Johnny Reid – O Holy Night

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There are now two musical throwback Thursday until Christmas.  Will be sharing songs my all time favourite Christmas CD, A Christmas Gift to You by Johnny Reid.   For this weeks pick will be O Holy Night.  This song is one of my favourite Christmas songs.  Don’t think I have ever heard a bad version.  You can hear this one > here or below.

PlayStation: State Of Play December 2019

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Didn’t think Sony would have another PlayStation: State Of Play this year.  But they had one December 10, 2019.  On they sixth they made a post > here, saying they are going to have new game reveals, release date announcements as well as other things.  The only thing that stood out for me is they teased there will be a Ghost of Tsushima video late in the week.   You can see the State of Play > here or below.

James May – Our Man In Japan

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It was back in March (2019) that it was announced that James May is making a six part travel show about Japan.   Which will be on Amazon Prime.  Have good news, we will get to see it soon.  The show is called James May – Our man in Japan.  Am an big fan of James May. Here can do anything and make it interesting/funny.   It starts January 3, 2020.  Not sure if all the episodes will be out at once our weekly.  In the mean time you can see the trailer > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Synthesis Update

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It has been a good year for No Man’s Sky fans.  Back in the summer they put out the awesome Beyond update.  Then a few days back the put out another great one, Synthesis Update.  For a long time now you could have five ships.  The only way to every get rid of was to replace it with another.  Know you don’t have to because you can now scrap them.  Which give you items that can be sold for money or nanites.   So this means you can start scraping runs.  Find or buy ships to scrap for the parts.  When you do this you might get an “inventory augmentation”.  These let you upgrade slots in any ship you want.  Which is awesome.  So know any ship you own can get up to 48 slots.  Of course you can buy more inventory slots but it costs a lot.  With the nanites you can upgrade the class of you ship.  There is a lot more add with this update.  Click the ling above to see all the changes.

Wreckfest Money & XP Trick

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, decided to try an make a tips and tricks for Wreckfest.  When I tired out a copy on a friends PS4. I just had to get it for myself.  Wanted to make some quick money and XP.  Looked at some tips on YouTube.  There are some great videos. Then decided I should make my own. Something quick and simple. If you have other tips and tricks leave them in the comments. You can see it  > here or below.



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Elegoo Mars First Print

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Should have shared this all ready.  A few post back talked about my Elegoo Mars and the first print I will make after the test one is Leo from the TMNT.  You can see the file > here.  All so in that post show the file in ChiTuBox.  Well it turned out great.  After it was cured.  I wet sanded were the supports were attached.  The glued it together with Gorilla super glue.  Very happy how it turned out.  You can see for yourself in the picture below. Thinking I might try and paint it.  Since then have printed a few more things.  Now my goal is to make my own 3D models.  Have started to with Tinkercad.



The Walking Dead: World Beyond

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For a few years now have been reading about a third Walking Dead show.  With the midway though season ten of The Walking Dead show.  AMC put out a teaser trailer for this new series and have given it a name, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.  This one will take place in the future were kids have grown up in this zombie world but never had to deal with it.  A bunch of them set out to see what the out side world is really like.  It is set to air some time in 2020.  In the mean time you can see the teaser trailer > here or below.