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Winterized My Motorcycle

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Sadly it’s that time of year again.  Time to winterizing my Yamaha XT225.  The weather was some what nice.  So had to jump at it.  Since it weather will be turning very cold soon.  Have done this so many times now it doesn’t take long.  Will not take long of the itch to get riding to kick in again.  Will be spending the winter looking at all the new  motorcycles.

First Ride Of 2019

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Had the most perfect day (May 5, 2019) for the first ride of the year.  My motorcycle is a, 2006 Yamaha XT 225.  Have gotten it ready some many times it doesn’t take long.  The tire pressure was a bit low in both but that happens every year.  Got the battery in quick and had it fired up in the third starter push.  It ran great.  Checked everything over and seemed fine.  Do have to get it inspected this year.  Will get them to go over it really good.  Just hope the weather stays some what fine.  Want to start taking it to work.


Motorcycle Riding Soon

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The weather is past April (2019) has been pretty bad.  Only had a few really nice days.  Now that it is May hoping to get my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 out and ready for the season.  Has been about seven months since I was last out for a ride.  I miss it.  I would ride all winter if I could.  But freezing to death or crashing on ice doesn’t sound fun.  Have had the motorcycle for 13 years now.  It is showing lots of wear now in spots.  Still works great thou.  Can’t see myself ever getting rid of it.  At some point would like to get a new one.  Just not in the cards at this time.

Winterized My Motorcycle

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It is all ways a sad day when I winterize my Yamaha XT225.  There weather today (October 29, 2018) was crazy warm, 18 °C.   Two day before it was only 3 °C.  This made it the prefect day to this.  It was some much easier to change the oil with having your fingers freezing off.  It will be a long six months or so before I can ride again.  In the spring will have to take it to the shop.  What them to check over all the cables and breaks.  It will 13 years old by then.  Want to make sure it is still in safe working order.

Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

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It has been has been way too long since I gave my motorcycle, 2006 Yamaha XT225, a wash and wax (September 17, 2018).  This summer was really hot with very little rain.  Didn’t want to waste the water.  Every year before the Cape Breton Bike Rally I would give it a good wash/wax.  Not this year.  There is about a week left in September.  So time is time is getting close to having to put it way for the year.  Made it to about two weeks into October last year.  Well see what this year brings.


2018 Yamaha XT 250

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2018_Yamaha_XT_250Have not been to the local motorcycle shop since last fall.  While in there took around at all the new motorcycles.  One caught my eye because it is pretty much the the one I own, a 2006 Yamaha XT 225, just a lot newer.  It was the 2018 mode of Yamaha’s XT 250.  The 250 replaced the 225 years ago.  A lot has changed over the years with them and yet some stayed the same.  The 2018 has a very nice colour on it.  It all most looks like sand.  Much different than past modes.  Which are most blue and white.  Very much like the look of it.

First Ride Of 2018

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The past few week the weather has been getting a warmer.  So it is time to get my motorcycle, a 2006 Yamaha XT 225.  The only thing is on my days off have been raining.  So this past Wednesday (May 2, 2018) right after supper got it out and ready.  Have done this so may time now it doesn’t take long. The tire pressure for both tires was down.  But that happens every year.   Got the battery in pretty quickly.  Checked very thing over.  Pushed the button and it fired on the second go.  Went for a shot ride.  Everything seemed to be fine.  Now I can start taking it to work.