GTA Online: Treasure Hunt

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GTA_Online_Treasure_HuntThere is a cool new event going on in Grand Theft Auto Online.  It is petty much a treasure hunt.  The prize is a special double action revolver.  How it works, you receive an email (in game) with a picture of one of twenty locations.  Once you get the location.  You have to find a piece of paper.  Once you look at that.  It give you three more locations to investigate.  Once you do that, it unlocks the revolver.  But there is more to it.  This unlocks a headshot challenge.  If you finish that you are rewarded $250,000 in GTA money.  But the best part is it will unlocked it in Red Dead Redemption 2 when that game is out.  So it must not be to far off now.  If they are promoting that game.

[Update] Have started the treasure hunt.  Have a bit of trouble finding the last clue for some reason.  But will keep trying.

[Update 2] Have found the revolver.  All so finished the challenge.  It’s pretty easy to do. 50 headshots sounds like a lot.  But it you do some gang attacks it doesn’t take long.


The Pretenders – 2000 Miles

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The_Pretenders_2000_MilesThere are one more Thursday (after this one) to go before Christmas.  So its fitting that this weeks musical throwback Thursday is a Christmas themed.  The song is 2000 Miles by The Pretenders. This is off their third album called Learning to Crawl.  Which was released in 1984.  This song released in 1983 before Christmas that year.  I hear this every day at work now.  It is one of better ones.  Give it a listen > here or below.

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist

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The new mode Grand Theft Auto Online The Doomsday Heist is now out.  Haven’t gotten to try it out yet.  There will be all kinds of video on YouTube if you want to see how it works.  Myself will wait a bit, want to see it first hand.  Rockstar Games did put a great blog post telling everything that is in it.  You can read it > here.  This is the of the biggest updates yet.  Must like past updates, to get to play this content you need to buy some build or what not. This time it is a IAA facility.  Not sure how much that will cost.  So it might be awhile before I get to see this in action.

Ken Block’s GYMKHANA TEN: The Trailer

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Ken_Blocks_GYMKHANA_TEN_The_TrailerNot sure why I didn’t hear about or seen this trailer until now.  Back in October (2017).  There was a trailer out for a new Ken Block Gymkhana video. This will be the tenth one.  So they are going all out.  It will take place in multiple locations and feature five different cars.  These videos are all ways something special to watch.  Not sure when it be out.  It just says some time in 2018.  You can see the trailer > here or below.

Funko – Pint Size Heroes DC

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Am a fan of the Funko product lines.  Have a few of the main vinyls they are famous for.  What I like to collect are the Mystery Minis.  Haven’t bought any of those in months.  Back in August (2017) discovered the Pint Size Heroes line.   Back then bought four of those from the DC line.  Every since then wanted to get a few more but the store didn’t have any more.  Well until a few days ago.  Was out Christmas shop.  Decided to got down the toy aisles in WalMart and seen that the had a box with a few left in it.  Bought two more.  Got The Riddler and  the classic version of Batgirl.

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist

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GTA_Online_The_Doomsday_HeistThere is an awesome new heist coming to Grand Theft Auto Online soon.  It is called The Doomsday Heist.  This one is unlike anything the have done before.  It will have you trying to save San Andreas from total annihilation.  Not sure who it will work but thinking it will be four player like the other heist.  With a twists for sure.  After watching the trailer which you can see > here or below.  It looks like a James Bond movie.  This update will bring new weapons and vehicles.  The two coolest ones are the underwater car and jetpack.  This update will be out on December 12, 2017.  You can read the blog post > here.

[Update] Read on the Rockstar Games Facebook page.  This heist will be 2 to 4 players.  Think is good news.  If often hard to find a third or fourth player.

Far Cry 5 Delayed

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Have some said news to share about Far Cry 5.  It has been delayed.  Sure it not by much, one month.  Was first to be out February 27, 2018.  Will not be on March 27.  This happens all the time to big games.  Very much looking forward to playing this.  It looks amazing.  With the extra wait I hope is better than I think it will be.  This isn’t only game Ubisoft have delayed.  The Crew 2 was been pushed back until, “the first half of our fiscal year”.  Not sure when that is.  You can read the official post > here.