Red Dead Redemption 2 News?

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Has been many months since there has been any news on Red Dead Redemption 2.  Well a few days ago (September 22, 2017) Rockstar Games posted a single picture to here blog and social media.  It has a black board with a read background.  In white font it reads Thursday, September 28 11am ET.  You can see it for yourself > here.  The look has a Red Dead fee;l to it.  So my guess like the rest of the internet they will be showing us more of the game.  We know the game was pushed back to spring 2018.  So am hoping they give us a day.  Will be back with another post of what they showed off.


Wonder Woman Blu-ray

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Wonder_Woman_Blu-rayThe new Wonder Woman movie is now out on Blu-ray DVD.  This is one the the few movies I seen in theatre this past summer.  Not sure why I didn’t so a review.  Any way, this is one of the best super hero movies every made.   As you many all ready now if you been to this blog before. Am a big fan of DC related stuff.  So bought a copy on Blu-ray.  Own the other movies set in this same universe.  If you haven’t seen this one yet.  It’s well worth your time check out.

Batman Day 2017

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Batman_Day_2017There is a twist to this years (2017) Batman Day.  It is all so Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary.  Her character gets more popular every year. So she is taking over Batman Day.  Much like the past few there will be all kinds of deals going in some stores as well as online.  If you are looking to buy some Batman related comics and stuff.  Today is the day, September 23, 2017.  Will be keeping any eye our from some good deals on some trade paperbacks.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale September 2017

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The trend continues.  It is the the second last week of the month.  So there is a new flash sale going on in the PlayStation Store.  Much like past sales there are some that have been in these before.  There are all so a lot that have not been.  Took a quick look though the list.  Which you can see for yourself > here.  Nothing stands out for me.  But there might be something in there for you.  The sales starts today (September 22, 2017) an ends of the 25th.

Enigma – Return To Innocence

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Enigma_Return_To_InnocenceFor this weeks musical throwback Thursday dug though my old tapes looking for a song that I haven’t picked yet.  Came across an old favourite, MuchMusic Dance Mix ‘94.  Can remember the first on their, Return To Innocence by Enigma, been pretty awesome.  This song is off their second album released in 1993 called The Cross of Changes. Think it holds up well.  As for the music video not so much.  You can give it watch/listen > here or below.

Air Purifier

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Germ_Guardian_AC4825CAA doctor recommend that I get an air purifier for my room.  To help me breath better and may be get a better sleep.  Started looking in to them.  Like just about everything now a days.  There are so my different types and sizes.  As well as price points.  Then you have to find one that will work best for the room size.  Didn’t want to spend to much money just in case it didn’t work out or me.  All didn’t what a cheap one.  Found a middle of the road one.  Which seems to get a lot of good reviews. Its the Germ Guardian AC4525CA.  They are sold just about every were that sells this type of thing.  Got mine at Best Buy because it was cheaper than the other stores.


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Have had my GPD X D GamePad for a few weeks now and run RetroArch on it.  So far and very happy that I bought it.  Being able to play the old games away from the TV is pretty cool.  It will come in handy this winter.  Because more than likely we will loose the power a few times.  It runs Android OS so you can all so get stuff off the Google Play store.  Haven’t tried that yet.  But thinking about get Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition).  Enjoy this game so be able to play on the good would be nice.   If you are looking to get one Gear Best is were I got mine.  They have put in on a Flash Sale many times.  So if see it a full price. Check back a different day.  The is the model I got > here.