Landy Mini By 3D Sets

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Landy_Mini_By_3D_SetsFound an interesting model I would like to print over at Prusa Printers.   It is called Landy Mini by 3D Sets.  The people over at 3D Sets make awesome models that are for turning into RC cars.  The model on Prusa Printers is free to download.  There are 47 files to print.  Then you put it together.  But you will need some screws.  In the instructions they show which ones to get.  Am thinking I will give this a try when I get some more PLA.  Am all most out and this model will use a lot.

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

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Pet_Shop_Boys_West_End_GirlsThat day of the week again, musical throwback Thursday.  Have picked another Pet Shop Boys song this week.  It is their very famous song, West Ends Girls.  According to Wikipedia the song was released twice.  First as a single and then off their 1986 album Please.  Think it holds up well.  You can give the video a watch/listen > here or below.

GTA V On PS5 And Series X News

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We have known for a long time now that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming to the PlayStation 5 and the X Box Series.  Back on September 9, 2021 they put out a new trailer and announced the game will be out in March 2022.  While I’ll don’t own a PS5.  Can see myself buying this game once again when I do get one.  It will be interesting to see what it looks like compared to the PS4 version.  All so what theses “enhanced gameplay” is all about.  You can see the trailer > here or below.

Injustice Trailer

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Injustice_Blu-rayAm a big fan of the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series.  Which is based off a video game series of the same name.  Well have found out they have turned the comic book story into a movie.  Which is titled, Injustice.  The movie is rate R, which is a good thing since the story needs to tell it properly.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.  It does look good.  The only thing I find in the animation is inconsistent.  We will found out soon enough because it it set to be out October 19, 2021.

Cataloguing Video Games

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For years now have wanted to catalog my video games.  It was back in 2018 started adding my PlayStation original games on the website,, then I stopped.  Well, when I was on vacation sat down and started to catalog them all.  Went system by system.  Took a few hours but it was worth it.  Found out some interesting things.  Have 178 physical games over six systems.  The most I have for one system is the PlayStation 4, with 59.  The best part of the site it gives you an estimate how much each one is.  Was a bit surprised by which ones that would be worth a bit a money. Like Time Crisis 3 with the Guncon on the PS2, $60.00 (Canadian) and there is The Sly Collection on the PS3, $43.38.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Cartographers

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There is a new Expedition for No Man’s Sky, called Cartographers (September 8, 2021).  This is the third one.  It plays much like the last two, where you have goals meeting certain milestones.  Which are broken up into six phases.  With the main prize at the end.  Luckily we have more time to complete it.  This one runs for six weeks.  So far have done the first phase.  With a few of the other milestones done in a few other phases.  Now is a good time to jump into this game if you haven’t all ready or get back into it.  They have added so much good stuff over the last five years.

More Painting A 3D Model

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Once again talking about painting 3D prints that I made with the Elegoo Neptune 2.  This time it is for a Batman model.  There is a really cool looking one over on Thingiverse, this one > here.  Very simple looking but with lot of detail in the cape.  Wanted to print this one besides looking cool.  It would be easy to paint.  Once I had it primed in grey.  Did two coats of black and a bit of white for the eyes.  After that spayed on some clear coat.  Think it turned out good.  But sadly Batman lost a battle with gravity and broke an ear.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Blu-ray

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Have made a bunch of posts all ready of Zack Snyder’s Justice League coming to Blu-ray.  Each time would find out a release date.  Then that info would change.  Which it has again.  In my last pots learned it would be out September 7, 2021.  Well that day has come and gone.  Looked again now they are saying September 14, 2021.  This is only a week.  Not a be deal.  Just would have been nice if the just picked a day and stayed with out.  Will find out his coming Tuesday if this will stay the day.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay

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A the end of August (August 31, 2021) over on the Ubisoft North America YouTube channel.  They have a stream of gameplay for Far Cry 6.  The footage was pre-recorded running off an Xbox Series X.  But there were three people talking about the game live.  Am a big fan of the Far Cry series so I gave it a watch.  From what I seen it look like it has all that makes these game great while adding in lots more.  One that stood out they added gear.  This is like an RPG element.  Each piece does has a different perk.  The stream is about an hour or so.  if you want to check it you can > here.  The game is set to be out October 7, 2021.  Will be a day one buy for me.

Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind

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Pet_Shop_Boys_Always_On_My_MindOnce again it is musical throwback Thursday.   Have all ways know Always On My Mind by the Pet Shop Boys as an original.  Turns out that is not true.  The song has was first released back in 1972.  Since then it has been covers by many famous artiest, like Elvis and Willie Nelson.  Since writing this post listened to those versions as well.  But I still like the Pet Shop Boys one.  Which you can see/hear > here or below.  That is off their 1988 album Introspective.

[Update posted this a day early.]