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PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2019

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It has been less than a month ago that the PlayStation Store had a flash sale.  In that time they had a three week holiday sale.  So was surprised today that they are having one.  Took a quick look at the list of games for PlayStation 4.  Was all so surprised that the list is mostly made up of games that haven’t been in one of these sales before.  Not sure if I will get anything.  But will have to act fast if I decided to.  It starts today (January 18, 2019) and ends on the January 21.  You can see the full list > here.

Queen – Headlong

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Queen_HeadlongContinuing the month long Queen musical throwback Thursday.  The pick this week is Headlong.  It is one of their best songs you don’t hear that often.  Its fast and catchy.  It if off their 1991 album Innuendo.  You and give it a watch/listen > here or below.

Red Dead Online Beta Update

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The time I have spent in the Red Dead Online Beta has been fun.  Sure like every online game there are people who just go around killing you over an over again.  This game it’s pretty easy to get away from them.  In the future it will be a lot better.  On January 10, 2019 RockStar Games put out a new update the online beta.  This added a new game mode called Gun Rush.  Basically it is a battle royal mode.  It looks fine but haven’t tried it yet.  What has me more interested is what they are planning for the future.  You can read their News Wire post > here.   To combat people being jerks they are changing the parley system.  This will let you more quickly avoid aggressive players.  They will be all so changing the player map blips.  It will be hard to find you on the map.  Unless you are a jerk.  Your blip will get darker and people will be able to see you farther way.  Of course there will be lots more to come.  Will keep play for sure.


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It was last January (2018) it first heard about NESmaker.  It was was on Kickstarter then.  Now is out for everyone who wants to buy it.  This program lets you makes NES (original Nintendo) games with out know how to code.  Which is cool.  But there is more.  You can buy a kit what you can flash your game in a new cart. Which can be played in the original nes or a clone system.  But you can all so run the games though emulation.  They have a bunch of great tutorials on there site > The New 8-bit  Haven’t tried out because it cost $36.00US.  This is not a bad price just don’t know if I would use it enough to justify the price.

Game Of Thrones Season Eight Teaser Trailer

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It has been teased for months now that season eight of Game of Thrones would start in April 2019.  This will be the last season of the show.  It will consist of six episodes.  While that does seem like a small number.  Have read that some might be really long.  Do have some new info to share on January 14, 2019 they announced that season eight will start date, April 14th.  With that they put out another teaser trailer.  It has Jon, Sansa and Arya walking in the crypts of Winterfell.  While they walk by dead family members with their voices playing the the background.  Then things start to get cold.  It is pretty cool.  You can see for yourself > here or below.  So can’t wait to see what happen next.  Will find out in three months.  But first plan to re-watch season seven.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus Tested

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Yes, another post talking about the AVerMedai Live Game Portable 2 Plus.  Now that I have an micro SD card got around to trying it out.  The first thing you need to so is update the firmware.  This is pretty easy to so.  There is a file you have to download off their site.   Next you put the micro SD card in the device and which it to card read mode.  Plug it into your computer.  This creates a file structure.  After that you unzip the file you downloaded.  There are two things in that, an update folder and a exe file.  You copy that update folder to the SD card.  Then you switch the device to PC Free mode and this starts the update.  When the LED is done flashing, you unplug it.  Switch it back to PC mode and plug it back in.  Next you run that exe file.  This makes sure it is updated.  Very simple to do.

So far only tested one game running off my Raspberry Pi 3.  Then did the same test with the other video capture device I have.  Will be showing the results in an up coming video for the YouTube channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

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Marvels_Spider-ManReceived a nice gift this Christmas, Marvel’s Spider-Man.   Have not played it yet.  Am still working my way though Red Dead Redemption 2.  Have heard many get things about this game.  It has won many awards.  So soon as I am done with Red Dead will be playing this.  Never played any of the older Spider-Man games.  When I first seen videos on this game.  It reminded me of the Batman Arkham games.  Played all those and they are awesome.  Am a huge fan of open world games.  Just know I will really like this one.