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The Tragically Hip – The Darkest One

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The_Tragically_Hip_In_Violet_LightThis weeks musical throwback Thursday was an easy pick.  The lead singer of The Tragically Hip, Gord Downie has died.  He was battling brain cancer for a few years.  So this weeks song is my second favorite.  Shared my favorite one, Ahead by a Century, a few years ago.  This song is called The Darkest One.  Which is off their 2002 album In Violet Light.  Not only is the song awesome.  The music video is pretty awesome as well.  It features the Trailer Park Boys and Don Cherry.  You can see the video > here or below.


The Traveling Wilburys – End Of The Line

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The_Traveling_Wilburys_End_Of_The_LineMusical throwback Thursday once again.  This weeks song was a bit of an easy pick.  Since another member of The Traveling Wiburys has recently died,  Tom Petty.  I can remember this song, End of The Line being played on TV all the time back in the late 80’s.  Not only because it was good.  But because it was a pretty big deal that five very famous musicians came together to make what people call a supergroup.  They put out two albums.  This is off their first called, Traveling Wiburys Vol. 1, released in October 1988.  You can give it watch/ listen > here or below.

Sum 41 – The Hell Song

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Sum_41_The_Hell_SongTime again for musical throwback Thursday.  The song this week is The Hell Song by Sum 41.  This is off their second album, Does This look Infected.  Which was released in November 2002.  What I remember most about this is the official music video.  It is just a bunch of clips of people playing with action figures and toys.  The video is on their official YouTube channel.  But for some reason I can’t watch it because it reads, video blocked in your country.  Which is very odd since they are a Canadian band.  Any who, someone uploaded a crappy version.  But it will have to do.  You can watch it > here or below.

The Beatles – Because

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Beatles_Abbey_RoadHave never picked The Beatles song for musical throwback Thursday before.  There are many to choose from.  The one I picked is Because.  It is because I really like how the song opens.  All their voices together is something special.  The song is off their 1969 album Abbey Road.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

Enigma – Return To Innocence

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Enigma_Return_To_InnocenceFor this weeks musical throwback Thursday dug though my old tapes looking for a song that I haven’t picked yet.  Came across an old favourite, MuchMusic Dance Mix ‘94.  Can remember the first on their, Return To Innocence by Enigma, been pretty awesome.  This song is off their second album released in 1993 called The Cross of Changes. Think it holds up well.  As for the music video not so much.  You can give it watch/listen > here or below.

Lipps Inc – Funkytown

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Lipps_Inc_FunkytownThat day of the week again, musical throwback Thursday.  Decided to go with a one hit wonder for this weeks song.  Which is Funkytown by Lipps Inc.  This was a massive hit when it came out back in 1980.  The song is of their first album Mouth to Mouth.  It many have bee released in the 80’s but it has 70’s disco all over.  It has been used in lots of TV shows.  The one I can remember was in Malcom in the Middle.  It had Hal roller-skating around to it.  Give the music video a listen/watch > here or below.

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds – Don’t Pull Your Love

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Hamilton_JoeFrank_Reynolds_Dont_Pull_Your_LoveIt is another musical throwback Thursday.   The song this week is Don’t Pull Your Love sung by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds.  This was released in 1971 off their self titled album Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds.  The reason for picking this song.  Is because recently I watched the DC Universe Animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn.  There is a scene where Min and Max sing this in a bar.  That version in on YouTube.  Which you and see > here.  There is no official music video of this song.  But you can still give it a listen > here or below.