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Survivor: Philippines

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SurvivorPhilippines The newest Survivor is called Survivor: Philippines.  It will start September 19, 2012.  This season is kind of a big deal since it will be it’s 25th season.  Which I find pretty crazy.  In other things that will make it interesting is they have three pass castaways coming back.  These three were guys that had to leave during there first seasons due to injury or illness.  But wait there is more.  They have two castaways that are some what famous.  A baseball player, Jeff Kent and Lisa Whelchel who is famous for playing Blair Warner on the show The Facts of Life.

Koodo PrePaid

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LGP500h Decided it was time for me to get on the band wagon a get a cell phone.   Koodo is now offering prepaid plans now.  This is what made be go for it.  The reason is the cost is cheaper plus I can’t see myself using the phone so much that I need to get all the bells and whistles.  There are four base plans you choose from that are need to be renewed every 30 days.  They you can get add-ons  or “Boosters” for talking minutes and or Data.   I chose the first base plan of unlimited messaging than added a talk booster on that.  So every month the bill be $15 and then I can add talk minutes any time I want.

It is very easy to set up.  Once I got home from the store.  Had it set up in no time.  Just follow the instructions.  So far I am really happy with it.  Oh, the phone I got was the LG Optimus One – P500h.

Ride Two

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Well finished that video I was talking about a few post ago.  The one were my brother is riding my 2006 Yamaha XT225.  It was filmed using a GoPro 960.  Must say it turned out pretty good.  Let my brother pick out the song.  Found it on Sound Cloud here.  The song is called Metallica vs Black Sabbath – Disposable War Pigs (Dubstep mashup).  Check the video out below.  Leave a comment if you wish.

The Walking Dead Season Two Blu-ray

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Picked up a copy The Walking Dead season two on Blu-ray today.  It was a bit pricey but it was on sale at Wal-mart.  Saved just about $10 or a little less.  They have this sale on for the first three days of it release.  Looking at the back of the box, there are lot more special features than the first season Blu-ray.  There is all so commentaries on five of the episodes.  Wound of been nice if they at them on every episode but five is better than none.  Looking forward to sitting down and watching this 4 disc set.  Then wait for season three.


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Working on a new video.  Hope to have it finished soon and uploaded.  This is another motorcycle video using my Yamaha XT225 and a GoPro.  But this time around it is my brother riding around.  Think here are two clips were I am doing the riding.  Going to say it is turning out not too bad for something was wasn’t planed.  Right now I need to find a good song.  Then do some small tweaks and it will be good to go.  So back every now and again because it will be done some thing this week.

Grand Theft Auto V Screens

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There are four more screen shots out for Grand Theft Auto V.  Making that a total of ten.  This will be last we will see about this game.  A lest for a few more weeks according to there blog post.   These pictures are called “Business”  three of the show off action that we know and love from these game.  The fourth one has you flying a biplane.   This will be a must day one buy for me.   Still have know idea when it will be out.  But my guess will be some time in 2013.



Batman Versus Bane

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BatmanVSBane Was in Wal-Mart yesterday.  Decided to got by the book section to see what was there.  Thinking there might be some short of book/graphic novel tie in with the movie The Dark Knight Rises.  I was right there kind of was.  Picked up the graphic novel Batman Versus Bane.  This is a collation of two stories. The first one is Batman: Vengeance of Bane.  The second is Batman: Bane of the Demon.  Parts one through four.

This was a quick but good read.  The first story is a telling of how Bane came to be.  I am guessing this is the official story since it is a bit different in some of the cartoons I have seen and in the latest movie.   The second story has Bane on a “quest” to find out about the secrets of the Order of Saint Dumas.  Which lends him to have a run in with Ra’s Al Ghul.

Liked this graphic novel.  It seemed like it was missing something in-between the two stories.  After looking into it.  Turns out this is story line where Bane breaks Batman’s back.   That story line was Knightfall.    Think I will look into getting that one.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Grand Theft Auto V Screens

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Like I said in my last post about Grand Theft Auto V there will be more info coming out this week.  Well they put out there more screen shots.  After looking at these I am convinced this will be the best GTA ever.  The one with the motorcycles has me the most interested.  Looks like they updated the dirt bikes.  They look all most like a real world one this time around.  The picture all has me thinking you might be able to race/ride up a mountain.


The Hunger Games Review

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TheHungerGames Did not jump on The Hunger Games band wagon.  The movie or the books.  Well broken down and watch the movie today.  While I will still not be jumping on the band wagon.  Not saying it is a bad movie.  It was ok.  They seemed to try to hard to be fun and exciting.  Then try to bring in the emotionally stuff.  Another thing is this world they are living in has been done before.  The big city has every thing and the poor are just scraping by.

Understand while lots and lots of people enjoyed this movie and the books.  It just isn’t for me.  This is a well made movie that will have sequels for each of the books.  Think may be the books wound give a lot more detail.   That is what I would have like to see in the movie, more about the other people in the districts.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Wacky Karts

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WackyKarts They other night we were have a game night.  We decided to see what might be fun in the indie section of the Xbox 360 arcade.  Came across the Mario Cart inspired Wacky Karts.  Tried the demo first.  We all liked it.  While it doesn’t look like it would be any good.  It is very funny and easy to pick up and play.  The best part is it is only 80 Microsoft points.  That is a super good deal.  We had hours of fun.