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Phats & Small – Turn Around

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Phats_Small_Turn_AroundTime again for musical throwback Thursday.  For this weeks song have stumbled across one I have not heard in many years.  Like a lot of music of this type back in the day.  Sampled other songs when added repetitive vocals.  That being said I think it still holds up well and fun to listen to.  It’s Turn Around by Paths & Small.  This may be their only big hit but is is a good one.  It is off their 1999 album called Now Phats What I Small Music.  You can listen/watch > here or below.

Camera Stabilizer For DSLR

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YELANGU_S700Back in the summer (2017) I ordered a GPD XD from the website  The prices was right and the shipping was fast.  This past week was looking around the site again and seen a nice looking camera stabilizer.   It is called the YELANGU S700.  It looks very much like the high-end Glidecam.  For years I have wanted on of those but the are a lot of money.  Hundreds to thousands of dollars.   They are more designed for the semi-pro to professional.  Not sure how well this one is.  Will look into it more.  It is much more in my price range.

The Grand Tour Season 2 News

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The hype train for season two for The Grand Tour is growing.  They have posted a bunch of short but very funny videos to their YouTube channel > here.  There is so other news to share.  Back on November 27, 2017 they posted some pictures on their Facebook page.  Which is nothing new.  Except it was Jeremy Clarkson standing next to two celebrities, David Hasselhoff and Ricky Wilson.  The second picture had Hasselhoff posing in front of a car with a helmet on.  So I am guessing that this season will have the racing around the track.  Like they did in Top Gear.  Will find out soon, December 8th (2017) is the day.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition

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Horizon_Zero_Dawn_Complete_EditionTook a look back at post I made back in September (2017) about upcoming and games that are all ready out.  Which I would like to get.  One was Horizon Zero Dawn.   It was on sale during the black Friday sales.  Was tempted but remember that there was a new version out soon called the Complete Edition.  This will of course will have the main game.  Will all so come with all the DLC and The Frozen Wilds Expansion.  All that for what games used to cost, $60.00.  This version will be out December 5, 2017.  Will be getting an eye on this.  Might even get it cheaper during the Boxing week sales .

The Oral History Of Image Comics

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The_Oral_History_Of_Image_ComicsA few post back talked about AMC’s documentary series, Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics.  Have watched the first three episodes of that and it’s really good.   Have discovered another new comic book related documentary.  Which is called The Oral History of Image Comics.  It was made by the people of the website SYFY  Have never heard about this site until I see a link to the doc on FaceBook.  Have not watched this five part series yet.  Plan to soon.  Know a little bit about Image Comics.  It was created by big named artists to allow them to keep control over the own works.  Think they are most famous for Spawn and The Walking Dead.  You can watch the documentary series > here.

Incredibles 2 Official Teaser Trailer

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Incredibles_2Back in the year 2004 an awesome movie was released, The Incredibles.  This was an amazing movie.  Ever since then there have been rumours that there was sequel in the works.  But that never happened until now.  A few days ago Pixar put a teaser trailer out for Incredibles 2.  In the teaser is shows Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) discovering his baby, Jack-Jack has powers.  Think this will be even better than the first movie.  You can see the teaser trailer > here or below.  The movie will be out on June 15, 2018.

Black Friday Sales

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Black_FridayFor the longest time Black Friday sales was just an American thing.  Over the past few years it has creped into Canada.  This is not really a bad thing.  However pretty much every store has a sale going on that day.  It is turning out to be just crazy as Boxing Day sales.  That being said took a look a the flyers and see there was all kinds of great deals on video games.  While I will not wait in line for hours  to save a few dollars, will go into the stores to see how bad it is.  Last year I got lucky and walked in an out.  Will see how bad it’s this year.

[Update]  Didn’t bother going out on my lunch break to see what’s on sale.  Since most stores were having the sale run two to three days.

Delerium – Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan

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Delerium_SilenceIt’s musical throwback Thursday.  The song this week is Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan by Delerium.  Not sure if I have ever heard the original version of this song.   It has been remixed many times.  Which is where I know it most from.  This song stands the test of time.  First released in 1999 of their album Karma.  Years later it can still be heard.  Not just because its an awesome song.  Think it because of Sarah McLachlan voice.  Which is pretty amazing.  Think this the most popular version of the song > here or below.


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AWOLNATION_PassionAm a fan of AWOLNATION’s music.  They have a lot of awesome songs off their first two albums.  They have a new one in the works coming out in 2018 called, Here Come the Runts.  There is a single with a official music video.  The song is called Passion.  Really digging this song.  You can see/hear it > here or below.

The Grand Tour Season 2

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A little over two weeks to go before season two of The Grand Tour starts.  Which happens to be December 8, 2017.  To build up the hype they have (so far) put two videos up on their YouTube channel.  That they are calling Making of The Grand Tour Season 2.  It has the three guys talking about some chances they are making to the format of the show.  The first video, which you can see > here or below, talks about getting rid of the celebrities dying before the can come on to the show.  The second, > here or below, has them getting ride of “The American”.  While putting out an ad for a new driver.  It’s all funny stuff.


Driver Wanted