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Love Inc. – Broken Bones

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Love_Inc._Broken_BonesThat day of the week again, musical throwback Thursday.  A few years ago did one of these posts on Love Inc. and their song You’re a Superstar.  Which is my favourite of theirs.  This time it’s my second favourite, Broken Bones.   Still have the cassette tape, Love Inc., which these songs are from. That was released in 1998.  You can give the song a listen > here or below.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bean Documentary

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Happy_Birthday_Mr_Bean_DocumentaryIf you are a Mr. Bean fan you will need to act quick because there is a documentary on YouTube.  Which in more than likely be taken down (if it has been by the time you see this post).  It is called Happy Birthday Mr. Bean.  The show turned 30 years old in 2020.  This doc talks to be people who made it and how it came be.  They all so touch on the movies and the animated show.  It would have been nice if it was longer or had more detail.  You can see it > here or below.  (Provided it hasn’t been taken down).

Borderlands 3 Hands On

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A few posts back talked about picking up a copy of Borderlands 3.  In that post said I wasn’t sure when I would get around to playing it.  Well gave it a try.  Was a friends out handout so we decided to give it a go on his PS4.  We played some split screen.  Must say it worked great and was very smooth.  The next day loaded it on to my PS4.  If if you have played the other Borderlands game it pretty much the same.  However it seems better at the same time.  Put a few hours into and seems to be having more fun than I did with the others ones I played.  Going to keep going with it.  Well until the new patch for Cyberpunk 2077 comes out

Endy Mattress

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About a week ago made a post saying I ordered a Endy mattress.  I took a few days to process the order.  But the shipping was even faster.  It showed up at my door on Monday (January 11, 2021).  Thinking it would have been here soon.  However they don’t shipping things on the weekends.  Which is know big deal.  So it took a week from ordering to being at my door.  That is impressive.  Now to set it up.  Once it’s out of the box it takes about 24 hours to puff out.  Will be back with another post once I got to sleep on it for a few nights.

The Great Escapists Trailer

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The_Great_EscapistsIf you are a The Grand Tour you most likely know that Richard Hammond had teamed up with Tory Belleci (of MythBusters fame) for a new show.  Think I have known for it seems like years.  Well it is have some great news we will get to see it soon.  It called The Great Escapists and will start airing on Amazon Prime January 29, 2021.  They both have hosted science  shows in the past.  With I thought this was going to be. But after watching the trailer > here or below.  It’s more of a comedy with some science-ish around it.  Does look like a fun show, which will have six episodes.

Borderlands 3

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Borderlands_3The first game pick up for the new year is Borderlands 3.  Do like this series but not a big fan to buy it day one.  Since it was going cheap picked up a copy.  From what I remember seeing back before it came out 2019 the game seems much better than the ones before it.  Like the idea of everyone having their own loot.  It is all so leveled to your character if you are playing with someone else.  Not sure when I will get around to try it but will be back with an update.

GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist Frustration

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A few posts back talked about the Cayo Perico Heist in Grand Theft Auto Online.  Had all the setup missions done and was waiting to play the heist part with my brother. Well we gave it a try New Years eve.  For may years now we have been playing the game on that day.  In that last post all so talked about watching some how-to’s on YouTube.  It seemed simple enough to play though it in stealth.  We mess up the first time.  So decided to keep going and see if we would get the the end.  That didn’t work .  So tired two more quick restarts.  Ended up getting killed very quickly.  After that we started the whole mission again.  And again failed then one more time failed.  After that we stopped thinking we will try again another time.

Well the next try it again by myself and failed let again two times.  Got so frustrated shut the game off.  Might wait a day or two before trying one last time.  Do like the idea of this heist.  But for some reason find it too easy to mess-up and once you do there is now way to fight the way though it.

Red 5 – I Love You…Stop!

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Red_5_ForcesIt is the first musical throwback Thursday of a new year.  This pick is a song I have not heard in many, many years.  It is I Love You Stop by Red 5.  Couldn’t find much info.  Turns out the artist behind is called  Thomas Kukula.  It was released in 1997 as a single.  All so the album, Red 5 – Forces.  Think the song still sounds good today (minus the locals).  You can give it a watch/listen > here or below.

Sandbox Game Maker

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Sandbox_Game_MakerA few weeks back a friend was talking about trying to make a video game with out much coding.  Told him about many years ago I gave RPG Maker VX Ace a try.  Those RPG makes are pretty cool but they are very old school in the gameplay.  So got looking around at other programs what would be in 3D.  Found some that were good but had a pay wall or limits.  Then found Sandbox Game Maker.   It is still in there early Alpha but does look good.  The idea behind this site is you make games or art and they can be monetized or you can just play other peoples games.  Another cool thing is it uses voxels as their art style.  These are somewhat easy to make (I think).  Plan to give it a try at some point will be back with an update.

Endy Mattress

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Endy_MattressHave been looking at getting a new mattress for a long time now.  Think the one I have now must be twenty years old.  It’s still in good shape, with no holes or ware spots.  For the past few years have been getting very poor sleep from heath problems.  So thinking a new mattress might help.  Have been hearing about mattress in as box a lot.  You order them online.  They ship right  to your house.  Take out of the box and it uncompresses, which takes about a day.  Then you are good to go.  Looked at four different brands.  Talk to some people that own them.  Decided to get a Endy.   The price was right and it had 10% off at the time.  Ordered it on January 4, 2021.  At this point not sure how long shipping will take by my guess its around a week.  Just hopping I will start getting better sleep.  But if not will have a new mattress.