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Fire Log

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fire log Well every year since I have had the satellite dish around the end of November they put the fire log channel up.  All it is a fire log burning with Christmas music playing in the background.  I love it.  Well so far it is not up.  Not too happy about that.  I hope they put it up this week.  If not I might have to send of a email or make a phone call.  When they play the song 2000 miles by The Pretenders I crank up the volume.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sea Wolf – Wicked Blood

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seawolf I have a new favourite song.  It is called Wicked Blood by Sea Wolf.  It is such an awesome song.  The video is just as awesome.  Give it a watch.

Richard Hammond’s Top Gear Uncovered

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topgearuncovered Was looking around for some Top Gear info and came across some new DVD’s.  The down side is they are in region 2 format.  Which sucks since that I live in region 1.  But any who, there are “ways” to still watch it.  The first one is called Richard Hammond’s Top Gear Uncovered. The next is a Jeremy Clarkson one called Clarkson Duel.  I hope they come to region 1 because they looks great.

The Red Green Shop

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HBH-2 A few months back I talked about the new design of  Well they have a new shop page/website as well called The Red Green Shop.  They have some pretty cool stuff.  They have the standard shirts, hats and DVDs.  One cool section is called oddball stuff. They have a Harold and Bill Bobbleheads.  I just might pick one up.

Band Of Brothers Review

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bandofbrothers Spike TV is airing the Band of Brothers miniseries today (Nov 26, 2009).  I have the DVD box set for a few years now.  I think it is time to do a review.  Might be saying, “you are a bit late to the draw”.  Well I have had the DVD long before I started blogging.  Any who, this has to be the best miniseries ever made.  Every episode is like its movie.  In fact each episode is a 1000 times better than a lot of movies out there.

I was reading on Wikipedia that are working on a sequel called The Pacific.  That one will start airing in March 2010.

If you have not seen this miniseries or have all see bits of it.  You need to watch it from start to finish.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Red Dead Redemption Update

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There is some great news about Red Dead Redemption.  It is going to be out in April 2010.  There is all so a new trailer coming out Dec 1, 2009.  An open world western game is going to be off the hook.  Can’t wait.  Here are some new pictures.

That Time Of Year

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Well it is that time of year again. Yep, Christmas shopping. Yay.  Like most guys I am not a fan of shopping.  I like to get in buy what I want and get out.  The plan was to get all my shopping done in November.  Not too sure if I can still pull that off since there is only a week left in November.  Of course I have one person on the list that is impossible to shop for.

LittleBigPlanet PSP Demo

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littlebigplanet psp Gave the LittleBigPlanet PSP demo a try yesterday (Nov 22, 2009).  The demo is short.  You get to play one full level and one mini game level.  The game feels like the PS3 version.  There are some changes, well it is a PSP game after all.  It seems to work well on the PSP.  Not too sure how easy it will be to make your own level since you don’t get that option in the demo.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

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bad company 2 I got into the PS3 beta for Battlefield Bad Company is giving 65,000 keys out.  Download it and installed.  When I went and tried to play it asked for a password.  Had know idea what it would be or how to get it.   I looked back on GameSpot’s website it said it was open to U.S. residents only.  I was like, “shit”.  Then I got thinking may be my Battlefield Heroes password would work, it did.

So far I have tried 1 and a half rounds.  From what I have tried the map is huge, there is a lot going on and it looks great.   Like most online fps games I play I die a lot and have know idea were I got shot from.  I did manage to get a total of 8 kills. LOL.  All so like most online game you can hear the people with head sets yelling and bitching.  That can be funny but most of the just plain annoying. Books

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Bought some new books from for a really good deal.  They shipped them on Nov 17 and got them on the 20th.  I was really happy how quickly they arrived.  Was wait for Charley Boorman’s new book to come out, By Any Means 2.  Was looking to see when it came out and they had it on sale for $16.38.   So I could not pass that up.  To get free shipping you have to send over $39.  So I all so order Enemies & Allies: A Novel (Hardcover) which was all so on sale.  That didn’t add up to $39 so I ended up ordering a book my mother want as well.