Madonna – Ray Of Light

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Time for musical throwback Thursday.  The song this week is Ray of Light by Madonna.  Picked this song because I have all ways like it.  All so it is twenty years old now.  I must say it holds up well.  If you don’t watch the music video > here or below.  It sounds like it could have came out today.  This was released in 1998 off the same tilted album, Ray of Light.


Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate

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Back in March (2018) talked about the live actin short film, Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate.  The story kinds set up events before the game starts.  When this film came out it was an Amazon Prime exclusive.  So if you don’t have a Prime membership you were out of luck.  In the last post talking about this got thinking at some point Ubisoft might but it on one of their YouTube channels.  Turns out they have now.  If you have are playing Far Cry 5.  This is well worth watching.   Which you can do so > here or below.

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Review

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Gave Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay a watch the other day.  This is the newest DC Universe Animated movie.  Which takes place in the shared world of DC Animated Movie Universe.  When I first started to watch this forgot this was an R rated movie.  They have made some R movies in the past.  But nothing like this.  The have pushed things farther than ever before.  Being the Suicide Squad there will be lots of death.  This movies shows that a lot.  There is blood and even brain matter in spots.  Think this is a good thing.  It is ok to have kid friendly movies.  It is all so nice to have some that are for the adults.

The story is your standard action affair.  The squad is sent to get an object.  While another group are all so trying to get the same object.  Fights break out between the groups as well as each other.  Of course there is more to it than that.  All the acting is great.  There is even some good comedy worked in as well.  Over all really enjoyed this movie.  Think it this is best one in this storyline universe.  Well worth your time watching.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season Three Review

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Have really enjoyed season three of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  Have said this in past posts talking about his show.  They have worked out the kinks from the first two seasons and have just made a very fun show to watch.  They got the right balance of action and comedy.  They are all so not afraid to switch the cast up.  Sure it is hard to see some of them go.  But it keeps the show fresh.  All so those characters can all ways come back.  It is a time travel show after all.

This is a much watch show.  It share universe as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Black Lighting.  But is stands out from them its own fun way.  A while back wasn’t too sure if this show would be picked up for of fourth season.  Since it show different then its sister shows.  Turns out a few weeks back it was picked up again.  So looking forward to seeing what happens next.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Preacher Season 3 Start Date

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Have known that AMC’s Preacher is coming back for a third season.  Ever since the second season ended have been waiting to hear any news on when it would start again.  Well last week (April 9, 2018) read that the show will be back June 24, 2018.  Which is a Sunday.  So I am guess the week before that is when the first half of Fear The Walking Dead will end.  There isn’t a trailer out yet.  But soon as there is one.  Will be blogging about this awesome show again.

The Walking Dead Volume 30: New World Order

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The_Walking_Dead_Volume_30_New_World_OrderAm reading the newest The Walking Dead comic trade paperback, The Walking Dead Volume 29: Lines We Cross.  Got thinking I wonder when the next one might be out.  Think it might be too soon to have any info out about it.  Did a search on  Turns out here is all kinds of info.  Mind you all this could change.  It is called The Walking Dead Volume 30: New World Order.   The listing reads that will be be available September 11, 2018.  Will be adding this to my must buy list.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale April 2018

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There is a new flash sale going on in the PlayStation Store (April 2018).  For the longest time this sales would take place near the end of the month.  The past few have been in the middle.  This time around the games all have some kind of horror theme to them.  This is because today is Friday the 13th after all.  You can see what’s on sale > here.  This ends on April 16th, 2018.