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Motorcycle Inspection 2022

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Now that the weather has gotten much better and have had my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 for the first ride of the year (2022).  Now I need to get it inspected.  This needs to be done every two years.  At one point in time, it was every year.  When I called the shop, was thinking  I would have to wait weeks.  Was happy to find out it wouldn’t be that bad.  They said any time this week is good.  So I book it for the Tuesday (today May 24)  because that is my day off.  However the boss changed the schedule.  So know I need to head there on my break an hope I get back in time.  [Update] got there in back to work pretty quickly.

New Air Filter

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It has been a few years since I have put a new air filter in my 2006 Yamaha XT 225.  Put a new one back in May 2013.  So it was long over due for a new one.  Went to the local motorcycle shop to order one.  Had to order an after market one.  Which is fine.  Does the same job.  Thought it would take a few to get here.  But got it in a few days.  Even with Canada Day in the mix.  The one I got is from the company UNI Filter.  You can see some pictures of the new and old one below.


New Air Filter

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2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgBack when I had  the inspection done on my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 in early May.  Order a new air filter.  New it was getting pretty bad.  It has only been cleaned once since.  So thought it might be time to just buy a new one.  It cost a little under $9.00 so it makes more senses just to replace it then try and clean the original one.  So today (May 28, 2013) I put the new one in.  It is one of those easy jobs any one can do.  Once you get the side fairing off.  All you do in unscrew the air box cover.  The pull out the air filter.  The next step in to put the right kind of oil onto the new air filter.  It key is to get it wet but not dripping.  You squeeze into it.  Do not ring it out.  That will damage the filter.  After that is done you take the plastic holder off the old filter and put the new filter on it.  Then put it all back together.  This is only about a five minute job.  Why pay someone when you can do stuff like this yourself.  Check out the pictures below and you will see how dirty the old one is.

New Filter                       Old Filter


Motorcycle Inspection

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2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgThe rules for motorcycle inspection have changed here a few years back.  It used to be every year but know it every two years.  So this year it needed to be done.  Now that the weather is starting to get nice.  Got thinking better get my motorcycle a 2006 Yamaha XT 225 in for a inspection at the beginning of month before everyone decides to take their bike to shop.  So a few days back book an appointment for today.  All so asked them to look  the bike over to see if there is anything that might be wrong with it.  Since it will be seven years old.  Turns out every thing is fine.  Did order a new air filter since when we changed the oil in the fall it didn’t look that great.  That should be in next week.  Think I will have to get a new front tire next year.  Now I can’t wait for the weather to get a bit warmer.