OK Go – Here It Goes Again

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OK_Go_Here_It_Goes_AgainHave picked a favorite for this weeks musical throwback Thursday.  It is Here It Goes Again by OK Go.  This is an awesome song.  It is most famous for the music video.  Back when YouTube is still new it was a huge hit.  It has them dancing on four treadmills.  Over the years they have got more elaborate with their music videos.  Think this is one that started it all (I think).  The song is off their 2005 album called Oh No.  You can give it a watch/listen > here or below.

Fickle Friends – Brooklyn (GotSome Remix)

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Fickle_Friends_Brooklyn_GotSome_RemixHave been playing a lot DiRT 4.  There are may great song in this soundtrack.  Some of which I even knew who they were.  Well there is one I didn’t and have to share because it is stuck in my head.  Had to try and find out what it was called and by who.  Turns out it is called Brooklyn (GotSome Remix) by Fickle Friends.  Being a remix had to look up the original song.  Well it is totally different.  Like the remix better.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

The Rundown – Shout-out

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EPNHave be a fan been a fan of EPN (all so known as Electric Playground or EP Daily).  They might not be on TV any more.  However, for years now have been uploading their work the their YouTube channel > here.  Have been subscribed to the channel when there there was less then 100 people all so subscribed.  Every now again would leave a comment.

The main videos they put out everyday is called The Rundown.  It covers big news in gaming, TV, movies and stuff like that.  At the beginning of each episode Victor Lucas does a shout-out to someone who might a made a comment on a previous video or a comment on Twitter.  Well on the August 1, 2017.  I got The Rundown shout-out dedicated to me.  Was every surprised.  Put a big smile on my face.  You can see the video > here or below.  If you are into video game or pop culture in any may.  Check out their YouTube channel.  There is stuff being upload all the time.

Game Of Thrones – Hands Of Gold Song

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In the first episode for season seven of Game of Thrones.  There was as song you only hear a part of.  It was sung by Ed Sheeran.  Guest starting in the show.  Of course people on the internet had a fit.  I, on the other had just wanted to hear the full song.  Because it sounded awesome.  The song is called Hands of Gold.  It was in the books.  Have found an awesome cover version of the song on YouTube by the singer Peter Hollens.  You can check out his work > here.  He has all kinds of awesome cover songs on his channel.  So if you want to hear the full version of Hands of Gold.  You can do so > here or below.

Cape Breton Bike Rally 2017

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My favorite thing to check out at the Cape Breton Bike Rally (2017) is the motorcycle stunt show.  The past few years never took any pictures because my newest camera is too big for my pocket.  So this year dug out my old Sony Net Sharing Cam.  Sure, it doesn’t take the best pictures but it easy to use can carry.  Below are some of the better ones.  As for the rally itself.  It was really good.  All more vendors and people around.








DiRT 4

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Have put some time into DiRT 4.  Am enjoying the game a lot.  There is a lot going on in this game.  The menu screens make it look like a simple racing game.  Once you dig deeper there is lots to unlock and manage.  Course you win money to buy cars and upgrade them.  However there is more to than that.  You have a whole crew to manage.  They look after your cars.  So they get a cut of your winnings.  Then there is the PR person.  Which gets a cut as well.  They help you find better sponsors.  If you do well in a race meeting the criteria they set you win a bit of extra money.   Over time you can add more people to your team.  Each one can be upgrade or changed out if you are not happy with them.  All so the more you play you can unlock more sponsors you can add to the cars.  Then there is the facilities.  Each one does something different and is upgradeable.  Another thing is, you can own a car or a team can lend you one.  The trade off is you the lent one they take just about half your winnings.  But you don’t have to buy a car for that race type.  So there is a trade off.

Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

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Has been far too long since I gave my motorcycle a 2006 Yamaha XT225 a wash and wax.  The weather has been super nice.  All so got home early from work (Aug 3, 2017).  It was the right time to do it.  The 2017 Cape Breton Rally is this weekend.  It will be nice and shinny when I got check out the events.