Days Of Play 2023

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Good news PlayStation Days of Play is back for another year (2023).   They have been doing this for a few years now.  This when they have a big sale on pretty much very thing PlayStation.  This is when I like to renew my Plus subscription.  This time it’s 25% off.  The sale will all so be on physical games and digital.  As well as bunch of other stuff.  You can read the official blog post > here.  This runs from June 2 to 12, 2023.

Nathan Drake Statue

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Nathan_Drake_StatueDo find a lot of cool things to print over at  However, ever now and again look at  There is a cool statue of Nathan Drake there.  Which you can see > here.  It has him jumping over a brink wall.  The model seems a bit low poly.  But that’s find.  Will be adding this to my make list.

AEW Action Figure

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Evil_Uno_Action_FigureWhile I have never seen a full episode of any AEW’s shows.  Have seen lots of clips online.  As well as vblogs from some of their wresters.  Became a fan of Evil Uno.   A few days ago took a quick look down the toy aisle and seen his action figure there.  I just had to buy it.  Never owed a wresting action figure before.  Plan to keep it in the box and display it with my other figures.

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods – Blu-ray

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Picked up a copy of Shazam! Fury of the Gods on Blu-ray a few days back.  It was out on disc May 23, 2023.   Do like the collect the DC movies.  Not sure when I will get around to watching it.   May be on the weekend.  Really like the first one so thinking this one should be good as well.  I don’t listen the internet tolls.  Will judge for myself.

PlayStation Showcase May 2023 Video

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Back on May 24, 2023 Sony put out a PlayStation showcase video.  It was a bit over an hour and was packed full of new games.  As well as other we have known about.  The biggest was at the end, Spider-Man 2.  Which showed off lots of game play.  The video was a mix of big titles as well indie ones.  One thing that stood out for me is they are re-releasing the PS1/PS2 Metal Gear games.  All so making a remake of the third, Snake Eater.  If you missed the show or want to see it again you can > here or below.

Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling

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Lionel_Richie_Dancing_On_The_CeilingThat day of the week again, musical throwback Thursday.   The pick this time is Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Richie.  This is off this 1986 album of the same name, Dancing on the Ceiling.  Can remember hearing this all the time.  But most recently used in the ending credits of a Bob’s Burgers episode.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

First Ride Of 2023

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My day off had great weather (just a bit windy) so was able to get my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 for the first ride of the year.  Was planning to have this done weeks ago but ended up being sick.  Then at day time temperatures dropped a lot.  Like all ways the tire presser was a bit low.  Got that all fixed up.  Put the battery in and fired right up.  Then when for a quick ride.   Will be nice to be able to take this to work again.

PlayStation Showcase May 2023

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There is a big PlayStation showcase in the works for May 24, 2023.  From what I have read it will be focusing on the PS5 and VR2.  Most time companies wait till June to roll out their big news.  So guessing Sony wants to get ahead of everyone else.  Am looking forward to seeing if there will be any games I would like.  Do have my fingers cross they announce some cheaper storage upgrades for the PlayStation 5.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin–Lost Years

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Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_The_Last_Ronin_Lost_YearsIt was last August I got my hands on the trade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin.  Some time after that read that they are making another story in this world.  A few days ago got an email saying that the trade hardcover for this called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin – Lost Years will be out November 7, 2023.  It’s a bit pricy at $40.00 but I will be getting a copy for sure.

New World Spring Time Event

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Am still taking my time playing New World.  Have about 166 hours in now.  At the typing of this (May 15, 2023) they are still running spring event.  Have done some of this.  Managed to get items for my house and skins for my armour.  There is another skin set I would like to get before this event is over.  There is a bunch of other stuff for crafting and other things.  But have no interest in that.