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amazon I bought my first stuff online from  Well I order it last week on (Sept 23,08) and I got it last night (Sept 29,08).  I have to say that was really fast shipping.  The estimated time to arrive was Oct 1.  I am really pleased.  I bought The Race to Dakar book and DVD.  So far I watched the first disk.  It’s great.  I have the Long Way Round book and DVD.  Also so have The Long Way Down book.  So now I only have to get is the DVD.  The NTSC version is not out until Oct 28, 08.  I’ll have to buy more stuff from Amazon.

Stock Car Races September 27-08

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Here are some pictures from the stock races at Island Speedway September 27, 2008.  I posted the demo derby video yesterday.  It was the last racers of the year so they had a bunch a extra races.  It was getting dark and they could not get the lights on so they decided to get ready for the demo derby.  How ever the lights came on so they had 4 or 5 more races before the demo derby.   There was only one big accident.  One car hit the wall really hard and went a little air bone.  When that happed his front tire came off.

Demo Derby – Island Speedway

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newlogo1 Went to the stock cars races last night at Island Speedway.  It was the last races of the year.  At the end they had a demo Derby.  So I shot of video.  It was really dark.  But I managed to light it with some editing.  Took a bunch of pictures too.  I’ll upload them later.

The Foot Fist Way Review

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I had to check out The Foot Fist Way after seen it on Attack Of The Show.  This is a pretty funny movie.  Lots of little things that make it funny.  Some of that the characters do say is pretty off the way.  It is a story about a over the top Taekwondo instructor that takes it way to serious.  This go down hill when his marriage goes bad.

This movie is not for very one.  Has a good low budget feel to it.  Lots of crazy characters.  Give it a rent.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden

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Survivor_Gabon_Official_Logo The new Survivor, Survivor: Gabon starts tonight.  This season is looking good.  For the first time it will be shot in HD.  You can watch the first 3 minutes on the CBS website in HD.  How ever it will not work for me.  My guess is because I am in Canada.  But there is hope has the clip plus a few others. You can watch them here.

The Widow of Saint-Pierre

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widow_of_saint_pierre Years ago I was an extra on a TV show called Pit Pony.  You can see a clip of me on that show here.  That lead to me being an extra on a movie called The Widow of Saint-Pierre.  If you can guess from the title of the movie it is french.   I have never seen the movie.  I would like to, just to see if I can see myself.  I did a youtube search and found the trailer.  I all so found a different one on the net. You can see that one here.  Its a better trailer but wordpress will not let me embed it.  So here is the youtube one embedded.


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I was watching some TV this morning and heard this loud bang.  It sound like something heavy fell on the floor.  I went to investigate, the only thing on the floor was a small picture that fell off the wall.  I was like, know way that made that much noise.  May be something hit the house.  I looked out the window and see a bird flying around.  They it falls on its back and starts twitching.  That last a few seconds.  Then nothing.  I was like “he dead”.  I grabbed my camera.  The partridge hit the house so hard that it broke the siding and kill himself.  Not sure why the partridge was there and why it flew into the house.  My best guesses it that he was stupid or suicidal.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Abilities

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There is a new Midnight Club: Los Angeles video show off the “special abilities”.  From the video it looks like you have the same abilities as MC3 but with a new one a EMP ( Electromagnetic pulse).   The game looks great.  So can’t wait.

Bigger Stronger Faster* Review

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Had a change to check out the documentary  Bigger Stronger Faster* is about steroid use to realize the American dream.  This documentary has it all, great story telling, funny and you learn all kinds of interesting things.  Trying to to find more to say about this documentary. Well it is really good one for sure.

This is a great documentary.  Give it a watch.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Sash! – Ecuador

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1191864362_sash.10th.anniversary.aejr I used to listen to Ecuador by Sash! all the time way back in the 90’s.  Came across it today on  That’s what I love about youtube you can find all kinds of old stuff.  Its great.  Here is the Wiki about him.