Delerium – Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan

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Delerium_SilenceIt’s musical throwback Thursday.  The song this week is Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan by Delerium.  Not sure if I have ever heard the original version of this song.   It has been remixed many times.  Which is where I know it most from.  This song stands the test of time.  First released in 1999 of their album Karma.  Years later it can still be heard.  Not just because its an awesome song.  Think it because of Sarah McLachlan voice.  Which is pretty amazing.  Think this the most popular version of the song > here or below.



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AWOLNATION_PassionAm a fan of AWOLNATION’s music.  They have a lot of awesome songs off their first two albums.  They have a new one in the works coming out in 2018 called, Here Come the Runts.  There is a single with a official music video.  The song is called Passion.  Really digging this song.  You can see/hear it > here or below.

The Grand Tour Season 2

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A little over two weeks to go before season two of The Grand Tour starts.  Which happens to be December 8, 2017.  To build up the hype they have (so far) put two videos up on their YouTube channel.  That they are calling Making of The Grand Tour Season 2.  It has the three guys talking about some chances they are making to the format of the show.  The first video, which you can see > here or below, talks about getting rid of the celebrities dying before the can come on to the show.  The second, > here or below, has them getting ride of “The American”.  While putting out an ad for a new driver.  It’s all funny stuff.


Driver Wanted

Assassin’s Creed Origins 1.0.5 Patch

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Has been a few days since I have turned on my PlayStation 4 to play some Assassin’s Creed Origins.  Going to wait a little longer to play because there is a kind of big patch out.  This new patch is 1.0.5..  Which is about 1.3GB on the PS4.  The patch is/or will be out for Xbox One PC as well.  Like all patches it improves performance, stability and adds kinds of fixes.  One cool thing it does is, be able to pick beard and hair types.  There is a lot more of course.  You can read the official list > here.  Am really liking this game.  Have put about twenty hours in and haven’t been bored once.

Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics

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Robert_Kirkmans_Secret_History_Of_ComicsHave watched the first episode if the new AMC documentary series, Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics.   Have seen a few documentaries covering this topic.  Some were ok and others not so much.  This being a six part series they will be able to cover more.   So in theory it should be really good.  The first episode talks about the history of Marvel.  Not sure if it reveled anything that hasn’t been talked about before.  However they did a really great job of putting it all together.  Looking forward to seeing all the episodes.  The second has aired all ready.  But haven’t watched it yet.  The rest will air on Monday nights.

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight New Trailer

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The next DC Universe Animated movie is called Batman: Gotham By Gaslight.  This was announced back in September (2017).  It based off the 1989 graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight.  While it still is no releases date yet.  Just out some time in 2018.  Think it might be early 2018 because there is a new trailer out.  IGN posted it on their YouTube channel.  Must say this looks really good.  You can see the new trailer > here or below.

[Update]  Had this post written up days ago.  Just found out. The movie will be out in digital from January 23, 2018.  Then on Blu-ray February 6.

Winterized My Motorcycle

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Sadly it is time to winterize my Yamaha XT225.  So yesterday (November 26, 2017) what is what I did.  This past October and early November had some pretty amazing weather.  But now the fall temperature have caught up with us.  Have done this so many times now it doesn’t take too long.  The hardest part is having to wait months until I go for a ride again.  Have put a little over 1500kms on this season.  Which on par with past years.  Don’t do any big trips.  Mostly to work and the odd place around town.