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PlayStation Classic Ordered

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A few posted back talked about the PlayStation Classic.  That Best Buy was selling them for $30.00 and if they had in stock on their online store would ordered one.  Well they did so I ordered one.  With shipping and tax it cost me about $45.00.  Not bad, since they cost $130.00 when it came out in December (2018).  They were not about big hit.  Five months later they are marked down $100.00.  The many reason for buying one is there is a hack/program out there that lets you runs games off a USB thumb drive.  Which is easy to setup and doesn’t mess with the consoles in any way.  Once you unplug the USB drive it is stock again.  It is called Auto Bleem.   There are other hacks out there but will try this one first.   There is all so a device out there that lets you us a PS4 controller or any other Bluetooth controller.  Plan on getting one of those as well.   At some point there will be a video on the I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry YouTube channel.

My Time At Portia PlayStation 4 Trailer

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My_Time_At_PortiaFirst heard about the game, My Time At Portia, back in January (2019).   Seen a video of people playing the PC version.  It looks like a nice and relaxing games.  Kind of a mix of Minecraft, Harvest Moon, Dragon Quest builders.  Looked up more info.  The website it is coming to consoles in the Spring.  Well it is Spring now.  Looked it up again and it turns out the game is now out as of April 16, 2019.   However that it’s only on digitals stores for now.  I don’t mind buying digital games if they are cheap.  While it is cheaper than most new games.  $40.00 (Canadian) is too much to spend on the PlayStation Store.  Would like to get a copy on disc.  Looked on  They only have UK imports.  Next looked at EB  They have it for pre-order.  Their listing (> here) reads a release date of May 14, 2019 and a price of $40.00.  Not going to pre-order.  Will check back on that date and see if I can order a copy then.  If now will wait to it to go on sale in the PlayStation Store.  You can check out the PS4 trailer > here or below.  The game does look fun.

PlayStation 2 HDMI Cable

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HD_Link_PS2If you follow this blog you might know that I have soft modded my PlayStation 2.  Have a set of component cables I bought last year for my PS3.  They all so work on the PS2.  This makes it a bit easier to capture gameplay footage.  An even better way would be HDMI.  The thing is PlayStation 2 are old and HD TVs were not a thing when they came out.  However as seen some people on YouTube talk about how to get HDMI to work the a PS2.  There are a few options out there.  One that may have talked about is from Pound Technology.  They makes the cables to work with older consoles to work with HDTV’s.  They have one for the PS2, Original XBox and Dreamcast.  They call them HD Link.  Thinking about getting the PlayStation 2 one > here.  It pretty much plug and play.  They are asking $30.00 US money.  Not sure how much that will be in Canadian money or even if they ship to Canada.  Will have to look into it more.

PlayStation Classic

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When the PlayStation Classic was released in December (2018) it didn’t go over very well.  Many people were very disappointed with the device and the games list.  All most fell for the hype.  All so, all most bought one when the first hacks were out for it.  Even after a few price drops it seemed still to be too much money.  The price has drop even more know.  Thinking about getting one again.  See my local Walmart has a few left and there are asking $40.00.  Which is much better the the original asking price of $130.00.  Then a few days back got an email from Best Buy showing some up coming sales.  And they have it going for $30.00 on a one day sale.  If they have any in their online store will order one.  If not will see if Walmart will price match.  Will be back with an update if I get my hands on one.

Third Party PS2 Controller Hands On

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Have had the third party PlayStation 2 controller (this one > here) for a while while now.  Have tired out six games with it.  Am very impressed with it.  Sure it’s not the same.  But it is pretty close.  The buttons to have more travel.  The sticks are very nice.  Am very used to they PS4 controller so jumping back to the PS2 the sticks are much closer together.  When I played some FPS games found that my thumbs bump into each other.  That is not the controller fault.  It is the games size a the original PS2 one.   If you are in the market for a PS2 controller and can’t find an original this is a very go option.

Barenaked Ladies – One Week

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Barenaked_Ladies_One_WeekIt is musical throwback Thursday.  Been awhile since I picked a Barenaked Ladies song.  This time it is One Week.  The song is one of their biggest hits out side of Canada.  Think it holds up really well.  May be not the music video > here or below does.   The song if off their 1998 album Stunt.  Hear it everyday at work.  One of the few songs that don’t drive me nuts.

Free Icons PNG Website

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Free_Icons_PNGWhile working on some projects for the YouTube channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  Came across a very useful website.  It is called  The site has thousands of PNG files and icons you can use.  If you don’t know what a PNG file is.  It’s a type of picture format. What makes this so great is their background is transparent.  So it makes it so the pictures can be put on top of other pictures or backgrounds.  If you are into photo editing they are great to have.  They are all so prefect for video editing.  It use them all the time.  Make my own but know that I know about his site. Will be going back to it many times in the future for sure.