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Legion Of Super-Heroes Trailer

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Legion_Of_Super-HeroesWe now know what the next DC Universe Animated Original movie is, Legion of Super-Heroes.  This characters have been in a few of the shows and other movies in the past.  But don’t really know much about them.  The movie is set what they are calling the Tomorrowverse time line.  Really do like this art style.  From what I have been reading it is set to be out on February 7, 2023.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.

DC Greatest Events

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DC_Greatest_EventsThere is a book I would like to buy about DC Comics called, DC Greatest Events.  As you may guess from the title.  It talks about all the really big stuff that happed in the DC Multiverse.   The book its self is big and a page count of 200.  So there will be lots of interesting things to read.  However the price point is holding me back a bit.  At the time of typing this (November 16, 2022) is asking $47.00.  Might wait to see if it goes on sale at some point.

Batman ’89 Hardcover

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Batman_89_HardcoverVery much forgot about the Batman ’89 comic book run.  Seen in a email from there is a hardcover traded out.  Turns out this was released back in August 2022.  This six issue run started in August 2021.  As you can guess from the title the series takes place in the same world as the Tim Burton movies.  Think this a cool idea and will be adding it to my wish list to buy.

Batman Day 2022

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It slipped my mind but today is Batman Day (September 17, 2022).   This has been going on for many years now.  Lots of place around the world are having events or screening of movies.  Thinking to celebrate will pick a Batman movie I haven’t seen in a long time.  Last years watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League.  May it will be Batman: Under the Red Hood.  This came out back in 2010 and own a copy of DVD.  Remember really liking it and at that time was my favourite of this series.

Batman And Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons

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Batman_And_Superman_Battle_Of_The_Super_SonsThe next DC Universe Animated Original movie called is called Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons.  They put a trailer out for it a few days back.   Which you can see > here or below.  What makes this one standout is it will be full CGI.  All so think this one is more aimed at the younger fans.  That being said will get a copy on disc when it’s on on October 18, 2022.  But before that Green Lantern: Beware My Power is out July 26, 2022.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two

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All most forgot that Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two trade paperback is out this month.  That day is June 14, 2022.  Bought season one back in December (2021).  Enjoyed reading that.  So I need to get my hands of a copy of this.  Not sure if they are working on a third season.  Would be cool if they did.  If you don’t how that this comic is about.  It takes place right after 90’s classic Batman Adventures TV show ended.  While bring in story elements that other Batman comics/shows and movies.

The Batman Blu-ray

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On May 24, 2002 the Blu-ray for The Batman was out.  Didn’t buy a copy on that day.  Wasn’t going to make a special trip just to buy one thing.  So picked up a copy a few days later after work.  My plan is to watch it on the weekend.  Need to set a good chuck of time to watch.  According the box it all most three hours long.  Then there is the special features.  Very much looking forward to seeing this.

The DC Book Of Lists

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The_DC_Book_Of_ListsJust found out about a book I would like to buy.  It is called  The DC Book of Lists: A Multiverse of Legacies, Histories, and Hierarchies.  It was only released last week (May 3, 2022).   As you might guess from the title it has a bunch of lists but done in an interesting way.  Covering all the characters from the over 80 years of DC comics.  It could be a well worth the read.  Will add to my must buy at some point list.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power

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Green_Lantern_Beware_My_PowerThe next DC Universe Animated Original movie called Green Lantern: Beware My Power.  As I am typing this (May 5, 2022) there is no info on IMDB or listing on Amazon.  However there is a trailer out.  Which you can see > here or below.  I must say, it does look really good.   While I am a big fan of Batman.  It is nice to see a movie that doesn’t have him or Superman in it.  In other news the movie is set to be out July 26, 2022 on disc.

The Batman Blu-ray

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The_Batman_Blu-rayBack in March (2022) read that The Batman Blu-ray would be out some time in June.  Happy to say that was wrong because it is a bit sooner than that.  It will be out on May 24, 2022.  Like all the posts I made about this movie is, I can’t wait to see it.  It is on HBO Max and Crave in Canada for streaming.  All so seen it for rent on YouTube/Google Movies.  Was curious to see what the renting price was, $25.00.  That seems a bit too high for a rental.  When you can wait a few weeks and buy it for $27.00.