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Cape Breton Bikefest 2012

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Its the last day of February and still going thought motorcycle withdrawal.  So now is good time to talk about the 2012 Cape Breton Bikefest.  This years dates are August 3rd to 6th.  Looking forward to going again this year.  Plan to take some video not just not pictures.  They all so have a new stunt team coming this time as well called, The Hub City Stunters.  Could not find an official website but found a Facebook group > here.   A few more weeks and may be I will be able to get my motorcycle out.

Justice League: Doom Review

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Picked up a copy of Justice League: Doom today (February 28, 2012).  This is the newest in the DC Universe Animated movies.  This time around I just bought the DVD not the Blu-ray combo.  I know I say this every time I review one of these movies but it is awesome.  Loved everything about it.  The animation, soundtrack and the story.   Speaking of the story there was a twist I didn’t see coming which was nice.  Since most time I can figure out what’s going to happen next.

Even on the DVD the picture is super clear.  The animation is top as all ways.  These guys out do themselves with ever new movie they put out.  The only one small thing I didn’t like was the big battle at the end.  Some of it was cool but seemed a bit forced to finish in spots.  You know I am going to give it top score if you have ever reade my past posts about this movies so not surprise here.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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Last night while trying to fall asleep and failing as usual.  Got thinking I need to get back into making video projects been months since I made one.  I enjoy making them.  Weather they are bad or not its no big deal still fun.  Got up and charged up the battery in my GoPro.  Decided I am going to make another time lapse video.  Going to make this one more grand in scale.  The plan so far is to shoot in many different places over a longer time.  Lets say for the next month or so on my days off I’ll head out to a different spot round where I live.  Set up the camera for a few hours and see what I get.  Have a few ideas in my head how I want to edit it as well.  All so thinking I should make the sound track as well.  Then truly be my project.

All so have a different project floating around in my head.  Was watching some Top Gear.  The all ways do some cool things with filming and editing.  There is one thing I think I can pull off.  Want to try it will my motorcycle.  It is still winter so I am going try a small scale first.  Then when the weather gets warmer try it my motorcycle.  If that works out as so hope it does.  Plan to turn that into a bigger project with more bikes and cars.

(Picture is a from the first day of time lapse shooting)

Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel

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RichardHammondMeetsEvelKnievel Never heard of the documentary Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel.  I think that is because it aired on BBC Two back in 2007.  It was one of those weird things how I found about this doc. Was looking at some videos on YouTube.  Click on some related links and there was on for this on the Top Gear section.  Did a Google search and found the full documentary on Google video > here.  Had to give it a watch.

Didn’t know much about Evel Knievel other than he jump motorcycles and crashed a lot.  I figured he would be some what of a jerk and he was.  But still a very good documentary.  The BBC know how the make them.  Plus it has Richard Hammond he is awesome as all ways.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back Into Skyrim

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It was my day off yesterday so decided to get back into Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Stopped playing this just after Christmas.  Not because it wasn’t any good.  It was because I got Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.  Unlooked a lot of stuff in that game.  There is still things I want to get but wanted a change.  So I but Skyrim back in.  Man it sucked me right back in.  Once I got used to the controls again.  Got made at one quest.  Fighting one boss like guy and my weapon disappears.  Up in the top corner of the screen it says you have be disarmed.  Ended up dying.  Tried again same thing happened but I own the battle but lost my favourite sword.  Forget what it was called.  Will be on the look out for another one like it.

If you have not tired this game yet you need to go and buy it.  It has so many layers.  Has something for every one.  Just pure fun game to play.

SSX Demo

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SSX Was checking out the PSN store last night to see if there was any thing cool I might want to download.  Saw the demo for SSX.  So I gave that a download.  If you don’t remember or know what SSX is, it is an “extreme” snowboarding game.  When they first came out back in the PS2 days they were all the rage.  Thought they were cool back then and this on is just as cool just not for me.   Why because it is all about the tricks and pulling of crazy combos.  Not very good at it so it becomes very un-fun.

Back to the demo its self.  It looks awesome. Has to be the best looking and feeling snow I have ever seen in any game.  The game play is nice and smooth.  However I found myself having a bit of trouble with some of the movement controls.  Just need more practises.  The demo seems to be pretty big.  Only did two races/trick runs.  But I think you can unlock a few more.  I know this game will be a big hit.  But it wouldn’t be on my buy list.  Not because it is not good.  Just not my type of video game.   It will be out February 28, 2012.


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HenryAndAaron Seen this video Henry & Aaron – IT’S A SNAP! yesterday.  It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  These guys are great.  More info about them on their website > here.  The video is a promo or a recruitment for Central Institute Of Technology.  Which is in Australia if you are wondering.  You need to watch this video.  If the ending doesn’t make you laugh you have no funny bone.

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Borderlands 2 – Doomsday Trailer

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Borderlands2 They released a trailer called Doomsday for Borderlands 2.   Have to say it looks pretty good.  Liked the first game a lot even thou I never finished it.  This new one looks like more of the same but with a lot/ a lot more.  Happy to see that two player split screen is back as with four player online co-op.  It will be out September 18, 2012.  Just might pick it up.  If you do what they did when the first game came out.  They put it out cheap for a week or so.  Think it was around $40.  Not bad for a new game.  Hope they do that again.  But then again may be not since it is popular now.

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Pancake Day 2012

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Well it is Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday some call it.  What it means I get to have pancakes for supper.  This year tried a new and different recipe.  Got tried of the old one my mother gave me.  Just did a Google search and the first one the list is the one I used.  They were awesome.  Nice and light and didn’t take long to cook.  I recommend that recipe > here.   The butter makes all the differents.

Collapsing Cooling Towers

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CollapsingCoolingTowers See this video (below) a week or so on TV.  They only showed a small portion of it.   It is a real cool take on cooling towers/buildings imploding.  After finding the full video I have to share it.  It turns out it is kind of a protest, environmentally movement behind it.  Have to say they did a good job of catching my eye.  While it is aimed that the British people.

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