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Winterized My Motorcycle

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Have been winterize my Motorcycle a, (Yamaha XT225) for many years in October.  Know different this time.  Just the weather was supper nice, around 23c.  Have never seen it that nice so late in the month (October 26, 2022).  Have a system now so it doesn’t take long at all.  Do need to look into ordering a new air filter.  Has bee a few years since I got a new one.

Motorcycle Inspection 2022

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Now that the weather has gotten much better and have had my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 for the first ride of the year (2022).  Now I need to get it inspected.  This needs to be done every two years.  At one point in time, it was every year.  When I called the shop, was thinking  I would have to wait weeks.  Was happy to find out it wouldn’t be that bad.  They said any time this week is good.  So I book it for the Tuesday (today May 24)  because that is my day off.  However the boss changed the schedule.  So know I need to head there on my break an hope I get back in time.  [Update] got there in back to work pretty quickly.

First Ride Of 2022

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The weather is really starting to improve now.  So I was able to get my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 our for the first ride of 2022 (May 10).  Check everything over like I normally do.  The tires all ways loose presser over the winter, but not by much.  Put the battery in, pressed the button.  It fired up right way.  Checked the lights and brakes.  Everything seemed fine, so went for a short ride.  I felt a bit rusty but that will pass.  Now I need to book an appointment for an inspection.

Motorcycle Soon

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Am hoping to get my motorcycle out soon.  First I need to get my plate sticker.  Plan to get that next week.  All so need to get it inspected this year as well.  However the weather is the biggest thing.  While it is official Spring now but not really.  I call it fake Spring.  Some days it looks nice though a window, until you go out side.  Then there are days that are nice enough but end up at work or doing something else.  Am hoping by the end of the month it will worth going for a ride.

Winterized My Motorcycle

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We have been getting lots of great weather this October (2021).  But sadly it is time to winterize my Motorcycle a, (Yamaha XT225).  Can remember in some past years would wait to long to do this.  Then it would be very cold on the hands.  This time it was about 8c out so not bad at all.  Have done this so many time it didn’t take long.  Maybe about an hour.  One thing I do need to do, over the winter order myself a new air filter.  Didn’t take a look at the old one yet but just know it will be really dirty.

Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

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It has been far too long since I have given my 2006 Yamaha XT225, a wash and wax.  The weather today (August 2, 2020) was really nice.  Not too hot and very little bugs out.  After giving it a good cleaning and applying the wax.  The sky started to get cloudy.  Wanted to ride around a bit to warm up the chain, to put on new chain lube.  But it stated to rain a little.  So going to have to wait until tomorrow.  This is why I didn’t take any pictures like I do for this type of blog post.

New Motorcycle Helmet Update

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LS2_Stream_Helmet.pngA week or so ago picked up a new motorcycle helmet.  It is the LS2 Stream.   This is the best helmet I have every owned.  Mined you have only owned two others that were on the lower end of the price point.  Not saying this one is a high end.  Just looks and feels higher end compared to those ones.  The feature I am liking the most is the built in flip down sun visor.  This works awesome.  I wear glasses, so not have to stop and put sun glasses on is the best.  Haven’t worn it on a long trip yet or in very hot weather.  But I am sure it will work out fine.

New Motorcycle Helmet

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LS2_Stream_HelmetHave talked about it long enough.  Finely got around to get myself a new motorcycle helmet today (June 7, 2021).  The shop is now open to let customers in.  They didn’t have a big selection of different colours, 90% were black.  Was hoping to get one that stood out a bit so I will be less likely to be run over.  Tried on six different full face helmets.  A few didn’t fit right, too tight or loose.  Another I couldn’t get my glasses on.  Then a guy pointed to one that has a flip down sun visor built in.  Tired it and it fit great.  That is the one I bought.  It is the LS2 Stream, in matte black.  This would be my third helmet and think it might to the best one.  Time will tell once I get so use our of it.


First Ride Of 2021

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2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgAm late getting to my first ride of the year (2021) on my 2006 Yamaha XT 225.  Most years have gotten going in May.  Not so much this year for a few reasons.  The weather was part of it.  But the main reason is I need a new helmet.  However everything was closed so I couldn’t get one.  That being said.  It is way to nice out now so couldn’t wait any longer.  Took  a good look over it and checked the tire presser.   The tires themselves are bran new last year.  But the battery in and it fired up on the second push of the button.  Went for a quick ride to see if everything felt right.  Which it did.   Going to start taking it to work.  Things now are starting to open up so hopefully I can get a new helmet this week coming.


Motorcycle Sparkplugs

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Motorcycle_Sparkplug.jpgIf you have every stopped by this blog.  You might know that I ride a 2006 Yamaha XT225.  Every year I put a new sparkplug in it.  Many years ago but a bunch and gaped them.  That way I would be good to go every spring.  Well I ran out.  So I had t get some more.  Ended up buying four.  Thinking now I should have bought more.  Just might go back and more.  Now that’s now.  It’s time to look at getting a new helmet.