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JOKER – Final Trailer

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JOKERHave been reading about the up coming movie JOKER for years now.  You know how the internet all ways gets their pitch forks out when it come to different takes on characters they know.  It was no different when they announced this standalone DC movie starting Joaquin Phoenix.  I am more and wait and see what happens.  A little while back they put a out a few tease videos.  Which I liked.  Then they put out one last trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  Just know this movie will be really good.  Reviews have popping up on YouTube from big sites.  Didn’t watch any of them but the titles suggest it is really, really good.  Another thing about this reviews.  The movie isn’t out until October 4, 2019.  Am guess the movie makers are trying to get a good word of month out there.  Looking forward to seeing this myself.

Batman Day 2019

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Batman_DayIt is September now so that means is it all most time for Batman Day.  This has been going on for a few years now.  However this will be a big one since he is 80 years old.  Am sure some stores in your local area will be running some kind of events.  All so think online retailers will be having sales as well.  Myself plan to re-watch some of my favourite Batman movies.  The date this year is September 21, 2019.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

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Wonder_Woman_BloodlinesThe next DC Universe Animated Original movie is, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines which is part of the DC Animated Movie series.  From what I have read this is a prequel to Justice League: War.  Which came out in 2014.  From the trailer which you can see > here or below.  Looks like they are real tell the origin story of Wonder Woman again.  I hope not because that has been done so many times.   I could be wrong and the footage is just a recap.  Will find out for sure this fall.  Will be out on digital October 5, 2019 and the on discs October 22.  Will be getting a copy.

DC Comics Novels

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DC_Comics_Novels_Batman_The_Court_Of_OwlsWhile looking up info for another post came across some thing very cool, DC Comics Novels.  Have read Batman novels but they were standalone stories.  These ones are novels based off famous comic book storylines.  From what I can tell there are three our so far.  In hardcover and in paperback.  Well should say the third one will be in paperback in November (2019).  The novels are Batman: The Killing Joke, Harley Quinn: Mad Love and Batman: The Court of Owls.  Thinks is idea is pretty cool.  Just might have to get my hands on them.

Quick Review of Batman: White Knight

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  Have a quick review of Batman: White Knight.  Want to try something different than what I have been doing on the channel. Besides videos games another hobby of mine is to collect comic book trade paperbacks. Thought it would be fun to do quick reviews.  You can see what I think about it > here or below.

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Detective Comics #1000

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Detective_Comics_1000Was in the local comic book store a few days back.  Has been well over a year since I was last in there.  While looking at the racks of comics see they had some copies of Detective Comics #1000.  This is a bit a big deal.  It is all so marks 80 years of Batman.  As you may know I am a big Batman fan.  I don’t collect single issues.  I like the trade paper backs.  Seen this one was just about the size of a trade and it is a special issues.  Bought a copy.  It is a collection of ten shorts stories.  At the time I am typing his read half of them.  Each is one is great.  They show different sides of Batman.  Each one as their own art style as well.  Happy I picked up a copy.

Batman: Hush

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Batman_Hush_BlurayThe next DC Universe Animated Original movie is Batman: Hush which is part of the DC Animated Movie series (This movies are in the same universe).  The movie shares the same name at the graphic novel it’s based off of.  I know I have read the novel ( think I might own a copy).  It is a must read.  They have used some of the plot points in past movies as well in the Arkham video games.  Very much looking forward to seeing how the turn it in a movie.  From the trailer > here or below.  It looks like there have changed a few things.  Most movies do that any way.  It is set to be out on digital platforms July, 20, 2019 then on disc August 13, 2019.  Will be getting a copy for sure.