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Need For Speed: Most Wanted For PC

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Need_For_Speed_Most_WantedOnly picked up one game during Steams Winter sale.  That was Need for Speed: Most Wanted – A Criterion Game.  I do own of copy of this game for my PS3.  Which I bought back in 2013.  Remember liking it a lot.  This Steam version came to $7.75 with tax and I still had some money left in my account so couldn’t past the deal up.  Download the game but haven’t tried it yet.  You all so need to have or setup an EA account to play it.

Dinkum House Warming Update

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Good news to share about Dinkum.   The news update, House Warming, is now out.  While I have played it since the update.  Have yet to see or unlock any of what has been added.  You can read what has been add or changed by clicking the link above.  At the time of typing this have put in about 47 hours into the game.  There is still lots for me to unlock, buy, and do over all.  If you have a computer and Steam it is well worth you time checking out.

Dinkum Dev Q&A Live Stream

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Am a big fan of the early access game Dinkum on Steam.  About a week or more ago the guy who made the game did a live stream Q and A about the new update coming some time soon-ish.   You can see that > here or below.  There is a bunch of good stuff coming.  Two that standout for me. One is being able to colour the storage boxes.  There other he is as add a new tool/weapon that takes out the bats and stuns the animals in the deep mine.  There is now date for this update yet.  But when it happens will be back with another post.

Dinkum – Hours Played

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Have put in about 40 hours into Dinkum so far.  For the first two week having getting it, payed it everyday.  It pulled me right it.  There is all ways something to do/goal.  Mine is to unlock as much of the builds and their NPC’s.  Have about four of them so far.   In all those hours have only died once.  Well you really don’t die, just pass out.  When you wake up.  You losses some money and your tools take some damage.  Speaking of money it can be hard to get.  Have found that cooking fruit and meat it a really good and easy.  If you own a computer and have Steam this game is well worth your time.

Dinkum Bought A Copy

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About four days have trying out Dinkum on a friends PC went and got a Steam card so I could get a copy.  Like I said in my last post talking about this game, I really don’t play games on my PC.  However could not stop thinking about it.  The world and game mechanics pulled me right in.  Have tied other games that have simpler features like Stardew Valley and My Time At Portia.  Just never stuck with them.  At this point it time have put in about seven hours.  Wasn’t bored once.  There was all ways a goals to go after and you can do your own thing as well.  When I do get my mini PC will but putting the game on that.


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DinkumWas watching one of the newest videos from the Let’s Game It Out YouTube channel.  He was playing an interesting game called Dinkum.   As of typing this (August 29, 2022) it is only on Steam in early access.  Thought it looks really fun an relaxing.  It is kind of a mix of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.  A friend seen this video as well and bought a copy.  I got to try it out.  It sucked in me in right way.  So much so, I want to get a copy as well.  Don’t really game on my PC but do have a mini PC order just for gaming.  What will not be here until some time in October.  So thinking I just might get myself a Steam Card and buy the game now.

Steam Deck Once Again

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Have been watching some more videos about the Steam Deck.  Wanted to see how well it worked with emulation and was very happy to see it works awesome.  Even with PS2 games.  So thinking I will save up and get one.  There are three version to choose from.  Am looking at the middle one.  The only down side is.  Think it will be some time in 2023 before I will be able to buy one.  As I am typing his (March 22, 2022).  You can log in and reserve one.  Then “Expected order availability: After Q3 2022”.   That is why I might have to wait to next March to get one.

Steam Deck

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As I am typing this (February 10, 2022) a few videos on the Steam Deck have popped up a YouTube.  At that point the people were no allowed to show or talk about the software.  Only about the hardware.  One cool thing discovered is that the games running off the SD Card load just about as fast as the internal SSD.  Think that is great news.  Am looking forward to see what people can get running on this device.  If can do what I want, like good PS2 emulation.  Might look into getting on some time in the summer (if there available).

Steam Deck

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Steam_DeckThought I made a post back in the Summer (2021) talking about Steam Deck but I did not.  If you don’t know what it is, is a handheld gaming PC being put out by Valve.  It does look pretty cool and am interesting.  However wasn’t and not going to jump on board just yet.  Want to see some real world video with people talking about it.  Saying this now because the first bunch should be shipping in February (2022).  Will be keeping my eye YouTube.  If it turns out to be good might add it to my buy list.

Streets Of Fury EX

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Streets_Of_Fury_EXPlayed a very silly but interesting game other night.  It is called Streets Of Fury EX.  It plays like you standard side scrolling beat-em up.  What makes it standout is they used real people in it.  Something like what they did with the first Mortal Kombat game.  They scanned themselves doing different moves.  The funny thing is the moves are pretty lame and or silly.  That being said we all got a good laugh out of it.