E3 2019

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It is all most June (2019) so it is all most time again for E3 2019.  It runs form June 11 to 13.  Have heard some say it is the 25 one but Wikipedia says it is 24.  Doesn’t matter much because it is the best time of year for gamers.  That been said this year will be much different.  For the first time Sony will not be there.  They all ways put on a big press conference.  Which I liked to watch.  At lest Ubisoft and Bethesda Softworks are still having theirs.  Looking forward to seeing what cool new games will be out.

E3 2018

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E3_LogoWe are about a month away from E3 2018.  This is the best time of the year if you are into video games.  The show runs from June 12 to 14, 2018.  However if really starts the Sunday before the the press conferences.  That is were you will get all the big news an upcoming titles. Do try to watch them live but it can be hard because there is about a five hour time difference. Can all ways watch them latter.  Looking forward to the Bethesda, Ubisoft and Sony conferences.  I am hopping Bethesda shows off a new Elder Scrolls.  Will have to wait and see.

E3 2017

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It is June so that means its all most time for E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).  Look forward to this week every year.  This is when a lot of new upcoming games are shown off for the first time.  All when they will be able to play them.  The best is all the surprises that get announced at the press conferences.  Speaking of them the first one takes place this Saturday June 10th.  Which is being put on by EA.  The three I looking forward to the most are Bethesda (Sunday June 11), Ubisoft and Sony’s (Monday June 12) ones.  Not sure if  I will be able to watch them live yet.  That is because of the time differences.  Think there is a four to five hour difference.  Once the the press conferences are over.  The official show runs from June 13 to 15, 2017.  Oh, and for the first time E3 is open to the public.

E3 2016

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e3.pngAll the events and Press Conference around E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) kicked off this past Sunday, June 12, 2016.  Look forward to this every year.  To see what awesome new games are coming out.  Am sure there will be lots surprises.  The game that I hope is announced is a new Red Dead.  Think the last one was released back in 2010.

At the moment haven’t watch any of the press conferences yet.  Plan to watch the Sony one live to night (June 13, 20160.  Think it starts around 10/11 pm in my time zone.  While I wait for that to start will watch the Bethesda and Ubisoft ones.  The one bit of the news (which there is lots) that sticks out for me is that Skyrim is getting an upgrade and coming to PS4 and Xbox One.  That game is awesome.  If the prices is right just might buy it again.

E3 2016

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e3.pngIt is less the a month to go before 2016 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) takes place.  The dates this year are June 14 to the 16.  Think much like last year there will be conferences before the official start.  Have read that Bethesda will be having their own again this year.  There as all so be a few reports that there will be less game company’s this year.  Am guess they will most likely be doing their own press around the same time.  All ways look forward to seeing what awesome new games will be coming out.

E3 2015

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e3.pngJune is all ways a good month for video games fans.  That is because that is when E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) takes place.  This year (2015) it will run from June 16 to 18.  However a lot will happen before that because all the big press conferences take place before the show floor opens.  Starting Sunday (June 14) the first conferences will take place.  Which is being held by Bethesda.  Have read this will be the first time the will be hold their own.  Most times they would show off any new games at one or more of the conferences.  Then on Monday it will be a very long day.  That is because there will be four taking place.  Starting in the morning with Microsoft.  Then in the afternoon EA and then Ubisoft will have theirs.  Then in the evening Sony’s will take place.  Am looking forward to seen all kinds cool new games we have not heard of or seen any on yet.  All so more info on games that will be out soon.

E3 2014

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e3.pngOn Monday June 9, E3 2014 kick off with four big press conferences.  There was Microsoft and EA.  Didn’t see those yet.  But did get to see Ubisoft’s and Sony’s live.  They showed off some of the games I wanted to see in action.  One was Assassin’s Creed Unity.   You can see some of the game play > here.  The game look amazing.  Another Ubisoft game we get to see in action is Far Cry 4.  This looks amazing as well.  You can see that > here.  These will be a day one buy for me.  There are two more Ubisoft games The  Crew and The Division.  Not going to talk about The Division because it is not out until 2015.  The other three will be out this fall.  There was lots of nice surprises.  The biggest on is Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.  Everything in the game will look a bigger and better.  There is even more news if you played any GTA Online you will not have to start over.  Because they will be letting you transfer over your characters and progress.  Which is pretty sweet.  This version will be out this fall as well.  You can check out the trailer > here.  It was made from game play off the PS4.  Thinking I might buy this again. Because it is one of my all time favourite games.  Can’t wait to see what else E3 will bring.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Far Cry 4

Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

E3 2014

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e3.pngIt is now May.  So that means E3 2014 is getting close.  This years E3 will take place June 10 – 12, 2014. Last year was all about the new consoles.  So this year this has to be all about the games.  Millions of people have bought the new consoles and there hasn’t been to many heavy hitting games yet.  Know there is some great looking stuff coming this fall/holiday.  Hope there are some cool games shown this year.   I think just about all May there will be all kinds of “leaks”  or rumours about new games coming.  Can’t wait to see what kind of surprises are in store.

The Crew

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TheCrew.jpgHave a cool video share about the upcoming game The Crew.  This game coming to PS4 and Xbox One caught my attention back at E3.  At last weeks Gamescon, Gamespot uploaded a game play/ interview video.  The video show off the PRG elements of the game.  We all so get to see how the car customization works.  All so how huge the map is.  This is the game I want to buy first when I get a PS4.  The PS4 comes out November 15 but I will be waiting a while before buying.  Because there are some many good games I want to get for my PS3.  All so The Crew will not be out until 2014.  Check out this cool video > here or below.

The Crew

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TheCrewYes I am talking about E3 again.  Back on Monday while watching the press conferences there was one game from Ubisoft that really caught my attention.  It is called The Crew.  This is more than just another racing game. Or an open world racing game.  This is a true open world, it is the whole United States.  It will have cities, suburbs, country areas and mountains.  There are no barriers so that means you can drive off road.  Then there is the customization.  Like a lot of games you can change liveries, rims and what not.  This one take it to a new level.  You can take your car (cars) and customize it for off road, a street race or a track races.  It goes deeper than that.  Then there is the crew part of it.  Four friends can form up a crew.  Work together to do missions/races together.  What is really cool is.  You could be doing  your own thing on one side of the map while friends are on the other side.  You or they can send a messages asking for help on a race.  When you say yes you are transported to that spot on the map.  With every little load times(?).  You can check out the CG trailer > here or for a better look at the game check out this video  > here or below.  It is a gameplay walkthrough.  It looks like so much fun.  When at some point I by PlayStation 4, will be picking up this game.