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Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls

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Metallica_For_Whom_The_Bell_TollsIt is musical throwback Thursday once again.  I am not the biggest Metallica fan.  But I do know a huge fan, my brother.  When we were kids he owned all there albums (on tape).  He would start with the first one they put out.  Play the whole tape. When that was finished he would put in the next one.  So on and so on.  That being said do know a bunch of their earlier stuff.  The pick this week is For Whom The Bell Tolls.  This is off their second album released in 1984 called Ride the Lightning.  You can see/hear it > here.

Ready Player One Blu-ray

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Ready_Player_One_Blu-rayDidn’t get to see Ready Player One in theaters when it came out at the end of March (2018).  Was wondering when it would be hitting Blu-ray.  Movies now a days don’t take long to be on digital and disc.  Looked it up.  Turns out it will be on digital platforms July 3.  Then on July 24, 2018 on discs.  Really enjoyed the book it is based on, Ready Player One.  So will bet getting myself of copy of this for sure.

Far Cry 5 DLC

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It has been about two months since Far Cry 5 has been out.  Just before the game was out. They announced that the game was getting three DLC packs.  They showed off the titles of each, Dead Living Zombies, Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars.  Well the other day Ubisoft put out a trailer for the first DLC.  Which is Hours of Darkness.  It will be downloadable June 5, 2018.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  The story has you playing in the Vietnam war.  See of picture on a Ubisoft FaceBook page.  The next one will be Mars out some time in July and the zombies one in August.  Never bought a season pass or much DLC before.  Thinking about getting this. Really enjoy this game a lot.

Making Fun — The Story Of Funko Review

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Now that the Funko documentary, Making Fun, The Story of Funko, on Netflix, gave it a watch.  It plays out and looks like every documentary made now a days.  It starts off with how the company came to be.  Had they build up a strong following.  Then part way though they start taking to fans. The last part is about the making of the Funko HQ.

Did like this documentary just wished there was more behind the scenes about them.  They have some fun interviews with some famous people.  Would all so liked to seen more of that. Over all it is well worth your time watching.  Just don’t think Funko fans will find anything new information they don’t know all ready.

4 out of 5 (GT = Good Times)

AWOLNATION – Handyman (Live)

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AWOLNATION_Here_Come_The_RuntsHave blog about AWOLNATION many times.  Really like their music.  Their newest album, Here Come the Runts.  One of the song called Handyman all ready has a official music video.  Which you can see > here.  The song is really good.  When a few days back the put out another video of them doing the song live at a bunch of concerts.  Like this version even better.  You can see/hear it > here or below.

Pixel Pals – Leonardo

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Pixel_Pals_LeonardoHave been eyeballing some Pixel Pals for years.  If you never heard or seen them.  They are little plastic figures that look like they are out of an old video game. So they look like they are made of pixels (little squares).  They all so light up, batteries not included.  They most feature video game and cartoon characters.  Last year bought one for my brothers birthday.  Got him the Vault Boy one.  Went back to the store later to buy one for myself but they were all gone. Well the other day came across a whole bunch of them.  Saw two I really wanted TMNT’s Leonardo and Batman.  Big fan of both.  Decided that I had to go with Leonardo first.  May be next pay day will go back and get Batman.

The Cottars – The Briar And The Rose

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The_Cottars_Made_in_Cape_BretonTime again for musical throwback Thursday.  Have picked local talent for this weeks song.  Which is The Briar and The Rose by The Cottars.  While looking up info on this.  Turns out this is a Tom Waits song.  I much like The Cottars version better.  Think this was the first single of their first album.  Released in 2002 called Made in Cape Breton.  You can hear it for yourself > here or below.

Making Fun — The Story Of Funko

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Making_Fun_The_Story_Of_FunkoBack in January (2018) learned there was a documentary about Funko which was been taking around to some film festivals.  If you have every stopped by this blog you might know I am a fan of Funko and own some of their products.  After seen the trailer for this documentary got thinking when I will the rest of the world get to see it.  Was hoping at some point it would be put on their YouTube channel.  Well the other day the got some good news.  The next best thing the doc will be coming to Netflix.  The even better part is it will be out worldwide May 24, 2018.  So I will be watching that on the weekend.  They all so put out a new trailer to announced it is coming to Netflix.  You can see that > here or below.

Gotham Season Four Review

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The fourth season of Gotham ended this past Thursday (May 17, 2018).  Must say this was the best season yet.  All the story arcs have been good.  They all flowed at a good pace.  Like how they didn’t try a cram too much at one time.  All so all the actors have gotten their characters down.  Another thing I liked about this season there was less silly things going on.

Am looking forward to seeing what season five will bring.  Fox announced that the fifth season will be it’s last.  This sucks because this is an awesome show.  One good thing about this is, the writers can craft an ending to the show.  A lot of times TV shows don’t know if there will be back for a final so they never get any a good ending.  If you haven’t seen this show yet, do so.  Think the first few seasons are on Netflix.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)