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Happy Thanksgiving

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Wishing  everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (2019).  Am very thankful for everything and everyone around me.  Bit a laid back one this year.  Not many people around.  Still have a nice dinner with room for extras.

Game Of Thrones: A Guide To Westeros And Beyond, The Complete Series

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Game_Of_Thrones_A_Guide_To_Westeros_And_Beyond_The_Complete_SeriesThere is a new Game of Thrones book on it way which is about the TV show.  Have two other books that are about the behind the scenes stuff.  The first one covered season one and two.  The second is for season three and four.  The second one was out in 2014.  Since have been waiting for more.  Now that the show is over with this new one called, Game of Thrones: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond, The Complete Series, as you can guess from the title will covers all the season.  Not sure if it will all be new martial, hope so.  The book will be out November 5, 2019.  Was going to get it right way until I seen the price. is asking  $70.00.  That is a bit high.  Will wait on it a while to see it it goes down any.

1917 – Trailer

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1917There have been many World War I movies made over the past few years.  There is another one coming this December (2019) called 1917.  The basic plot has two British solders crossing into enemy territory to deliver a message.  Which will help save hundreds of lives.  After watching the trailer > here or below, I need to see this.  The look and feel of it has been pulled in.  The picture quality is so clear and sharp.

David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over

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David_Guetta_Feat_Kelly_Rowland_When_Love_Takes_OverOnce again musical throwback Thursday.  The pick this week is When Love Takes Over by David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland.  Haven’t heard this one in years.  When I was writing this post found out out the song is ten years old now.  So it fits the rules for throwback Thursdays.  The song is off his 2009 album One Love.  Think it holds up will.  As for the video on YouTube the audio is not the best but will do.  You can see/hear it > here or below.

The Walking Dead New Series Trailer

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The_Walking_Dead_New_SeriesHave been reading for a while now that they are making a third Walking Dead show.  This one take place in the future when kids have grown up in the world while other kids have know ideas what it like in the out side world.  The show doesn’t have a name yet but on IMDB they are calling it monument (for now).  At this years New York Comic-Con they showed off a trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  Do like how the show looks.  Just not sure about the characters. They seem like you standard high school clichés.  We will find out some time in Spring 2020.  My guess it will air right after season ten ends on The Walking Dead.

I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry Shout Out On EPN

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Something very cool happened the other day.  Have been watching the Electric Playground in all it’s forms for years and years.  A few years back they have been on YouTube with their channel Electric Playground – EPN.  Then they do a Run Down (this is where they talk about gaming and entertainment news) they dedicate it to one of their fans who writings a comment they like.  I got picked for the September 30th show.  While watching it, was thrown off at first to have my channel name read.  It was very cool.   You can see that video > here or below.

BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer

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BIRDS_OF_PREYThe trailer for BIRDS OF PREY was out the other day.  The full title of the movie is Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.  Was very impressed with what they show.  Think this is what the big budget DC movies need, something different.  Am a DC over all so it was cool to see characters that haven’t been in the live action movies yet.  Nice surprise to see that Ewan McGregor is in.  Very much looking forward to see this next year when it’s out.  Which is February 7, 2020.  You can see the trailer > here or below.