PS Essentials Sale

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Yesterday (Jan 22, 2018) the latest PlayStation Store flash sale ended.  Now they have a new sale going on.  It called PS Essentials Sale.  They had one of these last year as well.  Took a quick look at the PS4 games.  They all so have deals on the other two platforms (PS3, Vita) as well.  Lot of these games have been on sale before.  Not sure if they are a better prices this time.  Speaking of prices some are only a few dollars off the regular prices.  So look very closely before you buy.  So of the games might be cheap less were for the disc version.  This sale ends January 30, 2018.



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NESmakerCame across a cool program on KickStarter night now (Jan 2018).  It is called NESMaker.  This let you make original NES (Nintendo) game with out any coding.  There are a bunch of programs out there that you make games with out knowing any code.   However this one stands out not just because it makes NES games.  It will all so let you flash the game rom to a brand new reusable cartridge.  This will let you play the game on a real NES or any of the clones.  Or you could just run the rom on PC though an emulator.  This all sounds pretty cool.  You can find out more by clicking the link above or going to The New 8-bit site.

10th Anniversary

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10th_AnniversaryToday (January 21, 2018) is the 10th anniversary for this blog.  When I think about it.  It is pretty crazy that I have been this for ten years.  When I first started out.  The goal was to see how long I could keep it going and post every day.  At first it was hard.  Over the years have gotten pretty good at.  What I do is have at lest four typed up ready to go.  Then I post ones of those.  Write a new one to replace it.  This works out great.  All so over the years think my content has gotten better.  Sure there are still many typos and grammar mistakes.  But I am not very good at proofreading.

Have had fun the whole time doing this.  The goal for the future is still to see how long I can keep this going.  Would somehow like this blog to grown.  Maybe I will choose a new design or make a new header.  So here is to another ten years.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

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Assassins_Creed_Rogue_RemasteredBack in 2014 Assassin’s Creed Rogue was released for the previous generation (PS3 and Xbox 360).  All on that day they released Assassin’s Creed: Unity for current gen.  At this point had moved onto the PlayStation 4.  So never got a change to play Rouge.  If you are like me and all ways wanted to.  We are in luck because Ubisoft is releasing a remastered version on March 20, 2018 or PS4/ Pro and Xbox One/ X.  Not sure if it will be a full price game.  will keep my eye on it.  You can see the trailer > here or below.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2018

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The first month of the new year is winding down.  So that means Sony is running a flash sale in the PlayStation Store.  As I am typing this the website is not working.  Haven’t check the store though the PlayStation itself yet.  From what I have read the games are going for around five dollars.  The site might be working later.  So can see for yourself > here.  The sales ends January 22, 2018.

The Tea Party – Temptation

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The_Tea_Party_TemptationIt is musical throwback Thursday again.  The past few weeks have been more dance/techno.  So it’s time for some more rock.  The song this week is, Temptation, by The Tea Party.  I can remember this being a huge hit.  After you give it a listen > here or below you will know why.  It holds up really well.  This song if off their fourth album called Transmission.  Which was released in 1997.

The Walking Dead News

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Have some The Walking Dead news to share.  It is kind of a given, the show has been renewed for a ninth season.  The biggest news is that the showrunner, Scott M Gimple is moving on to a different job with the Walking Dead TV would.  The new showrunner is, Angela Kang.  She has been with the show since 2011.  Am sure some people might be upset.  But think it is a good thing to switch people up.  It will help keep the show fresh.