Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

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It has been has been way too long since I gave my motorcycle, 2006 Yamaha XT225, a wash and wax (September 17, 2018).  This summer was really hot with very little rain.  Didn’t want to waste the water.  Every year before the Cape Breton Bike Rally I would give it a good wash/wax.  Not this year.  There is about a week left in September.  So time is time is getting close to having to put it way for the year.  Made it to about two weeks into October last year.  Well see what this year brings.


Five Years Of Grand Theft Auto V

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It was five years ago today (September 17, 2013) that Grand Theft Auto V was out.  Can still remember going over on my lunch break to get a copy for my PS3.  Finished the game and played about hundred hours or so in GTA Online.  Then in 2015 bought the game again when it came to the PlayStation 4.  Didn’t play a lot of the main story.  Mostly bought it to play Online with friends.  To this day still play it.  Many take weekly or monthly breaks from the game.  But still go back to it.  That is because they are all ways adding stuff.   The last time I checked have about 610 hours into the Online mode.  That is by far the most hours I have put into any game.  Can’t see myself never going back to it.  Sure Red Dead Redemption 2 is all most here.  That will have an online part as well.  Don’t know anything about it yet.  If is is good as GTA Online just playing with friends it will be a blast.

Blue Snowball Black iCE Hands On

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A few posts back talked about that I got a Blue Snowball Black iCE.  My goal is to get back into making videos.  Need a microphone to do some voice overs.  Setting this ups is pretty easy.  Just have to plug the USB cable into your computer.  The open your audio recording software.  There are lots of there.  I used Audacity.  It easy to use let very powerful with lots of help out there.  Once you got the program open there is a drop down were you select the microphone.  The you can start recording.  The only problem I ran into was I had my headphones on.  When I started to do the voice over it would screw me up. My voice would make weird sounds or I would say words wrong.  So took them off and it had a much easier time.  Never did voice over before.  Like everything it will take practices

Batman Day 2018

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Batman_Day_2018If you haven’t heard today (September 15, 2018) is Batman Day.  Do believe this will be the fifth one.  Online digital retail stores have been running sales all week.  Am sure some stores in your local area might be having sales.  I did order two Batman related trades off Amazon.ca.   Have Batman Volume 6: Bride or Burglar and Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.  So get outer here and get something Batman related.  Or may be read some come comics.  Then re-watch some of the old shows and movies.


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LibreOfficeWas in the need of a word processing program.  For the longest time just have been using Notepad to type to.  Woking on some new projects so needed something with more power to it.  Was going to go with Open Office.  Have used that one in the past.  Was going to download it.  Only to see it hasn’t been updated in awhile.  Which is not that big of deal.  Then read about LibreOffice.   Do believe some of the people making this all so made Open Office.  So I knew it would be good.  Read some more into.  They are still updating it.  So gave it a try.  Mostly want it for the word processing.  Of course it can do more.  Like spreadsheet, drawing and math.  From what I have tried it is a really good piece of free open source software.  Going to keep using it.

Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

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Blue_Oyster_Cult_Dont_Fear_The_ReaperOnce again musical throwback Thursday.  Was digging deeper into much older songs than I have picked most times for these post.  The song this week is (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.  You more than likely have heard it.  It has been used in movies and TV.  Think it was in RockBand or Guitar Hero.  It is off their 1976 album Agents of Fortune.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

Blue Snowball Black iCE

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Blue_Snowball_Black_iCEHave been eyeballing a Blue Snowball USB microphone a bit over a year now.  Last year when I brother and I were working on a YouTube channel thought about buying one.  Ended up deciding not to get one.  Wanted to see first how far well got into the videos for the channel.   We made about 13 and really didn’t need buy one.  Used the one I have on the DSLR.

While I was on vacation got thinking about getting the channel up and going again.  Since my brother and I live into different parts of the country.  He is the face of the channel and I am the behind the scenes guy.  Have no desirer to be on camera.  However I want to get things going again.  So why not just do video with voice overs.  Which can be me because I figured out that I can change my voice in the software.

Just happened to be looking on the Best Buy.ca website and see that the Blue Snowball Black iCE was on sale for a good price, $50.00.  Couldn’t pass that up.  It is easy to setup and use.  Pretty much plug and play.  All ready have Audacity installed.  Gave it a quick test.  Was very impressed.  There is a few plugins I want to try but that will be for another post.